7 days of selfcare

Whether you feel in need of Self-care or not…let me tell you: you really need it. We all do. 7 days of DIY Self-care will bring you the balance you need to be at your best and ready for the Holiday season.

More often than not, we prioritize others and things-to-do instead of focusing on ourselves first. I have experienced in the last couple of years that this is a mistake. An invisible subtle one.


You just won’t notice but it is taking its toll and, sooner or later, it will show up in the form of, mostly, stress or, potentially, mood swings and overwhelm.


How can I practice self-care at home?

This is not an article where I am suggesting you products to buy. This is much deeper than that. We are looking within and TRULY looking after ourselves.

When we read the word self-care, we immediately think about appearance, maybe our nails, our hairstyle, our skin care…or think about doing something: a massage, a spa day, etc.

Selfcare 2

Don’t get me wrong, these are important too. But (big fat BUT) what about our emotional self-care? Our Mental self-care?

Let me guide you through 7 days of DIY for all types of Self-care.
Ideally, you will apply these at least once a month and make it part of your routine eventually.

7 days DIY

Emotional Self-Care

Emotional self-care means taking care of your mental and emotional health. It means taking the time to recognize, accept and process your feelings. It also means setting boundaries.

Emotional self-care is vital to your overall health and wellbeing. Not only reduces stress but, in case of having to face it, it puts you in a better position to deal with it.

Emotional Selfcare

Being emotionally healthy leads to a better and happier life. Also happier relationships, not only with yourself but, consequently, with others.

There cannot be fulfilment without Emotional Intelligence. Living a better life will lead you to achieve your goals more effectively.

Ask yourself these questions and answer them to yourself:
How do I feel right now? Am I bottling up something?

These are just some examples, you can make your own questions depending on your circumstances. Say that you have an issue going on, or a problem at work…then use those to reflect on how you feel about it. Feel it. Accept it. Then let go.

If sitting in silence is not your thing or you feel to fidgety then try some of these other techniques:

  • Writing it down in a journal.
  • Talking about it with a loved one
  • Put your favorite music on


    Physical Self-Care

    Physical selfcare it’s not just about pampering ourselves, but about taking care of our bodies so that we can be healthy and happy. A good self-care routine has some basic things that everyone should do.

    • Eat a healthy diet
    • Avoid processed foods, sugary drinks and excessive amounts of alcohol
    • Exercise regularly
    • Get enough sleep: aim for 7-8 hours per night
    • Are you a gym body? Go to the gym and do an extra class
    • You don’t normally exercise? Plan a walk and a sauna
    • Put your favorite music on and dance
    • Take a bath or a long shower
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Prepare a healthy menu for the day, cook from scratch
    • Get your hair done, use a face mask, go for a massage, why not?

    Mental Self-Care

    Mental self-care is often mixed up with emotional self-care. They are linked – as all our system is – but they are different. Mental self-care refers to anything that actively engages your mind and puts your brain to work.

    Are they in the present moment? Or are you thinking about the past or worrying about the future? If that’s the case, tell them to go away. Tell them you don’t have time for that. (It works, I promise).

    Physical Self Care

    Engage in an activity that you enjoy and requires focus. If you don’t enjoy any, it is about time you find it! Some examples are:

    • Doing a jigsaw puzzle or a word search or paint by numbers
    • Reading a book
    • Writing a story or a recipe
    • Go through paperwork you need to sort out
    • Declutter a room or a chest of drawers

    Social Self-Care

    As we go through life, we will have many different types of relationships. Some will be positive and healthy, while others may be negative and unhealthy. It’s important to be aware of the different types of relationships so that we can choose what’s right for us.

    Self-care is also important in relationships. When we take care of ourselves, we’re able to be our best selves and give our best to the people in our lives. When we’re stressed, exhausted, or not taking care of ourselves, it’s harder to be the type of partner, friend, or family member we want to be.

    Social Self Care

    Healthy relationships are built on trust, respect, and communication. These are the foundations that allow us to feel safe, seen, and heard. When we have these things, we’re able to be our true selves and share our lives with someone else in a meaningful way.

    Unhealthy relationships can be full of stress, drama, and conflict. If we’re constantly fighting, feeling unsafe, or walking on eggshells, it’s time to reassess the situation. These relationships can take a toll on our mental and physical health, so it’s important to get out of them if they’re not serving us.

    No matter what type of relationship we’re in, self-care is always important. When we take care of ourselves, we’re able to show up as our best selves for the people in our lives.

    • Think about your close family members. Anything you want to sort out? Now is always the time.
    • Is your partner a positive influence in your life? Are you for him/her?
    • Any boundaries you need to revise or news to set?
    • Maybe it is time to look at your social media too and clean up a little bit.
    • Reflect about balance between social interactions and alone time. Do you get enough of both?

    SUGGESTION: How to Host A Vision Board Party with friends or family.

    Survival Self-Care

    This is doing the mundane everyday tasks that your life requires. By doing these tasks, you are helping free yourself from stress and unnecessary struggles.

    Wouldn’t you be stressed if your electricity supply is cut off because you forgot to pay your bill? Or how about going to make dinner and find an empty fridge? Oh yes, that is self-care too. Noone is going to be doing that for us, right?

    That is what survival self-care is.

    Since we are on a 7 day DIY self-care, I propose for today:

    • Revise your finances, do you have a budget? Maybe you can work on that.
    • Go through your house and get rid of some stuff you don’t use.
    • Tidy up your office or your kitchen.
    • If you don’t normally do it, maybe it is time to plan next week’s dinners?
    Survival Self Care

    Spiritual Self-Care

    I am totally aware this might not be for everyone. If it is something that screams at you. Just skip it. However spiritual self-care is another area that often gets mixed in with others.

    Even though mental and emotional self-care seem similar, spiritual self-care is its very own kind. It is mainly based on activities that encourage or require you to think bigger than yourself as you connect to your higher self.

    For some this can be the Universe, for others, the light or the source, for some others, a religious figure. It is as open as it can be and whatever it is that feeds your soul and what’s beyond this material world, hold on to it and nourish it.

    How to Feed your Soul?

    Your choice.

    • Practicing meditation, yoga, Tai-chi, manifestation methods,…
    • Praying, reading the Bible.
    • Visiting a sacred place or building your own at home.
    • Connect with nature and your pets (if you have one)
    • Getting a reading from an Astrologer or a Tarot card reader (if that is your thing)
    Spiritual Self Care 1

    You Have Made It!

    Now is when you really deserve a treat. You have worked on every aspect of yourself. You have – hopefully – taken care of yourself and found areas to improve.

    What was the most challenging day? Maybe you want to repeat that one this week. All I have given you in this guide are essential DIY tools that don’t require any investment. It is not based on anything material to make your life easier.

    It doesn’t require any resources, other than the ones we really, really, should be already using on a daily routine. Think about it.

    Apply a mini version of this 7 days DIY self-care to your life every single day.

    • 10 min of self-reflection working with your emotions.
    • 30 min of physical activity.
    • 30 min to declutter your mind and put it to work.
    • 10 min to think about your relationships or improve one of them with a call or a
    • Whatever time it takes to get the important things done on a daily basis to survive. Your shopping list, your dinner plans, your laundry, tidying up… (not scrolling social media that is). Get planners, use calendars, get organized, it is easier.
    • 10 min to feed your soul. And this is completely a task of your choice. It is enough with the awareness that there is something bigger than all of us and that we are all connected and not alone.

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