How to Make a Glitter Pumpkin

Have you started your fall decorating yet?   I just started the process of getting some pumpkins out and adding a few little touches of fall to my home.   I knew the new Glitter Blast spray paint from Krylon would look awesome on some Dollar Tree Styrofoam pumpkins.   Then I went a step further and added a small scrapbook brad to make them place card holders.   What a perfect personalized accent to your fall entertaining or Thanksgiving table.



Styrfoam pumpkins

Hole saw and drill

Spray primer

Krylon’s Glitter Blast Spray Paint

Krylon Clear Spray

Votive candle

Tea light candles

Brad or Thumbtack


I purchased two different size pumpkins from Dollar Tree.   I used my hole saw bit (the size of the tea light candles) attached to my cordless drill to make a hole in the top of the mini pumpkins. Using a knife I scraped out the excess Styrofoam to create a nice even hole for the tea light to fit in. Then I spray primed the pumpkins and then used the Glitter Blast spray all over them.   I let them dry and then I sprayed a clear coat over the top of them.   You can seriously rub your hand all over it now and not a sparkle will come off.

Next I printed out the guest’s name on cardstock and cut it to size. Then I stuck a scrapbook brad or thumbtack into the pumpkin to hold it in place.

thanksgiving placecard holders

I also used the larger pumpkin with a votive (drilling with the same hole saw bit) thinking it would make a nice fall centerpiece.

glittered pumpkins (15)

fall centerpiece

Look at the depth of color in this.   It has lots of golds, orange and brown flecks in it. So rich and beautiful!

glittered pumpkins (18)




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  1. You have no idea how much I LOVE this idea!!!! I think it adds some serious elegance and pizzazz to any fall decor. Also, I love it because my sis’ name is “Andii” and it made me think of her. Love it!!!

  2. What a fun idea! I never would have thought to hollow out a fake pumpkin:-) I love that you said you can rub it and no glitter comes off…my husband can’t stand glitter everywhere, so maybe I can get away with this:-)

  3. I think because they burn down they are okay. but that is a good point and it did get me thinking. I definitely wouldn’t want to leave these burning too long.

  4. Great project! Just a thought – you can always use the LED tea lights and they now come in so many colors

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