ikea rast two toned nighstand makeover

This week I shared with you the pictures of my new guest bedroom makeover.  The coral and navy comforter inspired the design of the room but I really wanted to do everything on a budget since it is a guest room and doesn’t get much wear and tear on it.  So I opted to purchase the ever-so-famous IKEA RAST dresser to use as nightstands.  At $34.99 a pop they are a steal for a solid wood piece that can be transformed to your liking.  I can’t even build one for that cheap.  I had every single other supply in my garage so it didn’t cost me anything extra to give a little upgrade to this nightstand.



IKEA Rast dresser

drill and drill bits

2×4 scraps or 1/4†lattice strips

3M Patch and Primer

Sander with 120 grit sandpaper

wood glue



paintbrush or Home Right Paint Sprayer

stain (I used Minwax Dark Walnut)

Minwax Wipe-On Polyurethane in Satin

Ryobi 18 gauge nail gun

400 grit sandpaper

Optional: Knob and Pull Template

1.  Put your IKEA Rast dresser together according to the crazy IKEA stick figure directions.  Except do not attach the front bottom piece to the dresser sides.  Instead move that forward to be flush with your sides and pre-drill new holes so that piece isn’t inset anymore.  You can use different screws if you want.

2.  I wanted to add different handles to the dresser so I filled the holes with 3M patch and primer.  I let it dry between coats and then sanded it smooth.  It took three coats total to hide the holes.


3.  To add the detail to the drawers you can add 1/4†lattice pieces found at any home store.  Since I am cheap I just ran a 2†x 4†scrap piece through my table saw at 1/4†thicknesses… instant lattice strips! I sanded them with 100 grit sandpaper.

4.  Then I cut them to size to fit the edge of each dresser drawer.  I used wood glue and 1/2†nails to attach them.



5.  Then I patched those holes with some of the 3M patch and primer and then sanded them smooth with my electric sander and 120 grit sandpaper.

6.  I then drilled holes for the new hardware.  It is worth investing in a knobs and pull template if you redo furniture a lot. 

7.  To make the wood top I cut a piece of 3/4†birch plywood 1/4†larger than the length and the width of the RAST dresser.  I used those same lattice pieces (AKA the ripped 2×4’s) and trimmed out the edges of the plywood.  I used wood glue and 1/2†nails to adhere.  Then I stained it with Minwax Dark Walnut followed by Minwax Wipe-On Poly (sanding between coats).



8.  Then I primed and painted the dresser and drawers (one coat of primer and two coats of paint).  Normally I would use my Home Right paint sprayer but it is freezing here and Ohio and a regular paintbrush had to do the job indoors.


9.  I added the new handles and popped the wood top on top of it. You can screw it in place but I didn’t just in case I ever decide to change the look. Cuz I am crazy like that.


I love creamy white paint with a dark walnut top.  It is such a great contrast isn’t it?  And look at that beautiful wood grain on my 2â€x 4†lattice pieces I made!

IKEA-rast-makeover (2)

Would you ever guess that was a $35 IKEA dresser is under there?


It was such a simple upgrade but made a huge impact!





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