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I told you a couple of weeks ago that I received a new laptop computer courtesy of Windows 7 and Staples.   Windows 7 is the latest operating system from Microsoft.   My old computer ran Windows Vista on it.   There is definitely a slight learning curve as I am still learning all that Windows 7 can do but I thought I would highlight three features.

My absolute favorite feature is the snipping tool.


This allow you to “cut” out any picture online and save it as a file. This is especially helpful for bloggers who feature other people and need to use pictures to showcase other people’s ideas.

I also love the Windows shortcut key.   If you press this once your start menu will automatically open.


Or you can press the windows logo and type in a few letters of what you were looking for on your computer and it pops up with the most recent and most used for that term.

Or hit the Windows key and the tab key and up pops all your open Windows.

Or press the Windows key and D and up pops your desktop.

Lastly since I am not a computer genius and tend to find myself in crazy computer predicaments Windows 7 allows you to connect with someone remotely through a special invitation.   So therefore, I can ask my computer nerd genius cousin to help me remotely when I need to.bb56b8b7-a44a-402b-b36f-3dcc8929d252

Staples and Windows 7 would like to offer one Infarrantly Creative reader a $50 gift Staples gift card.

You have a few chances to enter.

1.   Tell me what operating system you currently run (one comment = one entry)

2.   Tell me what brand of computer you have (one comment = one entry)

This post sponsored by Staples & Windows 7:



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  1. I just got a new computer in December, so I have Windows 7, but I didn’t know about the snipping tool I’m going to have to look into that!

  2. I have an acer computer, actually my last 2 computers (desktop and laptop) have been acers

  3. I got a new laptop at the beginning of the year and it came w/ Windows 7. I love it WAAAAAY more than Vista. I love the snipping tool too, and love Windows Live Photo Gallery and Live Writer for my blog posts!

  4. The computer/netbook that I am currently using is an Eee PC but I also use an Acer, as that is my main computer/laptop. My desktop computer is Compaq and get this that one uses windows 98, CRAZY.

  5. Thank you so much for those tips!! I have Windows 7, just got it for Christmas. Love it!!

  6. Hi, I have Windows 7 Operating system too…it came on my new laptop last year and I so love it and love my laptop! Thanks for posting and a chance to win! Have a great St. Patty’s Day

  7. My new laptop is a Dell i5 17 and I actually bought it from Staples (how neat is that?) . . . LOVE IT! Thanks for posting your great idea about Windows 7 and the chance to enter you blog giveway! Have a great St Patty’s Day : )

  8. I am currently running MS Windows XP.
    I have the Windows key and have only used it to open up teh start menu – I never knew it did those other things – VERY COOL!

  9. I have a Medion computer. I purchased the pieces independent of each other. It’s several years old, but works great.

  10. I run Windows XP and the free office stuff, which again works. I would like to be able to purchase the updated office package..which is where the $50. comes in.

  11. I have Windows 7, and although I haven’t checked out all the new features, so far it’s been easy to learn.

  12. Currently have Windows XP but our new computer is on the way with Windows 7. Yeah!

  13. I have an HP with windows Vista Premiere. We have the snip already on Vista, but my sons laptop Vista version doesn’t. I love that tool!

  14. I am running on Windows 7. I didn’t know about the snipping tool. Still have lots to learn.

  15. I have a Dell laptop, bought as a gift by DH. He wanted me to have a built in web cam so I could Skype with the DD while she was studying overseas. I’m lovin it!

  16. The new laptop came with Windows 7. Hooray! Never used Vista so can’t compare the two.

  17. My computer is SO old, I don’t think it has a brand…a friend pieced it together for us…

    My laptop was an HP


  18. I have windows 7 on all home and work computers we have a home made desktop, a asus laptop, two macs (yes they are running windows 7), hp and dells. Yes we are computer nerds both me and my husband.
    For those of you who need to edit images before posting but don’t want to invest in Adobe Photoshop, there is a great software call Paint.net that is free (http://www.getpaint.net/).

  19. Also bought a new gateway computer last year with way too much memory, but with all the blog posts and tutorials that are in my to make file, I just might use the terabyte of memory.

  20. I have an Acer. (My computer geek son recommended it based on what I wanted to spend and what I use it for.)

  21. Windows 7 and thanks for the education. I am going to find that snip function right now. Of course my husband wouldn’t realize the potential of such a feature!

  22. Custom built – husband’s hobby, though we have definitely bought a few over the past couple of years – our requirement is that they have an Intel chip!

  23. Okay the computer brands I use and that we have in the house.

    My current Desktop is HP.
    My broken laptop is HP but my replacement will be Asus. (when it gets here)
    The hubby’s desktop is HP.
    His new laptop is MSI.
    The bedroom computer is a Toshiba Satellite laptop.
    My daughter’s desktop is my old Dell from 7 years ago.

  24. I have a Macbook Pro. Would have never gotten it myself but my husband insisted and it is sooo great!

  25. Ugh! I’m running Vista and I really hate it. We have wanted to switch to Windows 7 for a while now. After reading your post, I want to switch even more…

  26. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop… one that I have to try to repair almost every single week lol.

  27. We have a “Hernandez” brand desktop computer 🙂 , my husband built it! We also have a HP Mini Net book!

  28. I have Windows Vista right now, and I like the design of it, but hate all the bugs and incompatibility issues. I’ve heard Windows 7 is much better. I wish I had it!

  29. I have an HP computer that runs Windows 7, so much better than Vista. Additionally the house has a Gateway that runs XP, and 3 Lenovo laptops that run XP on 2 of them and 7 on the other one.

  30. I’ve got a MacBookPro…sorry Microsoft. But I could still use the Staples gc! 🙂

  31. my laptop is running windows 7. my desktop is running both vista and windows 7

  32. As well, both of them are Dell computers. I used to have a tablet HP but it had an overheating problem and I had to get rid of it – and I went back to my trusty 8 year old dell!

  33. We are using Windows 7. Love the multiple windows feature and it’s superior stability.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great giveaway. Sarah

  34. Desktop is a Dell running Vista. My laptop is a Toshiba running Windows 7. I really need to upgrade my desktop to 7!! It is so much better!!!!!

  35. I have a HP that I bought on Black Friday of ’09. I was thrilled because it came with Windows 7

  36. Even though I’ve had my computer for 1.5 years, I had no idea about the snipping tool! Can’t wait to try it out! Definitely like Windows 7 more than Vista!

  37. I am currently running Vista and have the upgrade for the windows 7, but have yet to install it on my computer. I have to back up a lot of things and just haven’t had the time to do it yet.

  38. I have an HP desktop which is fairly new and a Toshiba Laptop which is old, but still runs when I need it to run.

  39. My laptop runs windows vista.
    And did you know that the Windows button already had all these shortcut keys, since -I don’t know- Windows 97/98 or even before? And also, that pressing the Alt key and tab key shows all your open programs too, in a plain way that uses less computing memory, so in my view it’s even easier.
    And did you know the windows key plus E open up your ‘my computer’ file folder? Windows key + M = minimise all windows and usually has the same effect as windows key + D for showing desktop. Enjoy your new laptop computer!

  40. I have a cherry red Dell laptop! It goes with everything 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. I really liked your tips. I didn’t know about 2 of them. I so like using shortcuts. Perhaps you’ll share more in the future. Thank you!

  42. I have Windows 7 but I had no idea about the snipping tool. Just researched it in the help menu. There are many situations where I could use this tool. How can I access it without going through help though?

    Denise (asprinkleofthis.blogspot.com)

  43. Well, I personally use Mac. But, I would like to win this for my Pastor and his family. Their computer could use this!

  44. My computer is a MacBook. 🙂 (I would give this prize to our Pastor and family.)

  45. Windows xp or vista can’t remember
    ( I would love to win 😀 )

  46. I think I need to upgrade. I have an Emachine, with Windows xp which I like very much. I’m not sure I could learn to use the Windows 7. Nancy P.

  47. I am learning to use the Windows 7–very slowly since I am computer ignorant. Have to figure out how to use the snipping tool.

  48. I have a Hp that I bought from
    Staples last year. Love it. It runs a windows 7. Better to me than the XP version.

  49. Windows XP is what I’m currently using, but I’m lusting after Windows 7. Pleaasssssssssssssse let this be my lucky day. I feel like I’m living in the dark ages. 🙂

  50. My computer is a hybrid of parts with the tower coming from a store called eXtreme Computers. It hasn’t worked right since the day I bought it – lesson learned to stick with reliable companies that have big reputations.

  51. I use Windows 7, too. It took a while to get used to it, though. Aside from the standard office suite not working at all, it’s OK.

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