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Young Living has been around since the early 90s. It has now become one of the worldwide leaders in the sales of essential oils. The MLM company prides itself on its approach to producing essentials that are 100% natural and grown on pristine land around the world. But are Young Living essential oils FDA-approved?  

Young Living products are not FDA-approved. Young Living has not drafted any applications to seek FDA approval. Even if Young Living sought FDA approval, their request would be rejected. The FDA does not regulate essential oils or herbal medicines. 

Young Living is a widely successful company that offers a wide range of essential oils marketed as pure and naturally derived products. It is not unknown that many Young Living essential oils consumers use the products as medicine. However, is treating Young Living products as medicine the right way to go, considering the company’s FDA status?

Young Living Essential Oils Are Not FDA Approved

As of 2022, Young Living has yet to make an application that seeks approval from the FDA. There is a good reason for this one-and-a-half billion-dollar company not being bothered with FDA approval. 

The FDA has never regulated herbal or essential oil-related products. Therefore it is a waste of time for Young Living to seek FDA approval as it is sure to be rejected. Currently, you will not find any FDA-approved essential oil-based products.

The FDA determines which drugs/medicines qualify for FDA approval based on reliable and sound scientific data indicating that the drug or medicine in question is efficient and safe to use. Scientific studies have yet to show evidence that some essential oils can treat illnesses.

FDA NOT approved

Though Young Living and other essential oil companies are not approved and, therefore, not regulated by the FDA, these companies still have to abide by strict rules to avoid trouble. Companies that sell products not approved by the FDA cannot market their essential oils or herbal supplements as medicine or a cure for an illness.

If companies fail to follow the FDA guidelines, that is, if they incorrectly state their product(s) can treat/cure an illness or condition, they can be subject to hefty fines or even be shut down by the government. Essential oil companies must therefore be very careful with their product descriptions; Young Living has, on occasion, failed to do. 

FDA Warning Letter Addressed To Young Living

Young Living has run into trouble with customers and the FDA. Issues between the FDA and Young Living have arisen due to some consumers reporting significant adverse reactions to Young Living products and the company falsely marketing their essential oils as medicine that can be used to treat illness.

More recently, in June 2022, the FDA sent Young Living a warning letter addressing the issue of the company’s false marketing. As mentioned, it is highly illegal for companies with no FDA-approved status to advertise that their products can be used for medical purposes.

FDA Warning letter

After an investigation examining Young Living’s social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etc.), the FDA deemed that the company overstepped the established boundaries regarding advertising. 

The FDA found that the following products were misbranded as drugs that could treat or cure illnesses and conditions. And that cannot be diagnosed or treated by people who are not medical professionals:

  • Essential Oil
  • Vitality
  • Ningxia
  • Nature’s Ultra CBD

Young Living Response To FDA Warning Letter

Young Living addressed the FDA’s warning and issued a response for the public in July 2022. In this statement, the company states that the false advertising originated from an old website that is no longer associated with the company and doesn’t exist anymore. Additionally, Young Living mentions that they have removed non-compliant language from the relevant products page.  

The statement also assures the FDA and the public that it takes the issue of false advertising seriously. And that they are willing to work with the FDA to ensure compliance.

Are Young Living Essential Oils Safe To Use?

Being one of the largest essential oils businesses in the world, there is no shortage of reviews of Young Living essential oils. The company heavily emphasizes a marketing strategy that advertises the company’s high-quality natural products. 

Young Living’s essential oils are generally safe to use. However, like any product, customers should be aware of how to use the oils the right way. 

The FDA has received some complaints about Young Living’s essential oils. However, after conducting its investigation, the FDA determined that most of the cases resulted from the consumer’s inappropriate usage and allergic reactions.

Although using essential oils is relatively straightforward, inexperienced people should read the instructions on the bottle. All of Young Living’s essential oil bottles include directions for use. 

Young Living Does Not Use Artificial Dyes Or Chemicals

A big part of Young Living’s brand is being one hundred percent natural. This is arguably one of the reasons why, despite selling expensive products, the company is so well-known and successful. 

The company assures that they do not include ingredients that may be unsure of. That is, ingredients that may contain fragrances, artificial dyes, or harsh chemicals. The company claims that its flavoring is completely natural. 

Young Living products, in general (moisturizers, baby lotion, household cleaners, makeup, etc.) are free of the following ingredients because whether there is a lack of research supporting them or they are harmful:

  • Synthetic dyes or colors
  • Bismuth
  • Talc
  • Parabens
  • PEGs
  • Sulfates
  • Triethanolamine 
  • Triclosan
  • Glycols
  • Formaldehyde
  • Oxybenzone
  • Nanoparticles
  • Synthetics preservatives


Young Living is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that sells various essential oils and other personal care-related products. However the company’s products are not FDA-approved.

Young Living is most well-known for its essential oils. There is no scientific evidence suggesting their effectiveness in treating illness.

The FDA issued a warning letter in 2022 to Young Living concerning the false advertising of its products. The company has since then stated that it would work with the FDA to maintain compliance with government regulations.

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