Can Young Living Oils Be Used In Candles

The feel of candles burning while relaxing in a bubble bath or sinking away on a sofa is serene. Nowadays, diffusers and essential oils are taking center stage, and candles are pushed to the back a little. But what if you can combine the elements? Can Young Living oils be used in candles?

Young Living oils can definitely be used in candles. Essential oil candles are better than standard scented candles, predominantly if self-made, as the materials used are natural and environment-friendly. In addition, YL candles have many health benefits and can improve one’s mood. 

Can Young Living Oils Be Used In Candles

But how the Young Living oil should be applied to a candle? For example, should you use a candle you already own? Are these candles available to buy, or should you make your own?

Some scents from the YL range will work better for some wanting certain results than others.

Young Living Oils In Candles

The Young Living oils brand has taken the world by storm with its innovative products, going green initiatives, and enhancing how people look after their skin and health. However, one of the top products must be oils themselves. Each natural oil with no parabens, petroleum, sulfates, formaldehyde, or artificial dyes, has its specific application.

Candles in the Bath

Although most recommend adding these oils to a diffuser, some people like the vibe and tone a candle sets to a dining table or bathtub relaxation session.

You can get the best of both in this instance, but the secret lies in which candles you use and which oils give you the best aroma and set the tone you want.

The best Young Living oils to use in candles would be any with a pure, natural scent that won’t be too overpowering when lighting the candle.

These scents include lemon, mint, lavender, cinnamon, orange, pine, and eucalyptus.

Using Existing Candles with YL Oils

The thought might not cross your mind, but it is best to touch on the subject. Can you use any candles and add essential oils?

Well, you can, but it isn’t recommended. 

  • You might have to use a lot of oil, as you will have to add a little every few minutes to get the scent through.
  • The hazard or burning is there, as you have to drop the oil into the burning flame, where the wax has melted. Essential oils in themselves are already flammable as well.
  • This defeats the purpose of essential oil candles because regular candles contain toxins and harmful ingredients released when it burns. Thus, adding good and bad won’t make the candle all good all of a sudden.

Some people do this to add a scent to any unscented candle. Still, the purpose of essential oil stretches a lot further than only adding scent.

Buying Young Living Oil Candles

Young Living oil candles are not available to buy, as they instead want people to use diffusers, the piece of equipment that distributes the oil the best.

You might find some people selling these candles online that they made themselves. This will be the best alternative if you require Young Living oil candles.

There are only a few problems you might occur with these:

  • First, you will need to find out the ingredients they have used and if what they state are the actual YL oils and not other.
  • You will know once you buy it if the adequate amount of oil was used and if it actually is Young Living oil. 
  • Limited flavors and might not have the scents you want. 
  • This could be a pricier option.
Can Young Living Oils Be Used In Candles

Making Young Living Oil Candles

The best way to add YL oils to candles is to make them. This way, you will know precisely what is in each candle, and you can make your flavors, choose your perfect size, and feel proud of making it yourself.

In addition, you can make it a fun activity with a family member or friend to get even more out of the experience.

How To Make Your Own YL Oil Candles

Making candles at home might be a little different than scrapbooking or baking a cake; however, it is just as fun when you have all the supplies.

You will need the following:

  • Wax
  • Wick sticks and wick holders
  • Container or holder
  • YL oils of choice
  • Spoon, double boiler, thermometer, and scale

There are Candle Making Kits in Amazon that come with everything you need. Like this one below. Also a great gift idea, by the way.

First, you will have to measure everything to ensure the ratio of oils to wax is adequate to get the desired result. The rule of thumb when it comes to oil in candles is 1 ounce of oil to 1 pound of wax, or 6% of the total weight you use. 

The best way to get these measurements is to weigh the candle holder you will use. Then add water leaving half an inch of space, and weigh again. Subtract these two weights, and you will know how much wax you need. Add 6%, and you have your ratios of oil and wax ready.

The steps to building your YL oil candle are pretty simple:

Step 1: Melt Wax

Use the double boiler and add your wax. The best is soya wax flakes or beeswax (not vegan). Heat to 185 °F and remove from the boiler.

Step 2: Heat Container

Heat the container a little in a preheated oven. However, be careful and refrain from overheating it so that you can still manage it with bare hands.

Step 3: The Sticker

Add the wick sticker to the bottom and then the wick.

Step 4: Add the Essential Oil

Use the thermometer, and when the wax has cooled a little to 160 °F, add the Young Living oil of choice and slowly stir for 2 minutes.

Step 5: Pour it out

Slowly pour into the container when it has cooled down further to 100 °F.

Step 6: Let it set

Let it stand for three days before you light it.

Here’s a video on How To Make your Own Candles with Essential Oils.

Benefits Of Young Living Oil Candles

The benefits of Young Living oils are endless, and you can use these candles for specific purposes. In addition, Young Living oils have unique combination scents, so you don’t have to figure that out alone. 

Young Living Oil for CandlesBenefits
LavenderRelief of headaches; Restful sleep; relaxation
PeppermintRelief headaches; Improves digestion; Sinus clearing; Memory & focus; relaxation
Ylang YlangRestful sleep; relaxation
FrankincenseRelieve headaches; Restful sleep; relaxation
Orangerelief of anxiety and stress
Lemongrassrelief of anxiety and stress
BergamotEnhance mood; Restful sleep; relief of anxiety and stress
Patchoulirelief of anxiety and stress
ChamomileRelieves headaches; Restful sleep
SandalwoodRestful sleep
EucalyptusSinus clearing; Enhance mood
RosemaryMemory & focus
Tea TreeSinus clearing
OreganoSinus clearing
RosemaryRelieves headaches; Improves digestion; Memory & focus; Enhance mood
GingerRelieve headaches; Improves digestion
LemonImproves digestion; Improves digestion; Memory & focus; Enhance mood


Young Living oil candles are a great idea if you love candles and essential oils alike. Candles might be a little more effort, especially if you make them yourself, but the result is worth it.

A perfect marriage between a candle’s ambiance and the oils’ fantastic aroma and excellent benefits.

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