10 Memorable Thanksgiving ideas

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means hours spent on Pinterest searching for all things turkey and pumpkin! Search no more! We’ve teamed up with our most creative friends to give you a few unique ideas to make your holiday even more special. Let’s see 10 Thanksgiving ideas to make this year memorable.

Whether you need ideas for entertaining your littlest guests, struggle with the perfect mantletable or wall decorations or just need a new recipe for a sweet treat to finish the meal, our friends have you covered!

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The Best Thanksgiving Ideas

10 fun ideas for making this holiday one you can truly be thankful for!

Including: Entertainment, Decor, AND Recipes!

First up…


Entertaining your guests on Thanksgiving is all about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where everyone can enjoy good company and delicious food.

To set the stage, start with some background music that complements the cozy holiday vibe.

Have a few board games or card games on hand for those who enjoy a little friendly competition.

Consider setting up a craft station for kids and adults alike to engage in creative activities.

For a bit of nostalgia, you can show classic Thanksgiving-themed movies or organize a family photo session to capture the special moments.

Of course, the heart of the celebration is the food, so encourage your guests to share their favorite recipes or stories related to Thanksgiving.

Creating a space where everyone feels comfortable and can share in the spirit of gratitude is the key to a memorable Thanksgiving gathering.

Entertain your guests with one or all of these fabulous ideas!

Entertainment – 10 Thanksgiving Memorable Ideas


Entertain the kids while dinner is being prepared with this turkey marionette craft on Thanksgiving day.


Snap some fun pictures with your family this Thanksgiving. Capture some holiday memories with these festive and silly props to add to all the fun!


Celebrate the season of Thanksgiving with this Thanksgiving Snack Mix.

Decor – 10 Thanksgiving Memorable Ideas

Bring the spirit of Thanksgiving to life in your home with beautiful decorations that celebrate the true meaning of the season.


These adorable mini Mayflower Thanksgiving place cards will be a hit. They’ll set a modern, chic scene for your traditional meal. Plus, everyone loves finding their own name!


 Create your very pallet art with this darling tutorial.


Putting a Thanksgiving mantle together will be as easy as 1, 2, 3 with these tips and tricks.

Recipes – 10 Thanksgiving Memorable Ideas

This collection of Thanksgiving recipes will make your mouth water.

Whether you are looking for traditional or new spins on old favorites, you are going to love these recipes!


Pumpkin rolls are sinfully delicious. Print out recipes because your guests are going to want them!


Need an exciting new side dish? Or maybe it’s the first time your hosting Thanksgiving?

Here’s a full list of every recipe you need to make a yummy Thanksgiving feast.


This is the perfect delicious addition to a Thanksgiving dinner line up of desserts.


The ultimate holiday helps list. Keep this link handy, for Thanksgiving day – it’ll save you when you need last minute turkey roasting help or you forgot an ingredient!

It’s the resource with everything you need to pull off a successful Thanksgiving can be found in this website.

This lovely collection is sure to make your Thanksgiving celebrations more special, meaningful, and memorable this year!

Enjoy each and every moment making memories together!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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