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…Mum? That’s the question my teen daughter asked me a few weeks back. Of course, I did my own research first since I do have peppermint oil at home but, other than using it in the bath when I feel coldy or to cook, hadn’t used it for anything else to be honest.


First thing I found in the NCCIH website was that “… is promoted for topical use for problems like headache, muscle aches, joint pain, and itching. In aromatherapy, peppermint oil is promoted for treating coughs and colds, reducing pain, improving mental function, and reducing stress”.

So no plumping lips so far.

Asking an Essential Oils Professional

It was time to ask my dear friend who has been using oils for nearly everything her whole life. “You definitely can! It is actually a great beauty hack that not many people know about!” – she said.

She says you can even apply it directly with your finger so I tried straight away and… I liked it! It was a bit stingy at first and felt like it was somehow getting some ‘fumes’ to my eyes but it was short lived.

It gives an amazing cool feeling and, not sure if my lips look bigger but certainly feel!

What does Peppermint Oil Do to your Lips?

Peppermint is a hybrid of watermint and spearmint which grows best in moist and shaded locations. In the United States, Oregon and Washington produce most of the country’s peppermint and it is mainly used to produce essential oils and flavorings.

Because of the menthol that’s present in it, it has a soothing effect and provides a cooling and refreshing effect on the skin. This effect is very pleasant and helps with blood circulation making your lips feel and look bigger instantly!

Apparently it has abundant therapeutic properties and medicinal benefits and has been used since the Ancient times for multiple purposes.

It is also used in many different ways by the pharmaceutical industry and in many of the products we consume. One thing my friend said is to be careful on choosing a reputable brand since not all essential oils are made the same. Formulations may vary.

You want to be aware of how to safely use Essential Oils. I, obviously, recommend Do Terra Essential Oils but there are others equally safe in the market. An example is this Cosmos Certified Organic you can buy in Amazon. It comes with a FREE E-Book as well.

Easy Homemade Recipe

This are the indications my friend gave me but she says you can use any other oil if Coconut is not your favourite or even Vaseline or honey. I’ll get to try different combinations for sure.

Peppermint Oil to Plump your Lips


Just mix it and using a Q-tip rub your lips with it for a few seconds. You can then apply your lip balm or lipstick as normal.

The cooling effect doesn’t last very long but you’ll definitely feel the hit. I have kept it in a little marmalade jar to use it daily, especially in the summertime!

Other uses Of Peppermint Oil

I use Essential Oils all the time in the kitchen and for other health issues. Peppermint Oil is good for digestions, headaches and for nasal decongestion for example.

I love adding it to my creations as well like this:



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