When you have children in elementary school everything needs to be labeled if you have the remote chance of seeing it at the end of each day.   I tried some backpack tags from a label company and it lasted all of about three school days.   My kindergarten son needed something a little more durable…enter the resin backpack tags.

back pack tags


Dog Tag printable from Flipawoo Designs

Color Printer

Dog Tag Punch (Craft Chameleon)

Dog Tags (Craft Chameleon)

1/8” drill bit

electric drill

Mod Podge

Paint brush

Envirotex Lite

Ball Chain

Ball Chain Connecter

Wire Cutters

1.   I have partnered with Louisa from Flipawoo Designs as the new printable artist for IC.   You will be seeing her awesomeness around here more often as she creates free printables to compliment my craft ideas.     flipawoo

Using the Dog Tag label printable from Flipawoo Designs type your custom names into the field provided and print them out.   Louisa designed 4 boys tags and 4 girl tags for you!nametagprintable


2.   Using a dog punch (I got mine from Craft Chameleon) punch out the labels.

3.   Coat the dog tag with Mod Podge and burnish your printable tag on top.   Let dry.   Coat the label with two coats of Mod Podge to seal the surface.   This is important to seal it or else the resin will bleed and discolor you tag.


4.   Mix Envirotex Lite according to package instructions.   Slowly pour the resin around the edge of the tags working your way to covering the entire piece. Let them dry for a full 24 hours.

backpack tags (5)

backpack tags (4)

5.   Once cured drill 1/8” hole through the tag and dog tag hole with an electric drill.   Then loop the ball chain through the hole and connect it onto your back pack or lunch bag.   Yay you are guaranteed to get your stuff back once lost!   The resin is extremely durable and creates a thick, glossy, plastic-like coating over your tag.

backpack tag

backpack tags (3)

You could also use them as a necklace pendant or a zipper pull by lengthening or shortening the chain a little.

backpack tags (2)


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  1. Hmm, who WOULDN’T I make a tag for??? Certainly my kids need this, the hubby could use a couple and don’t think it would be fair to say I didn’t need a few myself. Thanks!

  2. I echo what Holly said, who wouldn’t I make them for? My oldest is school age so he’d get back pack, lunch box and water bottle ones. Husband needs stuff labeled, I could use it too, and I know my mom would love it if I could make a few for my little sister too. How handy! I liked them on facebook, thanks for the give away opportunity!

  3. OH this is so exciting!! I have been itching to use some Envirotex and these dog tags are great!! My biggest issue would be limiting who ALL I made tags for…. my minimum list is our 3 boys and my niece and nephew and my husband (for his keyring… a sweet message from moi!)

  4. I would make tags for my children, my husband, and me! These tags are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win. I liked Punch Place Plus on FB and told them you sent me 🙂

  5. I think these would make great little Christmas gifts for all the little kids in our life! Who doesn’t like to put their name on things? Thanks!!

  6. I liked punch place on facebook. I’d make these for my kids, specifically my son. He’s in kindergarten this year.

  7. I would so make these for all the kids on my house…with 7 girls, we are always misplacing something or having somone say ..”that’s mine”…

    Now we’d know for sure!

    I liked Punch place on FB, but wish I could have loved it!

  8. I would be making tags for TONS of people in my life. I also can’t wait to say use my digi scrapping program and make dog tag images. 🙂

  9. I have been a fan of punch place for awhile. She is great!!! I would make tags for my daughter who is 5 and in kindergarten and never bringing her things home. I could so relate to that part of this post!! Also my son who is 12 and Autistic He has trouble remembering everything so this would help him get back his things he leaves at school when they switch classes!!

  10. I would love to make tags for all 3 of my kiddos! I have been wanting to make some “in memory of” dogtags for a friend. I alos “LIKED” Punch Place on FB.

  11. Liked Punch Place Plus!

    I have 5 kids, so these would definitely come in handy! Plus I’m a crafter so I would love to make them for just about anyone!

  12. I like Punch Place Plus too!! I can’t wait try these tags for the holidays, all my kids and nieces and nephews are in school now!

  13. I would make tags for my daughter, she is 7 and looses everything. We do a check everytime we leave school and some how she still manages to leave something there. Mostly her lunch box.

  14. I’d tag just about everything my daughter has. She might get tired of me tagging everything before I was done, though.

  15. Tags for my two grandchildren in daycare—where you can’t have too many name labels!

  16. ohhhhh I’d love to make these for my 3 great grandkids. Hard to find things for them and I think they would LOVE these!

  17. I think I’d make these for just about everyone I know – kiddos & nieces/nephews – school bags, pe bags, scout bags, sports bags, library book bags, dh’s work gear – that’s about 6 tags, and ME, ME, ME! – work bag, gym bag, scout bag,

  18. I went to Punch Place Plus and sent a friend request to Jamie. I like the idea of being able to make one of these dogtags for anyone whether it be myself or others. I would start with my 17yo who has been after me to make him some new ones.

  19. Loved Punch Place Plus on Face Book.
    Would make these for my daughters class for Christmas!

  20. I love this. My oldest daughter just started preschool so I will for sure be making these for her. Maybe even for her entire class.

  21. I would use these dog tags for both my kids… my daughter is in kindergarten right now and my son will be in preschool next year. These dog tags are too cute!!!! Thanks!

    sweetpea101506 at aol dot com

  22. If I ever joined FB I would like Punch Place over there. But for now I can only tell you that I would make dog tags for each and everyone for christmas no matter if they need them or not 😉 They are too cute. I would attach them to the wrapped gifts as gift tags!

  23. I would make them for my family….my son and all the nieces and nephews. I also teach dance and this would make an awesome gift for my kids this holiday season 🙂

  24. Ummm… would it be incredibly selfish for me to say I would make tags for myself? 🙂 I suppose I could make a few for my nieces and nephew, too. LOL. My daughter isn’t quite old enough but her face would be on every one.

    By the way, do the pu resin domes work well on these? I love using them for bottle caps because I am too darn lazy to mix up resin.

  25. I left a comment hours ago and it doesnt appear. Hmm…? Well, I wrote that if I ever foined FB I would definitely like Punch Place. I would make those name tags for each and everyone no matter if they need them or not. I would make them for christmas and use them as gift tags. They are too cute! I hope it works this time!

  26. I would make dog tags for my two kids to use as emergency identification. First initial, last name, and their In Case of Emergency phone numbers. I think they’d be so cute as bracelets or anklets!

  27. i liked Punch Place Plus on FB. I would make the dog tags for all the kids in my son’s class and everyone else I can think of.

  28. I have never heard of this company,but I was just thinking of what amazing custom labeling you could do with these for Christmas gifts, etc. I would probably make labels for my hubs

  29. I’d make them for my son and daughter. My son started Kindergarten this year. My daughter is only three, but I’d love to have some for when she starts school, too. I’d put them on their backpacks and lunchboxes for sure! (by the way, I liked them on FB). 🙂

  30. Don’t have a fb acct, but I LOVE these.. They are sooo cute. I’d make some for myself, my best friend, and then I’d start on all my cousins.

  31. I just liked you on Fb. OMG you are a genius! I have been wanting to try making dog tags but did not want to cut out the dog tag shape by hand. Now I do not have too 🙂 The cub scout group in my neighborhood are going to be super excited when they find out I can make them all dog tags. They like the bottle caps but have been wanting something more boyish.

  32. I would use these to make dog tags for my classroom. I’d probably hand them out as rewards labeled with something like, Excellent Reader, Fantastic Speller…something like that!

    “Liked” Punch Place on FB =)

  33. Just LOVE Punch Place Plus!!! Her items are wonderful! And…..tags will work for everyone in the family!!! 🙂

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