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If you have been following along on my family room makeover you know I am almost done. I had those final touch-ups to do. The last 10% of a project is always the part that kills me.

I was so anxious to get this all done that I have been hard at work making this stone fireplace with built-ins perfect. With the MantelMount TV mount looks amazing!

Now that that is complete the next task at hand is to decorate the built-in open shelves (which I am working on currently).

family room makeover crown, baseboards, paint

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So last week I left you with the AirStone fireplace all installed and I just had to add final finishes like adding the crown to the top of the IKEA Billy “built-in” bookcases, adding baseboards, patching up the adjustable shelving holes and then painting all that to match.

I wanted to show you how I installed the crown molding. Since the top of the BILLY Bookcases literally has no where to attach crown to I had to cut a 2″ x 2″ and nail it from the top shelf up through the 2″ x 2″.

That gave me a base to install the MDF too.

adding crown to billy bookcases

crown molding on billy bookcases

billy book case crown molding

After that I ripped some 3/4″ MDF to about 6″ in width and then mitered the corners and air nailed those onto the 2″ x 2″.

Then I cut my crown molding and nailed it on top of the MDF and into the ceiling.

billy bookcase built-in  billy bookcase with crown molding

There was a slight gap between the MDF and the top of the cabinet.

You could see the 2″ x 2″ a little. So I decided to add some screen molding to the bottom. It gave it a nice finished look.

installing crown molding on bookcases

Then I patched, caulked, primed and painted the whole thing. I just color matched the paint to one of the BILLY bookcase shelves to some Valspar paint from Lowes. It was an excellent match.

Okay up next was the baseboards. I decided to use 1″ x 4″ MDF instead of baseboard. The reason being was because of the gap between the molding and the bookcase.

Some other bloggers chose to caulk it. But it was a huuuuuuge gap. I thought I could just add a 1″ x 2″ on the back (nailing in through the front) making sure there was a space for the legs of the shelf (see 2nd pic below) and it would look better.

Here are a couple views of it. I did fill the holes, prime and paint it before I installed it.

baseboards on bookcases

baseboards on bookcases

billy bookcases built-in baseboard

To make the BILLY bookcases look a little more custom, I decided to fill all the adjustable shelving holes.

I used 3M Patch Plus Primer. Instead of sanding it between coats I used a wet rag to smooth it out.

I probably gave them 3 coats of the 3M PPP. Then I taped it off and primed and painted it.

filling holes on bookcases

bookcases with holes filled

I also had to patch the holes where the knobs were. On the Oxberg doors the holes for the knobs were in the center of the door.  oxberg door

Since the top doors are so high I couldn’t reach them. So I filled those holes with the 3M PPP as well and then re-drilled new holes on the bottom of the top doors and the top of the bottom doors.

The Oxberg doors just come with small little white knobs. I upgraded with some satin nickel octagon knobs from D Lawless Hardware.

dlawless hardware octogon knobs

And I am done.

Now comes the decorating and accessories. YAYYYYY! I am absolutely in love with the wall. I just sit and stare at it.

What an impact it made in our room.

stone fireplace with built-ins

fireplace built-ins

And here is what the TV with the Mantel Mount looks like when it is fully extended down below. Pretty rad right?

mantel mount tv

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  1. Awesome work Beckie! You ROCK! I love how you went the extra step and filled in all the shelf holes. Details, details, details!

  2. It looks even better in person!!! You did well, my friend. And you’re right– the FUN begins now. Accessorizing!!!!!!!! The gallery wall was just the beginning. 😉

  3. It’s starting to feel more like home now that the family room is done. Other than that, I have been working in the garage and mudroom, so this is the first “living space” that’s coming together. It’s very exciting!

  4. Hey Beckie,

    Great project, looks amazing. I’m actually doing something similar and love the idea of filling in the unused shelf holes. I see you got Valspar Signature paint and primer but which finish/sheen did you go with and are you happy with that finish or would you have picked something else?


  5. I love what you did and am doing something similar. What moulding did you end up using on the baseboards? That’s where I’m stuck on my project. By the way I added Beadboard wallpaper to the inside backs and sides of my Billy’s because I want a more vintage look. So far it’s looking amazing.

  6. Hey Beckie, I never thanked you for the prompt reply, so thanks. I went with Satin and have to say it was a great match. I finished up the build yesterday.

    Thanks again, Mark

  7. What size nails did you use for attaching the mdf/2×2 before the crown moulding? This looks so great and is out inspiration for our built ins.

  8. I don’t remember exactly, Kat, but 1 1/2” – 2” would be fine. I’d love to see your built-ins when you’re done!

  9. Hello! I have to say I love this! I’m only torn because my husband loves to use the fireplace and I’ve heard terrible things about putting the tv above the fireplace…have you noticed any issues with the tv? Or do you all use your fireplace very often?

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