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Recently, I shared a pretty piece of jewelry with you that  came from a surprising source–the hardware store.  My hex nut necklace was made with a simple gold chain and supplies gathered in the nuts and bolts section at Home Depot.  It’s such a great statement piece, and it definitely got the wheels of my imagination turning.  What other accessories might I be able to wear just by rethinking the uses of  ordinary things around my home?  Trust, me, I’ve been busy looking!  Take a look now at these five ways I found to turn everyday objects into jewelery.

1.  Paperclip and String Earrings

You can’t get any more ordinary than paperclip and string, can you?  While the materials may be ordinary, the result when they are crafted into earrings is definitely extraordinary.  What a fun way to follow the uber-trendy yarn craze!  You can see how these earrings came to be at Evie S.

2.  Button Bracelet

Here’s another ridiculously easy way to make a statement piece of jewelry:  a fantastic tutorial by Lillyella for a button bracelet.  I really like the way the buttons were coordinated and even layered for a visually interesting approach to this pretty handicraft.  Aren’t those colors perfect together?

3.  Button Earrings

Speaking of buttons, the fabric covered variety can be turned into earrings.  It’s an easy and creative way to add a pop of color to any outfit, and there’s a great tutorial for doing so at A Bit of Sunshine.  I just adore the houndstooth pair!

4.  New Necklace from Old Jewelry

Bromeliead shows us how to upcycle out-of-date accessories.  A cast-off bead necklace and some old clip-on earrings become a trendy new choker with the addition of ribbon and a ruffly fabric flower.

5.  Lego Jewelry  

This last idea has to be the ultimate example of how everyday objects can be transformed into wearable accessories.  Check out the tutorial at Instructables  for making jewelry from Legos.  With all of the fun colors and shapes that Legos come in, there are lots of possibilitis for this one.  What a great way to recycle a favorite toy!

I’ve had a great time rethinking my options for accessories!  Do you have anything ordinary that you’ve turned into something extraordinary?


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  1. What FUN ideas! I am intrigued by the yarn & paper clip earrings. My 9 year old son was looking at this with me…of course, he thought the Lego jewelry was way cool!

  2. Great ideas! I love the paperclip earrings! So fun and unique, definitely a conversation starter. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think if I ever wore anything this FUN looking, my daughter would have yanked it off of my neck in a heartbeat!! Great ideas though for when she’s not so grabby! 🙂

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