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The trends are changing, and you need to catch up with your need for more knowledge regarding dining and cooking. Or, you are on the other side of the spectrum and are always on top of the new trends. Either way, you might be wondering, can you up your cooking style with essential oils, and can you use Young Living oil in cooking?

Young Living oil has a cooking-style range named Vitality that people can use to cook with. These make life easier as the specific oil of a fruit or herb is added to the recipe. The Young Living Vitality oils are tempered and ready to use in cooking, but the other oils are not.

Essential oils in cooking

It might need clarification as to which Young Living oils to use for cooking, how much, and when to add them during the process. We will also examine why you cannot use other Young Living oils in cooking.

Using Young Living Oil For Cooking

A new, fresh, and fantastic way to cook is with Young Living’s Vitality essential oil range. These oils are specifically for making food, smoothies, and drinks and giving your dishes a little kick. 

It is important to understand that essential oil may come from a natural source. Still, the concentration of the oil is ten times more than using the natural source as is. Secondly, only some essential oils should be used in cooking, and some should be used sparingly or not in food.

It is essential to be aware of oils that you can use in cooking and which you cannot. Luckily there is a list from the FDA of oils that are safe to use in cooking and that you should avoid. The IFRA also has a list of banned oils and oils you should never use in cooking. The important part is to look at the Latin name and compare it to the lists.

Essential oils in cooking 2

When cooking with essential oils, you must do your research and know precisely how to apply, when, and how often these oils can be used. If used correctly, they complement your food and benefit your health simultaneously.

Why Use Essential Oils In Cooking?

There are many reasons why people love using Young Living oils in their food. The list goes on regarding the benefits, the added flavors, the long-term costs, and the saved time.

  • The first reason people love cooking with Young Living oil is for the added flavor. They have a wide variety of flavors that will take your dishes to a new level.
  • The health benefits linked to these oils are great. Although they are not medicinal and don’t guarantee specific outcomes, many testify to the changes they have seen and felt since using these oils.
  • The Vitality range is more expensive because of its high grade and safety in food. Still, because you use so little at a time, it is an investment and saves you money in the long run. In addition, it won’t go bad, and you won’t have to drive to the shop if you realize someone used the last lemon you wanted for a zest.
  • Preparation time is split in half. No cutting up, blending, or cooking things together to get a flavor; only one to two drops from the natural source. 
  • The Young Living vitality range can expand your cooking skills and dare you to take chances with flavors you never explored.

Some benefits of essentials oils when cooking with them:

  • It can better your digestion 
  • Can control the fungi on food leading to them not being harmful to humans
  • It can aid in weight loss when you use essential oils in cooking combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Essential oils in cooking

Which Young Living Oils To Cook With

Using only the Vitality line of Young Living will be safe, as these were specifically designed for cooking. This means that they are extracted through a cold-press process and are 100% pure. They will also indicate on the label that they are Food Grade, meaning the grade is higher and safe for cooking.

Each of the 47 Young Living Vitality oils is potent and should be used sparingly, as indicated in the recipe book or label. “A little drop goes a long way” is a saying that compliments the use of these essential oils in foods and cooking.

All The Young Living Vitality Oil Flavors

 All The Young Living Vitality Oil Flavors

Young Living Oils You Shouldn’t Cook With

Young Living oil has a culinary range for a reason. These oils are extracted from the plant with specific methods, and cold-pressed to keep the grade of the oil high and not add anything else to the oil. That is why the label states 100% pure.

Some other essential oils that are perfect for a diffuser or those used in perfumes and soaps get additives. These bring about the ideal scent when you walk into the room or add it to your bubble bath.

wellness advocate
wellness advocate

Never use any oils that don’t state that it is food grade oils and safe for cooking. Even if your peppermint vitality oil is finished, but you still have the diffuser peppermint oil, DO NOT use these. They might be from the same brand and have the same flavor but it is not the same oil.

How To Cook With Young Living Oils

Young Living oils provide users with a fantastic recipe book. Tasty recipes range from smoothies, drinks, dips, and unique dishes you can create with a drop or two of the Vitality oils.

Ensure you follow the guidelines when cooking with these concentrated oils, as too much will ruin your dish and have health consequences. 

When you need to add a zest of one fruit, the equivalent of the oil would be 10 to 15 drops. When working with herbs, you can replace a tablespoon with half to one drop of the oil. Another method that comes in handy when cooking with oils is the toothpick method.

The toothpick method allows you to add only a little potent oil, like nutmeg, to your food. First, dip a toothpick into the Vitality oil. Then, dip it into your dish on the stove, in the pancake batter, or as the recipe instructs.

Essential oils in cooking

Another tip when using essential oils in cooking is never to heat them beyond their flash point. What does this mean? They can take fire, oxidize and become unsafe for ingestion or become irritant to the skin.

The flash point of most cooking essential oils is 140 °F and should thus never be heated beyond this point. Usually, recipes indicate that you add the oils just before serving or when a dish is removed from the heat. This also ensures the flavor of the oil stays in the food and don’t change or vaporize. 

How NOT To Cook With Young Living Oils 

There are many ways cooking with Young Living oils can fail miserably. The first reason is that you go into this process without knowledge. If someone doesn’t know which oils to use, when to add them, and how to add them to their dish or drink, it can lead to a stale taste or an unsafe dish.

Another crucial thing when cooking with essential oils is how you use them (wrong dilution or undiluted and too strong). This can cause an imbalanced gut and harm the kidneys and digestive tract lining. 

Luckily, with Young Living Vitality oils, you can always follow their easy instructions and recipes. You can also research essential oil cooking and how different oils can be used in cooking.

Dangers Of Cooking With Essential Oils

A fundamental matter when it comes to cooking with essential oil is knowing which oils might pose a threat to some illnesses or conditions and ensuring that you inform people of the oils in a dish before serving them. Although a specific essential oil is suitable for cooking, some of these oils might be too strong and trigger certain conditions.

People with high blood pressure should stay away from the following essential oils:

  • Black pepper
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Pine and Eucalyptus (not in the vitality line but could be found in other brands)

Too much nutmeg can lead to hallucinations in kids and pets or make a person very ill (nausea, agitation, and vomiting). Because essential oils are much stronger, the probability of adding too much is higher than you think.

Peppermint oil is usually used as a medicinal way of relieving bowel irritations and somehow holds a threat for miscarriages because of its menthol notes. Therefore, women that are pregnant should rather stay away from peppermint oil. This is thought of parsley as well, something people love adding to food. 


Cooking with Young Living oil will change your kitchen and food for the good. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely, opt for less, and inform your diners of the oils in the food. Then, sit back and enjoy the faces of those who will fall in love with your new cooking style!

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