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I love painting furniture.  For the most part, when I paint a piece of furniture I use a paint sprayer.  Unless I am going for a super chippy old look (in that case I usually opt for a chalk paint) I will usually use my Home Right Paint Sprayer.  I always recommend this particular paint sprayer for those that are wanting to paint furniture or small projects.  I have used larger, more industrial paint sprayers for painting whole rooms but I always seem to come back to my Home Right Finish Max paint sprayer.

And this minute, on Amazon it is $53.99, the cheapest it has ever been in the last two years!  If you are thinking you need a paint sprayer now is the time to buy it!


Here are a bunch of projects I have done with the paint sprayer, scroll below to see how I clean it!  It is worth the extra add on, if you ask me!


Yellow Painted Dresser

Wanting to add a pop of color in your room?  A small piece of furniture is a great way to add some wow while still keeping your accessories and walls neutral.


Blue Painted Dresser

This dresser was an older dresser that was handed down to my sister-in-law.  Not wanting to spend a ton of money on new furniture for her toddler son, I just gave this solid piece a quick coat of blue paint.  In an instant it was transformed and fits perfectly into the decor of the room.


IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack

When I build something with raw wood and I plan to paint it I love using my paint sprayer to prime it first.  In this particular project I used spray paint for the colors but I used my Finish Max to prime it first.


Pottery Barn Knock-Off Cottage Bed

I don’t think I was ever more grateful for my Finish Max then I was when I painted Kayla’s Pottery Barn Cottage loft bed.  Having a paint sprayer saved me HOURS and gave me such a beautiful finish.


Board & Batten Back Pack Wall

You are not limited to just painting furniture with the Finish Max.  If you tape off your walls and floors (I love using Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape with Film) properly you can paint inside too.  I especially love touching up my trim every couple of years this way.  Here I sprayed the board & batten I put on a wall for backpacks.


Mudroom Lockers

After building these mudroom lockers I used my paint sprayer.  Again I just taped everything off and sprayed away.  I especially like spraying built-ins and trim because I don’t like brush strokes.


Blue TV Cabinet

Since so many people mount their TV on the wall nowadays armoires are easy to find at yard sales, estate sales and Craigslist. This $7 find was transformed with a new wood top and a sprayed coat of paint.


Now if you decide to buy this paint sprayer I highly recommend adding on the Rapid Clean Kit.  My only complaint I have using a paint sprayer is the clean up process.  Well the folks at Home Right made the process easier with the Rapid Clean Kit.


Now it is best if you have a utility sink.  But since I don’t I just attach it to my hose to clean out the gun.  The thing I like about this is you don’t need any electricity to plug your gun in to clean.

1.  Rinse out the paint cup and take off the small disk inside your sprayer.  Rinse the tube out.


2.  With the hose or sink turned off, hand tighten the faucet attachment onto your hose or faucet.


3.  Connect clear tubing with the clamp on it to the black hose fitting on your hose/faucet. Secure clamp by pinching the black tabs open.

rapid-clean-kit-home-right  rapid-clean-home-right-finish-max

4.  Remove pick-up tube from your Finish Max and attach to the other end of the clear tubing with clamp attached.  Secure clamp.



5.  Reconnect pick-up tube to your Finish Max.


6.  Important: If you are using a hose make sure the hose is facing away from you or you will get wet.

7.  Turn on the faucet/hose.


8.  Press and hold sprayer trigger on the Finish Max until the water is free of paint.


And you are done!

To purchase the Home Right Finish Max Sprayer click here.

To purchase the Home Right Finish Max Rapid Clean Kit click here.

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  1. I just tried my Finish Max for the first time a few weeks ago…LOVE it! I used oil paint in mine…a little tougher to clean up but it was such a beautiful finish! I loved it so much

  2. Just purchased it on Amazon! I’m painting my kitchen table and 6 chairs….YIKES!!! The next project will be our kitchen cabinets. This project is very intimidating but I’m taking your advise and just taking it slow and doing lots of prep. Thanks for the information!!!

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