What is reality transurfing

Today I bring a new pal to the playground 😉 I have recently discovered “Reality Transurfing” and my mind has blown away. Literally. I’ll share with you a brief introduction because…you know? Secrets need to be shared and…who does not want to know a secret…

You know what they say: There is no such thing as coincidences, right? I strongly believe so. This amazing knowledge has come to me after years of not understanding why I cannot get rid of that scarcity mindset that my lovely family passed on me (no, it is not sarcasm, I love my family!).

I have been practising affirmations, vision boards, all sort of the so-called techniques like, 333 method, 55×5 and anything under the sun at this point. Always trying to manifest money…and fast.

Sometimes successfully but mostly…nah! Keep reading and I’ll tell you the secret, the real one 😉

What is reality transurfing

What the Heck is Reality Transurfing?

Reality Transurfing is a concept introduced by Russian author Vadim Zeland. It presents a philosophical approach to understanding and interacting with reality, suggesting that individuals can consciously shape their own experiences and destinies by aligning their thoughts, intentions, and actions with the flow of the universe.

I know, I know…you’ll think I am talking about the Law Of Attraction here…hmm, kind of but this is much better!

Some people say that this ‘way of living’ has the missing piece. And that, if you have tried to manifest and have not been successful in the past, you definitely need to try it!

Vadim Zeland’s book

It all started for me with this massive book (like truly huge) but trust me when I tell you…cannot stop reading it.

In hindsight, I might have gone for this one instead, purely because my hands hurt of holding it, lol. But no regrets whatsoever. In fact, I’ll get the thinner one next.

I’ll link the books here (they are affiliate links) in case you want to really get your mind blown away.

Transurfing in a Nutshell

Here are some key principles of Reality Transurfing that, in principle, you might not be familiar with. It needs a bit of understanding and integration but, it is just new words for things we already might know in a different way.


Reality is viewed as an infinite field of possibilities, or “variants,” each representing a potential outcome or path that one can choose to experience.

This is equivalent to the quantum field, for example. Concept that Joe Dispenza or Bruce Lipton talk about.


Intention plays a crucial role in manifesting desired outcomes. By setting clear intentions and focusing energy on specific goals, individuals can shift their reality to align with those intentions.

This is something you probably already know. You might think and desire to raise your hand in a classroom…but unless you take action and do it…it does not happen.

I find this fascinating really. And the reason why many people might wish for X or Z and visualize it and write a thousand affirmations… but it will never work without the intention.

Reducing Importance

The one that really blew my mind. Zeland emphasizes the idea of reducing the emotional attachment and importance placed on specific outcomes.

By adopting a more detached and relaxed attitude towards desires, individuals can avoid excessive resistance and effortlessly attract what they want.

And it turns out that, not only positive energy used in the desire might result in excessive importance. Also the negative energy!! So don’t focus on what you don’t want by complaining or avoiding it… It’s about being neutral and ignoring!

Flow and Balance

Instead of struggling against obstacles or trying to force outcomes, Reality Transurfing encourages individuals to flow with the natural currents of reality. This involves finding a balance between taking action towards goals and allowing the universe to guide the process.

This one can be tricky to understand. The “go with the flow” is not literal and it may lead to disaster. It says “natural currents” and you are the one deciding where to go with intention.

So it is not about being a paper boat with no direction.

Mirror Principle

This also has been talked about very much. The Mirror Principle suggests that the external world reflects one’s internal state and beliefs.

By changing one’s inner perceptions and attitudes, one can also change the external circumstances and experiences.

Avoiding Pendulums

I already knew this type of concept but had no name for it. It is about the collective thinking or herd mentality.

In Reality Transurfing, “pendulums” refer to collective thought-forms or energetic entities created by shared beliefs and emotions.

These pendulums can exert influence over individuals and lead to unnecessary conflicts and limitations.

By avoiding involvement with negative pendulums and maintaining autonomy, individuals can retain their personal power and freedom.

Does Transurfing really work?

Overall, Reality Transurfing offers a holistic approach to personal development and manifestation, emphasizing the importance of mindfulness, intentionality, and alignment with the natural flow of the universe.

It has impacted very positively my life in the last few months. I can testify it has create positive changes in my live already.

Will definitely write more about it as I go along discovering this wonderful resource.

Here’s the official Vadim Zeland website in case you want to have a look and, again, this is the book that may potentially change your life.

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