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So I don’t know how I could live without knowing this but, yeah, I did. The number of times I had to reset my password before is beyond believe – like, honestly, horrific. So it turns out you don’t have to do that anymore! Amazon Household Prime Login is genius!

Getting separate streaming accounts for everyone in your family can be a bit of a wallet-squeezer. But hey, not everyone jumps into that right away, right? Well, if you’re nodding along, it might be time to check out a streaming service that gives you more bang for your buck. Enter Amazon Prime Video, the cool kid on the block that’s all about top-quality content in glorious 4K, ready to stream on pretty much any gadget you’ve got.

Amazon Household

And here’s the sweet deal: With the Amazon Household feature, you can make your Prime Video experience a family affair. It’s like a streaming party! You and one other grown-up can team up, plus you can rope in up to four teenagers into the action.

Let’s go on a stroll through how to use this feature and show you how to spread the Prime Video love to your nearest and dearest.

Let’s get this streaming party started!

What is Amazon Household?

Amazon Household is a feature offered by Amazon that allows you to link multiple Amazon accounts within a single household. This feature is designed to make it easier for family members or individuals living in the same household to share certain benefits and services. Here’s what Amazon Household typically includes:

  1. Shared Amazon Prime Benefits: When you set up an Amazon Household, you can share certain Amazon Prime benefits with the members in your household. This can include access to Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and the ability to share the benefits of Amazon Prime shipping, which includes free two-day shipping on eligible Amazon products.
  2. Family Library: If you’re an Amazon Kindle user, you can share eBooks with other members of your household through the Family Library feature. This allows you to access and read each other’s Kindle books.
  3. Shared Payment Methods: With Amazon Household, you can share payment methods, making it convenient for members to use the same credit or debit card for purchases made on Amazon.
  4. Parental Controls: Parents can set up parental controls and manage content access for children within the household.
  5. Sharing Digital Content: You can also share purchased digital content, such as movies, TV shows, and apps, with other members of your household.

Is there a downside to Amazon Household?

Keep in mind that there are certain eligibility criteria and restrictions for creating an Amazon Household. In fact, it is made for families, not for roommates (I know what you are thinking).

  1. It’s intended for family members living in the same physical location.
  2. Each household can have two adults (usually the primary Amazon account holder and one other adult) and up to four teens and four child profiles.
  3. Children have to be 12 and under and these can’t access Prime benefits or shop, and that means no Prime Video streaming.

Amazon Household is a convenient way to centralize Amazon services and benefits for everyone in a household making it more cost-effective and user-friendly for families.

What are the Prime Benefits that you can Share?

Prime Benefits You Can Share

There are too many and for many different needs, these are the most popular:

Is Amazon Household worth it?

Whether Amazon Household is worth it depends on your specific household’s needs, preferences, and usage patterns.

Here are some factors to consider when determining if it is worth it for you:

Number of Adults in the Household:

Amazon Household is designed to benefit households with two adults who can share Prime benefits, such as free shipping and streaming services. If you have more than two adults in your household who regularly use these services, it can be more cost-effective.

Teenagers and Children:

If you have teenagers and children in your household, it allows you to set up profiles and parental controls, making it easier to manage their access to content and purchases.

Shared Prime Benefits:

If you and another adult in your household both want access to Amazon Prime benefits like Prime Video, Prime Music, and free shipping, then Amazon Household can be a convenient way to share these benefits without the need for separate subscriptions.

Family Library for Kindle:

If you use Amazon Kindle devices and want to share eBooks with other household members, the Family Library feature can be valuable.


It can simplify the management of shared services and content within a household. It can also make it easier to share payment methods and maintain a single Amazon account for the family.

Privacy Concerns:

Consider whether you are comfortable with the level of sharing and access that comes with it. If privacy and separate accounts are a priority, this feature might not be the best fit.

Content Sharing:

If your household enjoys sharing digital content like movies, TV shows, and apps, Amazon Household can make it easier to share these purchases among family members.

Cost Considerations:

Compare the cost of setting it up with the cost of maintaining separate Amazon accounts and subscriptions for each household member. Depending on your usage, Amazon Household can potentially save you money.

Ultimately, the value depends on your household’s unique circumstances and how you want to use Amazon’s services.

It’s a good idea to evaluate your family’s specific needs and preferences to determine whether it’s worth setting up Amazon Household.

Can my partner see my Amazon orders?

That’s a bummer, no more surprise presents coming from Amazon, right? Yes, they can see what you order (and how much you spend, ouch!).

But there is a little solution to this 🙂 Apparently you can go to the order and archive it making it invisible. Yes, this is still ‘findable’ but it would take extra steps and suspicion so you might get away with it until Birthday day!


Amazon Household has ben a God bless for us in our household. It makes everything much easier and straight forward. At first, it takes a bit of setting up here and there but, once all done, you just forget and enjoy it!

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