333 Manifestation

As I go more deep into manifestation, I come across more and more different techniques and models. The 333 method is another alternative to the 555 or the 369.

Manifesting your dreams and desires is a powerful process that can help you create the life of your choosing. Or, at the very least, keep you motivated and excited with the anticipation of that achievement. 

333 method

One manifestation technique that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the 333 method, which involves utilizing affirmations three times daily to manifest what you want. 

However, I have found a few different ways to explain how it works. As usual with these ‘new age’ techniques, there is no set in stone guide you can go to and follow. Therefore, we are in luck! Why not do what works best for us? (I try hard to always do that!).

In this comparison article, I state how it is more commonly used by writing 33 times your affirmation. However, let’s explore how I use the 333 manifestation method instead. You can then decide (or try them all!) and make it work for you in your different areas of life.

Why the number 3?

In numerology, the number 3 is associated with manifestation because of its creative energy and positive outlook. The energy of the number 3 is thought to encourage manifestation by helping individuals focus on their goals and desires, and then using their creativity to bring those desires into reality. So there is a little bit of believing in magic in all this.

333 Manifestation

By staying optimistic, communicating effectively, and using their imagination, people with a strong 3 energy in their numerology chart are able to manifest the things they want in life quicker than others.

By repeating these affirmations regularly involving the number 3, they will come true as they become ingrained in our subconscious mind.

How Does The 333 Method Work?

It is about the number 3 obviously. Most other sources will tell you to write down one affirmation 33 times for 3 consecutive days. And that is perfectly doable and fine.

However, as a maverick and the creative person I am, I prefer to adapt it to my own personal needs. I often try new things following guidelines from others but that is if mine are not solid enough.

This time, I have decided to use this method in a different way. I’ll report the actual results. Pinky promise.

So since writing 33 affirmations sounds a bit hard, I am going for 3 affirmations (not one) but based on the same desire. Let’s go to the example.

333 Method Real Personal Example

I have been dealing with poor gut health for a while now. I am in the process of making changes to my diet and observing how food ‘behaves’ inside of me and makes me feel.

Let me point out as well that there is a component of logical sense (at least in my view) when it comes to using these manifestation techniques. I won’t be using it to manifest a Sports car on my doorstep (eye roll). Hope that makes sense to you.

Step 1 – Pick your desire.

I choose to Improve my Gut Health as my desire. So better toilet trips and less bloating basically. Sorry about the bluntness.

That is a very thoughtful and genuine non-materialistic desire. I am after an improvement to start with and not a complete healing. Let’s come down to Earth here. After a couple of years with issues, I won’t heal in 3 days. Come on!.

Step 2 – Write your 3 affirmations

  • I am transforming my health and improving my gut function.
  • My digestive system is healing.
  • My body is actively collaborating as a system improving my health.

Step 3 – Take Action

This is the most important part.I am writing down these 3 affirmations, 3 times for 3 days, morning, afternoon and evening.

I’ll write them down 9 times per day. A total of 27. Here’s the magic. 27 = 2 + 7 = 9

The method is 333, which is 3+3+3= 9.

Bingo! Magic is on. Spiritual numbers are at work.

333 method pdf

333 Manifestation Template

You can download the templates I have created here for free. There are three pages for the three days. One per day.

How to Make the 333 Method (or others) Work

Let me say this straight to your face: “You’ll know when you try it”. This is literally what my daughter told me, lol. So here I am.

The goal is to get in a clear headspace and pick your affirmation well and here are a few tips to help make it work:

Be specific

Define exactly what you want to manifest, and make sure your affirmations or intentions reflect that.Don’t set crazy high expectations and, if possible (personal tip here) don’t go for something material. At least not to start with.

Be consistent

Goes without saying. Don’t skip any ‘session’. Repeat your affirmations or intentions at the same time every day, and stick to the process for three consecutive days.

Believe in yourself

The power of manifestation comes from having faith and belief in yourself and what you’re manifesting. So, it’s important to have a positive mindset and believe that you can manifest what you want.

Tip: Excellent idea if you are on the skeptic team. Use the affirmations: 

  • I do believe in manifestation. 
  • I am manifesting. 
  • Manifestation works.
She believed she could so she did

Take action

While manifestation is about visualizing and believing, it’s also important to take practical steps towards your goal. What does this mean?

It means you need to actively work towards achieving your goal or manifesting your desired outcome. It involves doing things in the physical world that support and move you closer to your goal.

For example,in my personal example, if I want to manifest better gut health, taking action means eating consciously, healthy, slowly…and not scoffing a cheeseburger and greasy fries if that makes sense.

In essence, taking action involves doing what is within your control to bring your manifestation closer to reality. It requires effort, determination, and a willingness to do what it takes to achieve your desired outcome. 

333 Manifestation

Simply visualizing and affirming your goal is not enough; you must also take steps to make it happen.

So, make a plan and take action towards what you’re trying to manifest.

Be patient

Manifestation is a process and can take time, so don’t expect immediate results. Trust the process and be patient.


In conclusion, the 333 method for manifestation is simple (well, I think I’ve made it simpler) and (we’ll see how) effective technique for bringing your desired outcome into reality.

By repeating affirmations or intentions three times a day for three consecutive days, you can train your mind to focus on what you want and increase your belief in your ability to manifest it.

However, it requires a combination of visualization, belief, and taking action.

The 55 X 5 method works in somewhat the same way. The 555 spiritual numbers are simply used in an equation format of 55 X 5 for a specific purpose.

Important to note that there is a method called as well “333 Rule for Anxiety” which is not related to manifestation.

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