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Young Living has been around for almost thirty years. The Utah-based company has taken over the essential oils market. However, also distributes other products deemed by the company as being completely natural.

Despite its immense success, Young Living has been subject to many controversies since the company first started. So, is Young Living worth it?

Young Living sells billions of dollars’ worth of products yearly, but the company’s integrity is constantly questioned. Though its essential oils are considered high quality, they are also overpriced. Young Living is also known for having poor customer service and delivery issues.

Young Living is arguably the most popular brand regarding essential oils sales. The multi-level marketing company is widely successful but also subject to criticism.

Criticism mainly concerning its similarities to pyramid schemes and false advertising of some of its products’ capabilities.

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Despite this, many people swear by Young Living’s essential oils and other products. So, are they worth buying?

Is Young Living A Decent Brand?

Essential oil market is booming and estimated to hit 35 billion dollars in 2028. There are no shortages of companies selling essential oils and other related products worldwide.

Yet, it can be difficult to find out which brands offer the best essential oils, especially for a newcomer to these products.

Note that this industry is not approved or regulated by the FDA, and as things stand, this will not change anytime soon.

The FDA bases its approvals on sound and reliable scientific data to establish if a drug or remedy effectively treats an illness or condition. At this point, no data indicate that essential oils can treat or cure diseases. 

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Though none of the small or big essential oil brands have FDA approval, it is important to consider that there is still a massive difference between brands regarding the amount of effort put into their products. 

For the most part, Young Living appears to be at the top of the market regarding the quality and purity of its products. The company prides itself on producing one hundred percent pure oils.

The following should be considered when figuring out whether Young Living is worth your money:

  • Are young living products safe?
  • What does the young living business model look like?
  • Are young living products too expensive?
  • Are Customer Reviews Positive?

Are Young Living Products Safe To Use?

Young Living essential oils and other products (moisturizers, makeup, and personal care products) are generally deemed safe. Of course, consumers should be mindful of the instructions attached to the product. 

The FDA has received complaints from some Young Living customers who claimed to have experienced adverse effects; however, the reasons for the effects were mostly allergies or the customers using the product improperly. 

Note that Young Living Oils are divided into three categories:

  1. Aromatic. For diffusers to release the aromas around the room.
  2. Topical. For use in the person’s skin.
  3. Internal. To be digested.
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Young Living categories jpg

All the oils are good to use topically and aromatically. However, only some of them are good for internal use.

The company does not deserve any blame if customers neglect or misunderstand the directions of use. 

When it comes to children, like many products and medicines, you need to be extra careful when using these products.

How Does The Young Living Business Model Work?

Young Living adopts an eccentric approach to selling its products to millions of customers yearly.

You will not find Young Living products in retail stores. Instead, distributors, who receive a commission for the sale, sell the oils directly. 

To become Young Living members/distributors, people must spend one hundred and fifty to one hundred and seventy dollars on the starter kit.



Members get perks such as rewards and the ability to buy Young Living products online. However, to remain a distributor who earns commissions, members must buy one hundred dollars’ worth of Young Living products each month. 

This multi-level marketing (MML) model has been criticized by many for being a pyramid scheme, as there is a hierarchy among distributors. In 2016, over 90% of Young Living distributors made less than a dollar (annually), while the top tier distributors, who represent a fraction of distributors (around 1,000), made more than a million dollars each. 

Two years later, Business Insider reported that nearly 99% of Young Living distributors made between $4 and $1,500. Since distributors must spend one hundred dollars a month on Young Living products, these earnings are meager. 

Though Young Living refutes the accusations that its model is based on a pyramid scheme, consumers should consider the brand’s business model before buying its products.

Young Living Products Are Expensive But Supposedly High Quality

Young Living generally gets good praise for the following:

  • Their products are easy to use
  • Their products high quality
  • Their products purity

However, the company is known and criticized for having overpriced products. Young Living states that their elevated prices come from the great effort and resources put into their products.

The company and its distributors emphasize that though their essential oils may be pricey, their bottles last longer than others, thanks to their purity.

The essential oil’s purity means that it does not have an expiry date and that the price per drop is fair. However, you can find customer reviews online that question the oil’s durability and purity, especially in recent years.

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How Are Young Living’s Customer Reviews?

Young Living receives mixed reviews online. For the most part, Young Living products receive great reviews regarding the products’ quality, usability, and purity. However, the company has very bad customer service and delivery issues. 

You will find plenty of reviews where customers are mostly happy with the product but disappointed with the shipping and delivery process. In addition, customers generally find Young Living essential oils overpriced and put off by the company’s approach to sales.

Young Living has also built up a reputation as an untrustworthy company with questionable integrity, precisely due to its controversies relating to its multi-level marketing business model and its recurrent issues with the FDA. 


Young Living is a widely successful company but is not free of controversy. The products are considered safe for use, but customers must be willing to go through the company’s eccentric business sales model. 

Young Living justifies its product’s high prices through its supposed superior quality and purity compared to other brands.

Overall, you’ll find mixed customer reviews but entirely negative towards customer and delivery service.

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