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Let’s rewind back to 2009. I know, it’s a long time ago, but it is all part of my story. My sweet little girl Kayla, at the time, had a little body that was being ravaged and broken down from antibiotics. It’s like we couldn’t get ahead and get her healthy. One step forward, three steps back. Infections, sickness, doctors visits, tubes in her ears, countless rounds of antibiotics, a surgery, steroids, you name it. Sound familiar? If you’re a parent and you’ve had to watch your babies struggle and feel helpless, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

Let me also start by saying that traditional and western medicine has its place. I appreciate it and know that it does help at times and helps so many people. But for us, it was just not working and it was actually harming my daughter. She had little to no immune system and it seemed like everything we did was either hurting her further or causing more complications. We needed something different.

Now I share this because it is our story.  I am not an anti-antibiotic freak, nor have I changed my whole philosophy on the fact that the medical profession is necessary.  We just have chosen a slightly different route here because of our experience.  I now feel empowered and equipped to take care of my families’ health and I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

In 2013 my daughter had a “paper-cut-sized” wound on her nose.  Within two weeks it developed into a growth that the doctors called a keloid.  After creams and surgery to remove it ($2200 out of pocket later) the growth doubled in size.  To say I was freaking out is an understatement.

Between seeking third and fourth opinions, Kayla’s art teacher gave me a sample vial of Frankincense essential oil from doTERRA. This sample changed our life. A door to a whole new world was opened. I was skeptical, but as an exhausted mom tired of watching my child suffer, we went home and tried it out.

Within 24-hours I could tell that the Frankincense was already helping and making a difference on Kayla’s keloid on her nose. I couldn’t believe that just a few drops of an oil could make that big of an impact. My daughter was feeling better, the keloid on her nose was decreasing in size, and my faith in essential oils was increasing by the day. That was the moment that started my essential oil journey. I shared it for years with anyone who would listen. I always say I was an unpaid ambassador for doTERRA oils for 4 years.

Fast forward to the summer of 2016. I had built a successful six-figure DIY blog here on Infarrantly Creative and had what people might describe as the “perfect Pinterest life.” In a quest to make an income and try to be somebody in the blog world, I had purposely denied myself a safe place to be “me.” My blog was becoming this place that no longer felt like community and connection to me.

So I decided to take a leap like no other leap I had ever taken before. I decided to build a business in network marketing with doTERRA. There was just one catch. I wanted to do it differently than the way I saw others do it. I wanted to cultivate and inspire many women and families and do it from a place of connection. However, I also still wanted to blog. I’m so grateful for this beautiful and amazing community, but I didn’t know how to merge my two passions.

So I did something to challenge myself. And I also wanted to prove that I didn’t need social media to work my network marketing business. You see, I built a six figure network marketing business in under 5 months with no one watching. I did it secretly without posting a single thing about doTERRA to social media or here on my blog. I didn’t post it anywhere online or reach out to my almost 100k people following my blog to market my doTERRA business.  I just shared doTERRA with people around me who I already had a connection with. And that is the beauty of this. It works! When you put people first, serve them and find a solution to a problem, the dynamic of network marketing is amazing and fun. I have a huge organization of phenomenal women that I am so humbled and proud to work within doTERRA. This community has awakened my soul again. 

So today, I am incredibly blessed and overflowing with gratitude. I want to help as many women and their families as possible be educated about essential oils and this natural approach to healthCARE. This is what has worked for us personally and I am excited to constantly be learning and sharing. I also wrote an e-book on my story. I’d love to share it with you in the hopes that it gives you hope and inspiration on whatever journey you are on as well.

With Utmost Gratitude,


Download your copy of my new e-book HERE.

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  1. Oh my gosh Beckie!!! We gave up on the traditional healthcare system ten years ago with the same problems!!! We have gone natural with all our medical issues and seen great results… actual healing as opposed to covering up symptoms!!! You are a genius when it comes to business and I can’t wait to read the book!!! Kudos to you girl in your helping others!!!!????????

  2. That looks a lot like the molluscum contagiosum that my kids had. Everything we tried made it worse until I tried tea tree oil. Yay for oils!

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