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Holy cow you guys sure came out for the giveaways this week.   I was blown away by the response for the beginning stamp set from Beaducation.   Wow…I guess you guys are thinking about the awesome possibilities of making tons of Christmas gifts with this.

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So the winner of the beginning stamp set is:

N Alexander (it.iz.nat@*****.com)


The winner of the $100 gift card to Wal-mart courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens is:


Stephanie (javasmoothie2@*****.com)

Thank you to everyone who cast their vote for my accent color in my spare room.   It was close but coral pulled a 40% vote followed my 30% purple, 27% yellow and 3% red.   So….coral it is! I can’t wait to start adding in bursts of this beauty!


The winner of the Punch Plus Giveaway is:


ten bailey (10750coupons@*****.com)


Thanks for those that voted for Christy!


Also if you want more information on Body By Vi email me at   I, too, have lost 20 lbs!

The winner of a Hershey Kiss Board of your choice…including a Thanksgiving or Christmas one I have yet to show you is:

Kiss Boards1

Rebecca Hargett (rebecca.hargett@*****.com)

If you are a winner you must email me at to receive your prize.

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  1. I voted and I want one your adorable Hershey Kiss boards! At this point I’m too lazy to make one after putting on a few parties with several handmade decorations. What a good idea to give one away!

  2. I voted for Christy M. She looks GREAT! Now I hope I can win a kisses board though it won’t help me look more like Christy 🙂

  3. I voted for Christy. I’m jealous of Christy. I want to look like Christy…she looks great!

  4. I voted for Christy…she has done a great job with her weight loss. Congrats to you on yours too!

  5. I voted for Christy. I am jealous of Christy. I want to be Christy. I want to look like Christy….she looks fantastic!

  6. I voted and yes please send me more info I want to lose a few pounds I’ve been packing around for a few years now.

  7. I voted for Christy!! She looks great!
    BTW, these boards are the BEST idea! I bookmarked it when you posted it and am desperately trying to find time to make one….winning one would be amazing!

  8. I voted for Christy. One of my friends knows her and mentioned her on FB the other day… Funny!

  9. I voted and all I can say is wow! She is awesome! I need the Hershey board so I can get these Halloween Hersheys out of my new house. About to graduate nursing school and getting married this summer. Sigh! I’ve got some lbs to drop.

  10. I voted, but couldn’t come back here right away! Thanks for the lovely giveaway! and good luck Christy!!! ms_sunshyne (at) yahoo (d0t) com

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