Manifesting is an excellent way to improve your life, empower yourself and thrive. There are many laws of attraction tools, and one not so popular or well-known is the 55 X 5 manifesting method.

Many aren’t aware of this method. As well as the similar 33×3 method that I compare with in here. Others have difficulty believing that the law of attraction works in the first place.

If you’re one of them, here is what 55 X 5 is and success stories to help you believe.

The 55 X 5 manifesting method is essentially a scripting technique where you turn your want or desire into an affirmation. The affirmation is written in the present tense, is short, and shows gratitude. It is then written 55 times over 5 days. Then, let it go and let the universe handle things.

When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Paulo Coelho

Getting what you want will undoubtedly make you a happy individual. 55 X 5 is one of the most effective ways to change the course of your life. There are also a few success stories that cover different topics. This way, you have an idea of how many other things you can manifest should you wish to.

All About What The 55 X 5 Manifesting Method Is

The 55 X 5 manifesting method is a scripting technique. I have written an article about “What it is and How To Manifest Using Itthat you might want to check out next. You’ll find there Free Worksheets as well you can download.

This method of manifesting works through repetition by allowing you to focus on your specific affirmation. Like other manifesting techniques, the first thing you should do when doing the 55 X 5 manifestation is to decide your goal.

What Do You Need to Start Manifesting?

Ask yourself what you wish to manifest first of all. It might be anything, such as a career change, love, money, etc. Making it something you genuinely think is possible is what matters most.

Your belief in your affirmation is everything. Those new to manifesting may think about starting small, especially if you have reservations.

Creating a manifestation focused on your wants is the next step in the 55 x 5 manifestation method. Your affirmation must be clear, heartfelt, concise, and full of gratitude. You also want to ensure that it is positive and has to do with the present tense. 

For example, use the ‘I am’ type of statement. Like, ‘I am so grateful for receiving a 10% salary increase.’ You want all your statements to sound as if you have already gotten what you want. This needs to be personal in your handwriting. 


You simply need a pen and paper or even a diary or journal. Using a good old-fashion pen and paper instead of typing the statements is better. The goal is to write the affirmation 55 times for five days in a row. Ensure that you do this in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.

Furthermore, pick a time when you will feel good emotions. Focus on what you believe you will be feeling when what you are manifesting happens.

After the 5th day, simply let go. This means try not to dwell on when the manifestation will occur.

Essentially, believe that what you want is already yours.

The Universe

Note: there are several extra things you can do to add a little oomph to your manifestation, such as:

  • Consider using a red-inked pen for affirmations involving love.
  • Consider using a green-inked pen for affirmations about money.
  • Write your desire down following the moon cycle to give it greater strength.
  • Write your statement when the moon is waxing if your goal is to raise anything, like your income, not the dead.
  • If you’d like to get rid of something, like a couple of extra pounds or an ex that just won’t go away, write your statement when the moon is waning.

Here Are Some 55 X 5 Success Stories

Many are still skeptical about whether or not the 55 X 5 manifesting method actually works. If you are still on the fence about whether manifesting works, here are some 55 X 5 success stories that will help you realize how incredibly effective this method is.

Dr. Naza Nalani’s 55×5 Manifestation Method Success

Naza Nalani holds a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience. She’s fiercely invested in awakening our unique spiritual energy and maintaining positive personal vibrations. An incredibly refreshing personality filled with youthful vigor and sharp insights, Dr. Nalani offers wisdom and an academic, well-researched perspective.

Her middle eastern heritage influences Dr. Naza Nalani’s belief system, and she is a firm advocate for the law of attraction. She’s recorded her 55×5 manifestation success story on her YouTube channel. Dr. Naza Nalani attributes monetizing her channel to the power of affirmations conducted via the 55×5 method. 

Spoken with focused enthusiasm, Dr. Naza Nalani presents insight into the neuropsychological dimension of manifestation and the law of attraction. She accredits her manifestation success to our brain’s neuroplasticity. Our brain’s chemical-electric organization describes its intricate and complex adaptability facility. Adaptability reveals the brain’s potential to develop beyond expectation.

The 55×5 manifestation method’s potency lies primarily in simple repetition. Thoughts possess an organic charge. The power of thinking is vastly undervalued. Repeating your desire with focused intent is an indispensable exercise. 

Repetition relays strengthened neuro signals resolving your claim and reaffirming your worth. Your intended thoughts will surface automatically and communicate outwardly. Dr. Nalani explains this with sincerity in truth when accounting for her success. She emphasizes the value of instant manifestation and maintaining our expectations on a conscious level. 

In addition, human perception and vision feature a phenomenon called the reticular activating system. This works hand in hand with instant manifestation. Our vision perception receives external stimuli and prioritizes aspects that are of immediate personal importance. 

When you invest time and energy into the 55×5 method, your brain instantly recalls your attention to features that will readily direct you to your desire, wishes, and wants. You train your brain to select courses of events and influence choices that bring about your aspiration. 

Jake Ducey’s 55×5 Manifestation Method Success 

Jake Ducey possesses a capitalizing appeal on his 55×5 YouTube success account. A constant feature of these manifestation narratives is the high energy and authentic enthusiasm portrayed while detailing their desired realization- Jake is just as committed. 

In what Ducey refers to as hypnotic writing, he stresses the rapid and effective ease of affirmation and actualization. Jake suggests employing gratitude within the affirmation’s language of your anticipated outcome. That is, to affirm your gratitude is to acknowledge your desire is currently occurring.

This is an important guideline when constructing your affirmation.

  • Write it in the present tense, as this calls your intended desire to the perfect present. You regain the moment and pour cleansed, determined vibes into your perfect future.
  • It’s always a good idea to feel grateful for something, even if it’s not apparent in your life. 

Gratitude and Intent

Gratitude is an overwhelming and beneficial emotional experience. Therefore, just feeling grateful draws on the favorable aspects of the moment. Gratitude isn’t submissive or owing. It’s just the opposite. Immense feelings of gratitude allow one to take charge of the situation. It reminds the brain of when feelings of appreciation were well met. 

Ducey’s analogy of the subconscious mind as a command system is excellent. It’s enjoyable to watch him confidently assert how our mind, brain, and thought processes create our life and determine the realization of our aspirations. Our thoughts broadcast our intent. 

Intent is probably the most significant feature of affirmations, manifestation and the 55×5 method.

Intent drives purpose, and purpose gives us autonomy.

Therefore, focus your intent on your desire when writing your 55 affirmations for five days. Imagine your purpose like luminous rays of multicolored lights effortlessly carrying and fueling your wishes into the universe.

Jake also explains how the reticular activating system empowers our affirmation. His account of this perception vision ability is unique to Dr. Naza Nalani in that it facilitates visual focus and consolidates your intent. 

In addition, Jake refers to Hebbian theory. This neuroscientific premise asserts that our neurons’ synaptic activity increases with repetition. Synaptic plasticity is specifically adapted to assist our learning, retrain our thought processes, and reconfigure our brain. 

Devotion, discipline, and detail are Jack’s instances to ensure the 55×5 method works. Essentially:

  • Be exact in your affirmation
  • Draw on the essence of what you want
  • Detail in precise language
  • Focus on one intent, don’t compile many wants and wishes
  • Stay disciplined.
  • Devote to writing 55 times a day for five days, don’t stray, commit. 

Ducey claims that the number five is relevant as it’s a sequence that elicits personal power.

Leeor Alexandra‘s 55 X 5 Followers Success Stories

  • One subscriber participated in a modeling completion in Japan, which she won using the 55 X 5 manifesting method. She went from fourth to secure second place by simply visualizing and then won the finale by doing the 55 X 5. One thing to note here is that she believed in second place, and her belief propelled her there. She had doubts and started small.
  • Another subscriber used the 55 X 5 for romantic reasons. She wrote her 55 X 5 affirmations while visualizing her and her love interest becoming closer again and even getting engaged. Soon after she started, she was asked out on a date by him. This success story is interesting because she set a time and a place where she felt good so her manifestation would work.
  • The Youtuber herself did the 55 X 5 manifesting the success of her program. Although her program had already been doing well, she received an overwhelming number of students and more people reaching out to her about 55 X 5 manifesting success stories.

You can check her Playlist on YouTube with successful manifesting stories here.

And here in this video below she explains that the 55×5 Manifestation method really works!


Like many manifesting methods, the 55 X 5 manifesting technique allows you to create the best life for yourself. Not only that, but it turns you into a magnet for positive, good things.

It can be challenging to believe that you can take matters into your own hands. However, the universe listens; if you believe, very little is impossible.

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