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Young Living is a good choice to buy essential oils and related products. They provide the highest quality product and cares for the environment. Also offer people the opportunity to earn a living from it. And all of this But…you might wonder whether Young Living shipping is free and how long it takes.

Young Living offers free shipping to some of their customers and on some of their packages and shipping options. Shipping usually takes anything from two to eight workdays, depending on the shipping option chosen.

Only customers in the USA get Young Living’s free shipping.

Young Living offers its customers and members several different shipping options. Customers can choose the best shipping option suited to their needs and budget. The shorter the shipping period, the more expensive the shipping, so customers in a hurry to receive their products would have to spend a little bit more for express shipping.

Is Young Living Free shipping

Is Young Living Shipping Free?

Young Living offers customers all over the USA and several other countries the opportunity to order top-quality products and deliver them at their door.

Top-quality environmentally friendly essential oils are costly, though. Therefore, Young Living offers several shipping methods to their customers, and American customers could even have their products delivered for free.

There are several criteria to qualify for free shipping from Young Living.

  • US Shipping – Customers and business builders inside the USA could qualify for free shipping. This includes Hawaii and Alaska, while Guam and Puerto Rico customers may also be eligible for free shipping.
  • Minimum Point Value Of The Order – To qualify for free shipping, the order placed with Young Living must have a combined Point Value (PV) of 100 or more. Each product has a point value in the catalogue.
  • Weight Limit – Orders weighing no more than 70 pounds could qualify for free shipping if all other requirements are met.
  • Economy Shipping Only – Young Living free shipping is available for economy shipping only, which is usually the cheapest and slowest shipping method. Customers in a hurry to get their products would have to pay to have them shipped faster.
  • Not Available To Professional Account Customers – Young Living’s Professional Account Customers will not qualify for free shipping, even if meeting all other requirements.

As free shipping only uses economy shipping, most customers would receive their orders within 5 to 8 working days. This could take up to two days longer for outlying areas. Young Living introduced the YL Go subscription service to their Essential Reward members to make shipping more affordable.

How Long Does Young Living Shipping Take?

Young Living orders can take as much as 10 days to be delivered. However, they have different shipping methods available to their customers, which could significantly shorten the shipping time.

One must note that shorter shipping times come at a premium. As with anything, you get what you pay for, so one cannot expect to have an order delivered within two working days for free. 

Several shipping methods are available to Young Living customers.

  • Free Shipping – A customer who qualifies could have their order shipped for free. Free shipping usually takes between 3 to 8 days for delivery.
  • Mail Shipping (Economy) – This is the cheapest shipping method but is only available for packages weighing less than two pounds. Mail delivery usually takes between three and eight working days. Still, it could take as long as ten working days for outlying areas.
  • Ground Shipping – Orders shipped using the Ground shipping method usually takes between three and five working days to be delivered. This would be the cheapest option if an order doesn’t qualify for free shipping and weighs more than two pounds. 
  • 3-Day Shipping – As the name of this shipping option says, a customer choosing the 3-day shipping method would receive their package within three working days of placing the order.
  • 2-Day Shipping – Items ordered using the –day shipping method would be delivered within two days after placing the order.
  • Overnight Shipping – The most expensive of the shipping options available at Young Living, the customer’s parcel will be delivered the first working day after the order was placed.

With all these shipping options available, Young Living caters to all. People who cannot wait to receive their order can have it shipped overnight at a higher cost. People who try to save on shipping could opt to wait almost two weeks for their orders to be delivered. The choice of shipping method is up to the customer.

How Does YL Go Work?

Essential Rewards members with Young Living may subscribe to YL Go or YL Go+, a two-tier monthly subscription service. YL Go subscribers get free shipping for several of their orders yearly for a fixed monthly fee. However, free shipping is one of many benefits of a YL Go subscription.

These are the benefits that YL Go, the lowest tier of this monthly subscription program, offers:

  • Twelve Annual Essential Rewards Shipping Credits – YL Go subscribers don’t have to pay extra for shipping for their first twelve Essential Rewards orders for the year.
  • Flat Rate Overnight Shipping – YL Go subscribers will pay a substantially discounted flat rate for overnight shipping. However, YL Go subscribers would have to use a YL Go shipping credit to qualify for flat-rate overnight shipping. This means that YL Go subscribers could ship their orders overnight at a discounted flat rate no more than 12 times per year.
Is Young Living Free Shipping


YL Go+ is the higher tier of the monthly subscription program. The monthly subscription cost for YL Go+ is considerably higher than YL Go, but it also offers subscribers more benefits.

  • Twelve Annual Essential Rewards Shipping Credits – Just like YL Go subscribers, YL Go+ subscribers don’t have to pay extra for shipping for their first twelve Essential Rewards orders for the year.
  • Quick Order Shipping Credits – YL Go+ subscribers receive an additional 24 Quick order shipping credits per annum, meaning they wouldn’t have to pay for a total of 36 orders per year.
  • Flat Rate Overnight Shipping – YL Go+ subscribers will pay a substantially discounted flat rate for overnight shipping when used with a YL Go shipping credit. YL Go+ subscribers would therefore be able to send their orders overnight at a discounted flat rate no more than 36 times per year.
  • Flat Rate Shipping – YL Go+ subscribers who have used all 36 shipping credits for the year can ship any additional orders at a substantially discounted flat rate. This does not apply to overnight shipping but to other shipping methods.

YL Go, and YL Go+ subscribers could save as much as ten times their annual subscription in a year. However, the saving size would depend on the number and size of orders they place in a year.


Young Living offers customers and members in the United States free shipping if the Points Value of their orders is 100 or more.

However, free shipping is subject to certain conditions. Shipping could take anything from 1 to 10 working days. Still, orders dispatched with free shipping should take between three and ten working days to be delivered.

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