Cereal Box Crafts: Kids Art Display

Welcome to the last project of the week focusing on cereal box crafts.   This project is a cereal box mosiac on a board with clips on it to use as a kids art display. I am guessing if your child is like me they consider everything they bring home from school a work of art.   Even if it is just one line in a blue crayon by son wants to keep it.   The way I have avoided keeping every piece of paper is having a place he can put his best work on.

kids art display



Cereal boxes of other packaged good

1” x 4” piece of wood (mine was a scrap and was cut to 27”)

Mod Podge (I used Gloss)

Thin wide paint brush

Foam brush

Bullnose clips or similar

Gorilla glue or other strong adhesive



Measuring tape

White Paint of Primer


Pound-in Saw tooth Hangars

1.   Cut out different sized squares and rectangles from the boxes you want to use.   Try to vary the colors and look for funny words or clever sayings.   Cut a bunch out.   You can always cut them smaller to fit in your spaces.

kids art display

2.   Cut a board to the size you want.   I had a 27” piece of board hanging around so that is what I used.   Mine was pre-primered MDF.   If yours is not painted paint it white or another color.   Whatever color you paint the board that is the color the “faux grout” will be.   At the bare minimum if you use pre-primered MDF you will have to paint the sides where the cuts are.

3.   Measure and mark where you want your clips to go so you make sure you don’t cover that spot with cereal box pieces.   Make note of the size of a sheet of paper both lengthwise and widthwise when you decide where your clips will go.

kids art display

3.   This part it like a puzzle.   Just swipe some Mod Podge down and then adhere your pieces.   Press down to get the best stick.   I started on the sides of my board and them moved to the front of my board leaving the spots open where my clips were to go.   Cut pieces to fit in the small spaces.

That is the beauty of this project.   All the cereal box pieces need is a simple cut in order to fit in place.

kids art display

kids art display

kids art display

cereal box crafts

4.   After it is dry take your foam brush and do a medium coat over the entire piece.   Let it dry and repeat two more times.   The Mod Podge seals it and gives it a nice smooth finish and dries clear.

cereal box crafts

5. Using Gorilla Glue adhere your clips in place and let it dry overnight.

kids art display

6.   On the back adhere some pound-in saw tooth hangars to be able to hang your board.IMG_2400

7. I also added the quote above it, “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep” in vinyl lettering with my Silhouette machine.   I used the font Giddy Up from dafont.com.

kids art display

8.   I grabbed two small nails and hung it in place.   It is hanging in our mudroom which is where we drop off our coats, shoes and lunch bags.

kids art display

It is bright and colorful and a fun way to display your children’s art or a place to hold mail or school papers.

kids art display

kids art display

kids art display

kids art display

Have you enjoyed my Cereal Box Crafts this week?   I hope so.   Enjoy Earth Day next week and don’t leave “reuse” out of the slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Smile

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