Many different manifestation methods have recently risen in popularity, with two of them being the 33 x 3 method and the 55 x 5 method. With so many out there, it can be challenging to decide which one is more effective in helping you manifest the life you dream of. So, should you use the 333 or the 555 method?

The 55 x 5 method is more effective than the 33 x 3 manifestation method. The 55 X 5 is over a longer period. You are focusing on a manifestation for an extended period, leading to it imprinting and reprogramming your way of thinking, which will manifest in the future.


Manifesting things with different techniques is an excellent way to take control of your life. There are absolutely no limitations to either method. It’s basically just you manifesting whatever you want. Here is how each of the 2 methods works regarding manifestation.

333 Vs. 555 Manifestation Methods

People starting to educate themselves on the law of attraction and the sense that there is something greater are huge fans of manifestation methods and with good reason.

Many show a keen interest in trying different techniques and seeing the results. Here’s a comparison between 333 and 555.

How Does The 333 Method Differ From The 555 Method?

Although these two manifestation methods have taken social media platforms like TikTok by storm, not everyone has heard of them.

Here is a brief look into how 333 and 555 differ.

How The 333 Method Works

This equation employs spiritual numbers strategically and with purpose. Pick an intention you want to manifest or a result you wish to obtain. The 333-manifestation technique actually stands for 33×3.

Make a statement, or more accurately, an affirmation about the favorable result. This should ideally be one flowing sentence, as short sentences work best.

Over three days, jot down your affirmation 33 times each day. It’s crucial to feel and imagine how you imagine feeling when you get whatever you are manifesting. Imagine that everything you are writing about has been accomplished while putting pen or pencil to paper instead of typing it up on a computer.

Fold the papers you write your affirmations on and store them once you have repeated the sentence the required number of times each day for three days. Put the desire aside. Just have faith that things will get done.

How The 555 Method Works

The 55 X 5 method works in somewhat the same way. The 555 spiritual numbers are simply used in an equation format of 55 X 5 for a specific purpose.

Simply pick a positive affirmation as you would with the 33 X 3 method. This would be a positive statement that is in the present tense. Basically, as if you already have whatever you are trying to manifest.

The goal is to get in a clear headspace and know your affirmation. These should be ‘I am’ or ‘I have’ statements. Evoke emotion from that statement and feel good about what you want.

Once the affirmation is settled, the next step is to write it down 55 times in a row without any interruptions, and you do this each day for 5 days. Once the 5 days are over, you simply put the papers away, let it go, and trust that the universe will bring your affirmation to you in time.


As you can see, both of these methods are basically the same thing.

In this case, the only difference is that the 55 X 5 process is longer than the 33 X 3 method.

33 X 3 Vs. 55 X 5: Which Is More Effective?

The two manifestation methods focused on in this article are highly effective scripting techniques that can undoubtedly manifest just about anything. All things considered, you hold that belief. However, which is the most effective and why?

Many people wonder why they should choose the 55 X 5 method when they can select the 33 X 3 method as it is shorter and is unsurprisingly less time-consuming. Furthermore, it is easier to focus on positive thoughts for 3 days than for 5 because life happens. Also, the 33 X 3 method is somewhat easier too.

The effectiveness of a manifestation is all about how it makes you feel. Every person will respond differently when asked which is more efficient. This is because the answer to which is more effective is unique to each person.

With that in mind, most prefer the 55 X 5 method as it helps to solidify and program your manifestation into your subconscious. By repeating a manifestation for a period of 5 days, you begin to reprogram the way you feel and think about your life and yourself too.

In the end, you get what you put out. You are bound to attract more positive things. By changing that subconscious programming, you’re essentially setting yourself up for different, exhilarating results in life.

Furthermore, some believe that it is bound to be more effective because there are more affirmations with the 55 X 5. When it comes to keeping focus for the duration of the manifestation, the 33 X 3 is more effective as the chances of your mind wandering are slimmer.

Therefore, the 55 X 5 method will be less effective if your mind wanders often. You’ll start to get discouraged and frustrated, which you don’t want, as manifesting is all about positive emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Manifesting money
Manifesting money


The 33 X 3 and 55 X 5 methods are incredibly powerful and used by many to steer their lives in the direction they want.

The idea is that the unconscious mind generates thoughts automatically that manifest what happens to us in our lives. As can be seen, the 55 X 5 is a favorite for completely reprogramming your brain. However, it is much longer, and focusing can be challenging.

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