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While board games are usually saved for a rainy day, these games let you enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the thrill of competition with family and friends.  With the temperatures in the 70s around here it is the perfect weather to be outside enjoying up the fall weather before winter hits in the Midwest. And since competition is my middle name I am eating up all these great outdoor game ideas.

1. Backyard Scrabble.  No need to bring your Iphone with your Word with Friends App everywhere.  Get a little more active by challenging your friends to a word off with this backyard scrabble set from Sunset.


2. Lawn Twister. Sassy Style has a super simple way to create hours of backyard fun. All you need is a spacious lawn and some spray paint. Twister isn’t inhibited by the age factor so that is what makes it a great party game.


3. Beach Checkers. Of course Martha has an idea for playing games outdoors.  This is for the checker players on the go. The board doubles as a towel when the game is not in use.


4. Chess Board Patio. Even if you aren’t a huge chess player, the pattern makes for a great looking patio.  But how awesome is this amazing project from the DIY Network.  It makes me want to tear up my lawn right now!  It is a bit pricey but I am sure you could also make it without pavers to save some cash.

5. Giant Jenga. While you can buy these sets, however, Instructables has step-by-step instructions to make your own. Depending on your Jenga skills or your height, you may need a ladder to finish the game!


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