Happy November my friends! Halloween is done and we are now onto the gratitude month. There are so many things I am grateful for. 

I realize how blessed my life is and I am super grateful to share bits of it with you. Thank you to those readers that literally come daily to check out what I do. You mean the world to me.

diy mini wreath craft

Today I am making a trio of mini ruffled wreaths along with some Thanksgiving Chalkboard art in conjunction with a Fall Craft Photo Challenge put on by Sizzix! 

I partnered with Jo from Where Women Cook and Amy from Positively Splendid to showcase a fun fall craft using our Sizzix machines.

My name is Beckie, and I am obsessed with wreaths. I showed you a Halloween Felt Flower Wreath using this similar technique. Instead of using a fabric flower die I used a circle die from Sizzix with my Vagabond Machine. 

If you are curious about this machine I wrote a whole post about it here

thanksgiving wreaths


  • Fabric
  • Sizzix Vagabond Machine or similar (or a lot of patience and a pair of scissors to cut circles out)
  • Circle Die
  • 3 mini Styrofoam wreaths (5 7/8†wide)
  • Styrofoam tools or similar pointy object
  • Ribbon (I used burlap and lace ribbon from Hobby Lobby)
  • Hot Glue Gun

How To Make the Mini Ruffle Wreaths

Step 1 

I chose 15 fat quarters that I had left over from a fabric pile a company sent me a while back. 

And then I just sent about 12 layers of fabric at a time through my Vagabond machine with the circle die creating a truckload of fabric circles.  I used the largest circle on the die.

fabric circle wreaths
styrofoam wreath

Step 2

In order to not show the whiteness of the back of the fabric I put two fabric circles back to back and then pushed them into the Styrofoam wreath with the stick tool. 

The Styrofoam creates a grab with the fabric and the pieces stay tucked inside the wreath.

DIY thanksgiving wreath
mini ruffled wreaths

Step 3

Then I just paid attention to the varying of colors and kept grabbing two circles and pushing them into the wreath form until I was done with all three mini wreaths.

ruffled fabric wreaths
fabric scrap wreath

Step 4

Next, I took a loop of burlap and lace ribbon around the wreaths and taped them to the back of a chalkboard frame.

burlap lace ribbon
mini wreath on chalkboard frame

Step 5

Then I made some bows out of the ribbon and hot glued them onto the hanging ribbon.

burlap bows

Lastly, I made a Thanksgiving chalkboard art on the frame. 

I love how this little spot turned out for the gratitude month.

thanksgiving chalkboard art
chalkboard art with mini wreaths

Check out my Be Grateful pallet art

It is super easy and cost me less than $10!

mini fabric ruffle wreaths
thanksgiving pallet art

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