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Have you always wanted to try metal stamping?   Custom, hand stamped necklaces are such a trend right now.   You could purchase them from artisans who do a WONDERFUL job but you could try stamping yourself.   They are rather simple once you practice several times and Beaducation walks you through the process each step of the way.


Beaducation is an online resource with video tutorials, supplies and FREE classes to teach you the basics of metal stamping, basic loops, soldering charms, and more.2011_0420_design1

I have been a fan of Beaducation for as long as I have been blogging and refer back to them ALL the time when I am showing you how to make a jewelry piece.   I think I have watched their basic loops video about 50 times. Their hands-on videos are amazing and they are one of the largest online retailers of metal stamps.

They sent me some goodies to play with and I made Kayla a little heart necklace with her name on it with the small Typewriter font and the sterling silver stylized heart tag.


Beaducation wants to give one lucky IC reader a chance to try hand stamping by offering a free Starter Kit which contains everything you need to make your first piece of hand stamped jewelry.


One of you will receive…

I am giving you 4 chances (please leave a separate comment for each one you do) to throw your name in the hat today with a chance at winning the Starter Kit.


Like Beaducation on Facebook

    and leave me a comment letting me know you did.
      2. Sign up for their

blog updates via email

    and leave me a comment letting me know you did.
    3. Tell me who your first hand stamped jewelry would be for and what would it say?

Beaducation’s free classes

      and tell me what class is first on your list to watch.


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  1. I’d probably make my daughters a necklace first!, then my twin sister, and then create something to be pusblished in a magazine, and then something for my blog….wow the list is endless!

    I wanted to take a class in college, but they didn’t offer one at the time! I know metalsmithing (as a hobby only) is in my future! This would help get the ball rolling!

    Thanks Beckie!

  2. Only because my shipment would be in the mail – and I have a coiling tool, but haven’t used it yet…I’d probably watch that one. But otherwise – I’d watch more of the soldering videos!

    Thanks! – kg

  3. Ooh, ooh! PLEASE pick me! Haha… I really have been wanting one of those for years and it would come in SO handy for Christmas gifts this year. I “like” them on facebook.

  4. My first necklace would be for my mother. I’d stamp all of her 4 grandkids’ names & give it to her for Christmas! THANKS! Hope I win!!!

  5. The first pieces of jewelry I would make are for my girls youth group, the Whatever Girls. We’re having a retreat in November and I’ve wanted to get stamped necklaces for all the girls but unfortunately buying that many is out of my price range. I have wanted to learn how to make these because it would be fun and a lot more affordable, but I just haven’t known how to get started. This would surely simplify things 🙂 Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  6. I’d make my mom a necklace with her grandchildren’s names on it first, then I might just have to make one for myself, haha! I’d also use it for some sweet people on my Christmas list. Thanks so much for the sweet giveaway!

  7. I would definitely take the “Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas” class to take advantage of the experts tips. Thank you 🙂

  8. I’d start with stamping on metal, then I’d watch perfecting the spiral next! What great tutorials!!! Thanks again for the fabulous giveaway!

  9. My first job would be making some necklaces for my cousin and 2 sister in laws which are pregnant with little baby footsteps and the babies names!

  10. I also LIKED them on Facebook and I also signed up to the blog. The video I like is the stamped charms video

  11. I wanted to make my youngest daughter (5 years oldl) a necklace that said either snugglebug or lovebug for xmas!

  12. Stamping on metal will be the first class I watch 🙂 Thanks for sharing this I am so excited!!!

  13. I would probably make myself a necklace first – I have been wanting to have one with my new last name (I just got married in June!) on it! 🙂

  14. And now I can’t decide which class I’d do first… But the Resin Basics and Glass Domed Jewelry are front runners for sure…

  15. My first would be a key chain for my husband with part of his fav scripture on it from Micah – love mercy

  16. I “liked” them on facebook, I had no idea who they where until I saw this post, how neat! I’d love to learn how to make this jewelry, I just ordered some custom jewelry like this last week. It would be awesome to do it yourself! I was looking at their kit, it’s a reasonable price I think.

  17. I have been wanting to learn how to do this to make a beaded “medic alert” bracelet for my daughter… so her name and medical conditions would be the first charms I would make. 🙂

  18. I must tell you… I LOVE the wide variety of crafts you share with us. There’s literally something for everyone! Thank you!! 🙂

  19. I tried watching the Introduction to Seed Beads class and didn’t get a whole lot out of it as I’m deaf. But, free classes existing for most people is wonderful. 🙂

  20. I’d watch the stamped charms video … in fact I may even watch it without the kit just to be ready to learn 🙂

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  21. I’d make a piece for my sister in law for her second baby on the way and include a charm of her first daughter.

    She’d love it!

    Pamela @ pbjstories.blogspot.com

  22. Hello ! I am all signed up! “LIKED” YOU very much!
    I would make on for my daughter or mom first!! Can’t wait!!! THANK YOU!

  23. Liked and signed up for blog updates….I would make a necklace for me since I am expecting my second child. I have tried stamping before but could have used a little more instruction so I am super excited about Beaducation!!

  24. this would be really fun to have just in time for holiday gift-giving. my sister-in-law is a new mom, so i would make some type of necklace to celebrate her new little addition

  25. Selfishly my first piece of hand stamped jewelry would be for me and it would have my wedding anniversary date on it. 🙂

  26. the first piece that I would make would probably be for me, with my grand kids initials, or their first names on a fob for my keys

  27. I like Beaducation on facebook. My first piece would be for my daughter as we get geared up for our fundraising for adoption(s) and mission trips. 🙂

  28. My first piece of jewelry would be for my daughter… with her name on it!!! ♥

  29. I would watch lots of their classes. I like their info. I would watch some on stamping and some on soldering.

  30. I like Beaducation on Facebook and I’ve joined the mailing list! I would love to win a starter kit! I have to be honest, I would probably make the first necklace with my son’s name – Carter. (And of course it would be too get practice), but after that I have an awesome Mom and Mom-in-Law who would love something with his name on it! He’s their one and only grandson!

  31. Did it! I think I’m going to make something for me! A necklace with a frase or fingerprint and birthstones of my three children.

  32. I’ve actually already watched a few of the vids already, but the simple hammered clasps was my fav!

  33. I’m so excited to have a opportunity like this one, I would stamp my gratefulness at being alive as a cancer survivor, my first stamping would say Hope Faith Believe ! and would make one for every one in my family and close friends so they can carry it in their pocket as a reminder of my love for them.

  34. would love to try this! my first creation would probably be for me – in case I mess it up. and then I’d want to make some for Christmas presents for mom/mil

  35. Hello, as a response to what class is first on my list to watch would be the Bezel-Bezel Resin Basics and if I win the stamping kit, I would take the Stamping on Metal class, thanks.

  36. I signed up to follow there blog through email. THanks for sharing I’ve been wanting to give this a try.

  37. Comment 3 of 4 😉

    My first stamping project would be for my love, John. I’ll use the heart <3 followed by Forever so it says: <3 Forever. It'll match the post-it note I put on his desk months ago that is still hanging there in all its sentimental glory 🙂

  38. I went to the site for FREE classes and got carried away and watched the Stamping on Metal one! Now I can’t wait to try this out…I so need a hobby:)

  39. My first piece would probably just be for me for practice and then as I got better I would make one for my friend and the girls I teach on sunday. THanks again for sharing!

  40. I already “liked” Beaducation on Facebook and love to look over the tips and ideas. I cannot wait to watch the video on How to stamp metal. My first attempt was a epic fail, probably partly due to the cheap tools I purchased…which I why I would love to win your metal stamping starter kit. I have signed up for your blog, and I am glad I found it, I never knew Beaducation had a blog to follow. I am also excited that you already have added Beaducation to Pinterest, which is my new home for my crafty side. I am thrilled that I can check out the latest and greatest from you there too! As for my first piece I would create……wow, such pressure….I love the new long twirling 3D rectangle with 4 stampable sides. This would be after much practice on copper blanks though 🙂 thanks for such a great site that allows my creativity to flow, without dams. 🙂

  41. I have a friend with a birthday coming up next month so I would make something for her. It would probably just say “friend” on it. {And I realize I spelled Beaducation wrong on my last comment! – I guess that is what happens when you have your kids talking to you while you type} 🙂

  42. Comment 4 of 4 😉

    Whoa! I did not know those free classes were there. See what a little promoting will do? lol

    The first class I would watch would definitely be the STAMP IT, DAP IT, AND WRAP IT class. My love just got me my first dapping block and combining that with stamping would be fun, fun, fun. I stamped in leather many years ago, but have never stamped in metal before.

    As an aside, there is way more than the one class I will watch. There are several good ones! I agree with another poster, though… videos are really rough when you are deaf or hearing impaired, so I will have a hard time with them. I’ll still watch, though, and hope that the video is focused on hands so I can at least see what’s going on.

  43. My first hand stamped jewelry creation would be for my sister! She is my best friend and she has her own hobby of paper crafting and I would want to share with her like she has shared with me by making cards for me! If I won this kit I would make it for a Christmas gift! I am so stinking excited about this giveaway! I have wanted to hand stamp for 2 years now but couldn’t afford the metal stamps!

  44. I think the first class I would take is stamped charms, because that is the one thing I really want to learn and need the basics since I have yet to be able to attempt this great creative hobby!

    Courtney Gosvener

  45. A friend of ours just had a baby boy. I think i would like to make her a charm with his name stamped on it with a heart and a baby foot or hand.

  46. I would probably make something for my Grandma who is 93! She moved a few years ago and I miss her!

  47. I would probably make something for my mom, like a grandmother’s necklace or mother’s necklace!

  48. I would have to use all of the classes but I would really enjoy the folded flower!

  49. I would take the “Soldering jump rings” class as my first class.

    My first project would be in memory of my mother who I lost on 9-8-11.

    I liked Beaducation on facebook.

    I signed up for the blog.

    I would love to learn stamping. I have been interested in this for awhile but never got around to doing it, with the free kit it would be the perfect time.

  50. My first piece would be for my neice who is expecting her second child. She is such a love and I would love to create a piece for her that will reflect my love for her and honor her children and what an awesome mom, wife, and person that she is..

  51. The first free class I will watch is the stamping metal class. Did I say that I am a huge fan and love your site and your classess?????

  52. I would first make a neckless for each of my granddaughters. And maybe keyring for grandsons.

  53. Hi:)! Thanks for this opportunity! I did like Beaducation on Facebook before, and that’s how I’ve found about your giveaway:).

  54. I think my first attempt would be to make a nametag for my dog Alva. She would love me no matter how much I mess it up 😉

  55. I like beaducation on Facebook. That’s how I found out about your site! Fab!

  56. I like Beaducation on Facebook! I’ve been making jewelry for years and I would love to start metal stamping too.

  57. I would watch several of the Beaducation free classes, basic stamping, riveting etc. There are so many!

  58. My first piece of jewelry would be for me! We’re having another baby soon and I would love to have a mommy necklace with both names.

  59. I already like Beadeducation on FB. I get their newsletter. I would make a necklace for my friend with grandchildren’s names. If I could take one of their classes it would be riviting.

  60. My first stamped jewelry piece I’d devote to my 18 years older sister who is my mom No2, my best friend, my soul mate, my best advisor, best listener, best person to talk to – about everything on this world and beyound. A person that I love the most in the world, and I’d like to tell her that this way, too:). I’d write: ” Dado, voli te tvoja seka” ( ” Dado, your little sis loves you” ).

  61. The first lesson I’d like to go through is ” Stamp it, Dap it, Wrap it” by Kate Richbourg because it combines three techniques I’d personaly would like to combine in some of my designs.

    Thanks once again for this opportunity! It was fun and I wish Good Luck to all contestants:)!

  62. 1. I love Beaducation on Facebook.
    2. Signed up for the email blog updates.
    3. The first class I would watch is the Introduction to Riveting Class.
    4. The first thing I would make is a necklace for my Mom with her 3 three grandkids names on it. Her birthday is coming up, and it would be sure to make her cry! ❤

  63. I’d love to make some jewelry for my mother or sister with a favorite Bible verse reference.

  64. What a great site! They have the tools and how to use them! I will be watching the “Stamping on Metal” then “Stamped Charms”.

  65. This is so neat to think these beautiful pieces could be done by me. I’d definitely make one for my mom with the names of all her grandkids.

    The videos are great too!

  66. I would make one for my niece who just had her first baby. It would probably have his name, Avery, and birthdate.

  67. I’m definitely going to watch how to make hammered clasps, and after looking through the list, probably most of the videos!

  68. I liked them on FB, signed up for e-mail…my first piece (if I were so lucky to win) would be for our grand daughter Katie…we have 11 grandsons ages 11 to 30, and 1 grand daughter Katie who is 11 years old, and was adopted from Korea…she LOVES anything with her name on it!!!!!

  69. perfecting the wire spiral would probably be my first; quickly followed by Quick Hammered Clasps and basic loops. This place is amazing!

  70. I make several hearts or flowers that say “I am enough” and give them as gifts to my co-workers – and me!

  71. My first piece would be for me, because dang it, I deserve something cool, too!! =) It would say, “you rock” as a daily reminder to myself!!

  72. I hope my first piece would be good enough as a gift for my mother in law with her grand children’s names.

  73. I would make one for my niece first, she’s totally into jewelry right now and this would be right up her alley!

  74. I’m heading over there now to check out the Folded Flower Pendant class…did you see that thing?! It looks amazing!

  75. I “liked” beadeducation on facebook, I signed up for the blog updates, and would first watch the Stamped Charms class to learn how to stamp.
    I have not stamped before, but have been wanting to do this technique. Just saving up to buy a kit. I would make my first necklace for my mom who is very special to me. A blessing from God above. We both just enjoy these stamps, they are so cute!

  76. I think I am going to watch Beaducation’s basic loops video! I *still* have not perfected them (they usually come out as ovals….).

  77. Like on Facebook and have signed up for email updates…can’t wait to start with a class.

  78. I took the “say it on your Wrist” class in Phila and made a bracelet for my rescue group cockeradoptions.org

  79. I would actually make something for me. 🙂 I want to make a necklace w/ my kids names on it! Early bday present for myself. So sentimental!

  80. I’d make a pendant for my mom, who’s fighting renal cancer right now, so that she will have a constant reminder of how many people love and support her through her battle. Then I’d get busy on Christmas gifts for my 6 nieces, and some new creations for a holiday craft fair or two. : )

  81. I would like to make a necklace for my sister with her, her husband’s and her baby’s initials on it.

  82. I like them on facebook.

    I signed up for their blog updates.

    I would take the class of stamping metal.

    I would make my sweet girl one for her 20th birthday.

  83. My first piece of jewelry would be for one of my daughters. The second would be for the other one. 🙂

  84. I would watch the “stamping on metal charms” video and probably make some charms to donate to the church to sell at the Christmas bazaar. I would put the name of our church, Christ the Redeemer, on them and the date.

  85. I would make my niece and her fiance a pendant with their names and wedding date…she is such a sweet heart and I know she would love it

  86. The beaducation class that I would first sign up for would be the stamping on metal class, closely followed by perfecting the wire spiral class.

  87. If I won the kit, the first piece I would make would be a pendant for my friend and it would say ‘precious moments’ to remind her of those special times in our lives.

  88. My first piece would be for my teenage daughter and then for her friends. She loves this giveaway.

  89. My first class to watch would definitely be the Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas class! Love this giveaway!

  90. My first project would be heart necklaces for my family. I would stamp my boys. Blake & Kyle’s name on them.

  91. My first attempt would be to make a Mothers necklace for the girl that has worked for us for the past 7 years. She is having her first baby at the end of this month. I wanted to do something special for her and saw the stamped layered necklace on Beaducations website that has the baby feet, name, and weight on it. I would add the birthstone on it. I have been a fan of Beaducation for the past several months and have used them so many times to look for inspiration for things that I wanted to do. I have them on Facebook and get their blog notices and have used all of their free videos to get started on stamping. I am always looking for new and wonderful things to do. I have been a beader now for 3 years and love learning new techniques. Beaducation was the first and only website I have used to get supplies and learn stamping. Still very nervous with stamping and trying to get the technique down. Practice makes perfect. Using the best quality supplies is a plus also. Love Beaducation!!

  92. I would probably make a necklace for my daughter first; maybe put something like ‘beloved’ on it.

  93. My first project would be something for ME! I would do something with my daughter’s names.

  94. All the classes look great! I am definitely interested in the Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas!

  95. I would make my daughter a heart with her daughter’s name on it! And one for me. And my sisters. And my other daughter. And my nieces. The possibilities are endless!

  96. I’d probably make a necklace and bracelet for my teenaged niece. She usually “borrows” a lot of my pieces. Christmas is coming, so I’m gearing up for present making.

  97. I love Beaducation’s free videos. I’ve watched the torch safety one several times. I am going to watch the new Soldered Jump Ring video next. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  98. My first stamped piece would be for my friend, Marisa, and it would say “SURVIVOR” to celebrate how she fought to “stamp” out breast cancer 🙂

  99. I would love to make a piece for my daughter. Simple with her name on the front and love mom on the back. Then when she’s at school she will have a little piece of my love with her.

  100. It’s a tough choice, but I think I would start out with the “Stamped Charms” class!

  101. My first piece would be a double charm, one would say Air Force Mom, and the other would have my son Nicks name on it who is currently defending our country in afghanistan.

  102. I would watch all their free classes, but would start with stamped jewelry design ideas!!!

  103. My first stamping would be for me with my daughter’s and grandson’s names. I liked Beaducation and follow the blog

  104. I’m not even gonna lie…. My first piece would be for me!
    I would stamp my 3 son’s names on it.

  105. Watched the perfecting the wire spiral…mine is getting better! Plan on watching Felted Beads next!!!

  106. My first piece of jewelry would be for my seven yr old daughter, in remembrance of the great-grandfather she lost last year, and speaks of often. I’d love to combine stamped elements with cameo-style picture of him, for her.

  107. My first stamped piece of jewelry would be for my daughter. She loves wearing my earrings, necklaces, and rings to school. I would stamp discs with “peace” “love” “no. 1” “strong” “creative” “pretty” and make them into a charm necklace for her to wear. The words represent her great qualities as a person. I’d love to learn to stamp to give a new dimension to my creations, so this give away happens at a great time.

  108. I’d watch the FREE: Stamped Charms class first so that I could make that charm necklace for my daughter.

  109. The first video I would watch would be the Bezel Resin Basics, which would tie in with the necklace I would love to make for my daughter!

  110. I would make my mom a birthday gift with seperate pendants with each member of our families’ names on them!

  111. I really want to watch the Bezel-Bezel Resin Basics video! I can already picture some Christmas gifts being made!

  112. All 3 of my sisters’ and my mom’s birthdays are coming up in the next couple of months, so I think I’d make them handstamped necklaces with each of their names or initials on it.

  113. I liked them on fb, and my first project(s) would be for my daughter-in-laws. I have an idea for a “mothers” pendant with the grandchildrens names on them.

  114. I would make my friend a necklace with her boys names on it, she’s been wanting one for ages!

  115. What a great giveaway, this would be perfect for Christmas gifts. I would stamp my niece and nephews initials for my sisters. Thanks for the chance to win!

  116. I would make my first piece of hand stamped jewelry for my Mom. It would say her name.

  117. The first Beaducation free class that I would watch is, Stamping On Metal. I really want to learn how to stamp and make friends, family and myself beautiful pieces of jewelry. 🙂

  118. I liked Beaducation on Facebook. Facebook name is Shauna Parsons Freidel. I posted this once already…but I couldn’t find where my comment posted or is awaiting moderation. Sorry if this is posted twice.

  119. I would make one of my kiddos names on it. one for my MIL one for my mom one for me 🙂

  120. I like them on fb,and have signed up for website updates 🙂 I would watch the ‘stamping charms’ class,and make a friendship bracelet for my husband with our intitials on as have just got married 🙂 Thanks!

  121. Well, I’d already done #’s 1 and 2 in a prior contest so here’s the rest! My first hand stamped item would be to commemorate a friend’s new baby and I would incorporate the stamped item into one of my beaded window crystals so the parents would have a personalized keepsake and the baby would have rainbows in it’s room! As for what class I’d take, I’d start with the free “Stamping on Metal” class, of course, and then move on to something like the Soldered Rim Pendant. Oh, the world of possibilities a stamp set would open up! 😀

  122. I’d make two matching tags – one for myself, one for my boyfriend 🙂 I’d put our names on them and carry mine in my wallet 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  123. The class I would pick would be the ‘Stamped Charms’ class from the Beaducation website! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day and thanks for running such a wonderful website 🙂

  124. sounds selfish – but would like to make myself something with all 5 of my kids names on it… many of the sites can’t accomodate!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  125. SO fun! My sister is pregnant with her first girl- she definitely deserves the first piece of jewelry!

  126. My first project would be for my sister. She is always making cool things for me, I’d love to return the favor!

  127. I will definitely be checking out the Perfecting the Wire Spiral video. I’ve always wanted to know how to do that!

  128. I sooooo want to try this! My youngest daughter graduates in May and I want to make her a special necklace. Thanks for the giveaway.

  129. I went to Beaducation and checked out the videos… there are some neat tutorials there. I would start with the stamped jewelry design ideas video to see where people are in metal stamping.. and implement my ideas into what’s trending! This is getting me so excited! It sounds like so much fun!

  130. I think the stamping on metal video will be the first. I’ve been thinking about trying it but wasn’t sure if I should invest in the stamps when I had never tried it before.

  131. My first hand stamped jewelry will be for Christmas gifts this year …. perfect for my mother-in-law with the kids names! And gifts for my girlfriends with their children’s names … the possibilities are endless. 🙂

  132. I would start with the stamping metal video….something I’ve never done but am dying to try

  133. Would make Christmas gifts for my family….I want to make a family tree charm with my boys names on it also

  134. My first class(es) will be stamping on metal and stamping on charms. Getting together with a gf to do this together. So fun! 🙂

  135. The first class on my list is bezel resin basics. Thanks so much for the chances and helping me find a new favorite site!

  136. The first thing I would make is a necklace for my sister and then I would make gift tags for Christmas gifts.

  137. I had no idea Beaducation had so many interesting free videos I will be checking out many of them, but I’ll start with Perfecting the Wire Spiral.

  138. Oooh, I love that there’s an intro to chainmail! That and the stamped charms are at the top of my list, though I need more supplies to stamp than to chainmail. 😉

  139. I’d love to make a necklace for my daughter. She is going through a difficult situation and could use some inspiration and support.

  140. My first necklace would be for my mom.. not sure what it would say, but something sentimental <3

  141. My first project would be for my youngest sister having the first girl in our family (after 8 boys!!)

  142. How exciting! I would love to try my hand at metal stamping! I believe my first piece would be a necklace for my mother with all the grand kids names! She would love it and deserves it!

  143. Beckie I liked Beaducation on Facebook and boy do I really like them! Thanks for introducing me!

  144. I think my first free class would be beginning stamping. There’s so many it was hard to chose.

  145. After I can actually make a tag, I think the first real charm project would be for my daughter-in-law – a truly fine woman – Just a simple ‘Thank you for becoming a part of my Family’. She has been with us for 15 years and she’s a real keeper!

  146. My first project would be for my grand mother in law.
    I would love to give her a necklace with both kids names on it that I made myself.

  147. The first class I would watch is the one for design ideas.
    I am just itching to start making these for the whole family, but I don’t want them all to be the same!

  148. The first stamped jewelry project I would make is a necklace for my daughter. She has an usual spelling for her name and we can NEVER find anything personalized. Thanks for a chance.

  149. I have been drooling over hand stamped jewlery forever! My first project would be a necklace for my dear best friend who turns 40 in November. She is the first of our little group to hit this milestone! lol 🙂

  150. I’m agree with some of the other people commenting. The first piece would probably end up being mine for pratice, the second piece would be for my oldest daughter, she will be having her second child next March. I might be good enough by then.

  151. I have wanted to get into making stamped jewelry winning this would be a great opportunity. The first thing I would make is a necklace for my granddaughter Lily…she loves jewlery

  152. I don’t use Facebook, sorry ;( But may I have an entry please – I would subscribe if I had it… 0:-)

  153. i think my first stamped jewelry would be for my seester because she has inspired me to keep doing my crafts

  154. I would have to make one for myself first with both of my sons names on it, Henry and Charlie.

  155. The first class I would watch would probably have to be stamping on metal.

    The first charm I would make would probably be for my friend and say strength or something along those lines.

  156. What a great giveaway! I liked on facebook. I never heard of beaducation. That site will be dangerous. I liked and favorited them!

  157. I have sooooo wanted to try metal stamping and have looked at this type of craft for a long time. I would love to make something for my Grandma for Christmas! Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. My first class I would watch would be on stamping metal. I will definately be saving this page to my favorites!

  159. My first project would be for my sis in law… the names of her kiddos on a necklace! The second project would be for me! 😉

  160. My first class will be the one on stamped metal! Thanks for sharing this website… I have wanted to learn about metal stamping forever! Yea!!

  161. I liked them for sure on FB! The Quick and cute glass dome jewelry class looks really cool! I would love to make a piece of mother’s jewelry for myself 🙂 4 kids makes for some expensive jewelry otherwise 🙂

  162. My first piece would be for my Daughter and it would say “HOPE” it is our family motto.

  163. I would like to win this so I could make something for my wife with our last name on it and maybe our anniversary date?

  164. I have been dying to get one of these, but making one would be even better. I would make one for myself with my two kids names. I know selfish, but I reallllllly want one. Then I would make one for all the special women in my life who would also LOVE them. Thanks for the opportunity to win a hand stamp set.

  165. I am interested in the soldering jump ring class. That and felting beads. These classes look really interesting!

  166. i signed up for the blog updates via email.
    my first hand stamped jewelry will be for my sweet and lovely niece sophia.
    first class on my list: stamping on metal. ★

  167. I think I would have to keep my first hand-stamped jewelry for myself! It would say ABWx4 or something like that. Then I would get busy making some for gifts.

  168. So many cool classes to choose from! I think “Quick & Cute Glass Dome Jewelry” would be my first. Great contest prize!

  169. My first project would probably be a cell phone charm for me (I don’t know many others who use them) that would say “Live, Laugh, Love.”

  170. I liked them on facebook,

    joined their email list

    I would make a bracelet with all the grandbabies for my mother in law

    I am on my way to watch the “Annealing Metal” (wink)

  171. Holy cow! What a great resource! Going to watch them all, starting with Stamp it, Dap it, Wrap it. Bookmarked the site…Love it!

  172. Have liked Beaducation on FB for awhile and have always wanted to stamp on metal 😉

  173. I would be very interested in the Soldering Jump Rings class in order to connect my charms!!

  174. I’m not on Facebook, but I hope I can still enter! I’ve been wanting to try this for so long, but it is really hard to know where to start. I’m going to watch the video now! Thanks!

  175. I would make necklaces for my grandchildren Can’t wait to do the soldering Jump Rings class.

  176. My first stamped item would most likely be for my sister with her little boys name on it…WES!!

  177. Metal stamping would definitely be my first! Just moved 3 hours away from our family & granparents would love these!

  178. I Liked them on FB…I LOVE Beaducation I have made jewelry for years and have a shop on Etsy, I have learned a lot of cool stuff from them!

  179. I follow IC blog via email already, and I just signed up for Beaducation blog via email as well!

  180. I looked at al the classes and I have to say I cant wait to check out the freebies – But thr bodacious bangles class looks fun too!

  181. Finally I want to make a necklace for my cheerleaders. I make them a scrapbook of the season and I like to add a little personal touch to it as well – These necklaces are Perfect!

  182. The first thing I would make would be a necklace for my daughter with her name stamped on it.

  183. I like Beaducation on FB. I was just thinking about ordering some stamps, so I’m really hoping I win these!

  184. I signed up for blogs, and liked on facedbook I only have tools right now to make the clasps so I will watch that first. Next is the jewlery saw. So I can make blanks. Those tools I have after that I will watch but dont have tools yet to make anything. Its a great site though even if I dont win. Thanks

  185. I am selfish and would make the first thing for myself! Probably with my husband’s and my initials and our anniversary date. Then maybe one for my sister. 🙂

  186. I would for sure have to start with the basic Stamping on Medal class. I have always wanted to get into this. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  187. I liked beaducation on facebook!
    Joined their e-mail list.
    My first piece would be for me with my daughters name and a heart on it.
    My first class would be stamping on metal.

  188. Seriously! What an awesome giveaway…this is something I have been very interesting in learning how to do. My first projects would be gifts for Christmas, my girls, my Mom, birth-Mom, Mom-in-law. Thanks so much!

  189. Thanks so much for pointing us to these classes. First would be stamping on metal. They all will be watched though. 🙂

  190. I’d start with the metal stamping class. I’d love to have this kit! Thanks offering such a great giveaway!

  191. Signed up for e-mailing list. Forgot to say in previous entry that I would stamp bible verse addresses and words (ie. 1 Cor 13, Love).
    Thanks again! 🙂

  192. It sounds selfish, but the first piece I would make would be for me! 🙂 I would have my kids’ names and display them proudly! (Awesome giveaway!)

  193. I’d probably make something for myself first, to make sure I get the hang of it before making something for someone else. I’d probably make something with mine and my husband’s initials on it.

  194. I’ve been wanting to buy my 3 year old daughter a necklace with her name on it, this would help and be so much cheaper, just make it myself!

  195. The first thing I would make with the set are some necklaces for Christmas gifts! They would probably be initials…B, K, J, etc!

  196. My first class would have to be the “Stamping on Metal” class. Gotta start somewhere…

  197. The first piece I would make would be for me as a test run and it would say “Arise.” Then if it worked out I would make one for each of the young women I work with to remind them to rise above any struggles they encounter.

  198. I signed up on Facebook and also on their website for email newsletters! I have wanting to start to stamp for a long time. My first project would be a necklace for my mom’s birthday in December and then I would get started on Christmas presents for all my friends and family! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Fingers crossed!!!!! Aimee

  199. I happily liked Beaducation on FB! Thanks for this wonderful chance to win this great gift!

  200. I would make a beautiful memorial necklace with my Dad’s name on it. He passed away in Aug. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  201. 1. Have liked (and loved) Beaducation on facebook 🙂

    2. have signed up for the blog

    3. i would make a piece for myself (not often get things for myself lol) as a memorial piece for my mum who recently passed to wear it close to my heart and always have her near

    4. First class would be : Stamped Jewelry Design Ideas

  202. The first piece would be for me so I could learn the ropes of metal stamping and it would say take a chance

  203. I like yall on FB, and I signed up for the email. I would make something for my 5 yr old, and the first class I would take is stamped metal. the charms look so cool!!

  204. First project? Somthing stamped with Miracle to represent the little miracle I am pregnant with right now!

  205. I liked on facebook, I signed up for blog updates, and the first class would be Stamping on metal.

  206. I liked them. My first piece will be a family pirate etablished date daughters name andhusbamds name my first class will be intro to hand stamped jewlery and then design ideas

  207. Thanks for the giveaway – I would first make a charm for myself — with the names of my 2 kids.

  208. :: i’ve been wanting to making this piece for my husband. It goes on his ss bracelet. It would have his kids and the day of their birth on it. He’s really very sentimental about his kids. Its awesome.

  209. I signed up for their blog and am now following them on Pinterest also. My first piece of jewelry will be as a gift to myself to celebrate the loss of 100 lbs lost (currently at 80lbs only 20 to go!)

  210. I’ve wanted a hand stamped necklace with my kids’ names and my husband’s and my wedding anniversary on it, but haven’t yet found exactly what I want. I’d probably make that first and then go wild making gifts for family and friends.

  211. I’d watch the metal stamping video first! I’d be making something for myself!

  212. Hi! I would love to try metal stamping! Iwish and hope I can win the starter kit!:

  213. I watched the metal stamping video and am very interested! I would like to make something for my daughter!

  214. I want to make a necklace with my Grandchildrens names on it for my daughter!

  215. OMG!! they all look so awesome! I guess I will start with Great for beginners series.. Stamping on Metal

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