Magnet Ball Tutorial

These magnets are so fun to make and after they are dry they have a high gloss glasslike finish. 


3/4 "- 1" wood knobs (they have a flat back to them)
acrylic paints
paintbrushes (some nice ones to paint and one you will trash after the project is done)
Envirotex Lite epoxy resin
toothpicks or some sort of contraption that will allow them to dry
E6000 glue

Gold leaf pen or other permanent type of marker

1. I used the wooden balls that had the perfect size hole to fit my magnet in. I actually had them already in my studio for years so I really don’t know what is out there in the craft stores. But just find a wooden ball that has a flat back on it so the magnet will sit flat.

  1. 2. Get our your acrylic paints and then paint any design on them. I am partial to dots. I used my finger to hold the ball in place. It fit perfectly. Get creative. be bold, have fun. I outlined the circles with a gold leaf pen. Just make sure you are careful with the brush strokes because those will really be highlighted when you paint the resin on. 

3. After they are completely dry mix your resin together according to manufacturer’s instructions. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. That stuff really isn’t something you can "wing". When you have the resin mixed completely paint it on the ball (just like you would paint with acrylics) with a junk paintbrush. You will have to throw it away when you are done.

  1.   4. Fix up some sort of drying station for the resin balls and DO NOT TOUCH them for 24 hours. I know they will call your name and say "Come on touch us we are dry." But don’t believe them until a full 24 hours goes by. Here they are drying with a beautiful glass-like finish on them.

    5. After 24 hours, glue your magnet on.

Originally posted December of 2007