Create More Closet Space

I am always looking for new ideas to store things.  My house is plenty large enough but I kind of get a kick out of organization that works.  And this works for me in my children’s closets.

Double Hang Closet Rod

It is a double hang closet rod.  I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond for under $15 but I saw quite a few options at too.  It is particularly wonderful for children’s closets because their clothes are so much smaller so there is all this wasted space under the clothes.

I hang nearly all of their clothes.  I just find it easier to see what they have available rather than putting everything in drawers. 

IMG_1381 IMG_1386I have not started this in Kayla’s closets yet but with Isaac I also have a hanging sweater organizer that I got at Kmart.  I put underwear, a pair of socks, a T-shirt, pants and jeans in it.  There are six slots.  I end up refilling it weekly.  I never seem to need that 7th day.  I guess it is because we have at least two maybe three one “stay in jammies all day” a week.

The white basket is his laundry basket (it was empty because it is laundry day) and it is usually full.  The grey tote under that is where all his clothes that he does not fit into yet but will soon.

IMG_1389What works for storing your kids clothes?  Do you hang everything or put clothes in drawers?  Do you have any secrets?  I love a good organization tip.

P.S.  I have not bought one stitch of those clothes pictured above.  I am on the ULTIMATE hand-me-down train ever for both of my kids.  I am lucky indeed.

P.S.S. My Old Navy gives their hangars away.  That is where I get all my pants hangars for my kids.  Every time I go in there to shop I see if they have any lying around and usually collect 5-10 every time I am at  the mall.