I am always looking for new ideas to store things.  My house is plenty large enough but I kind of get a kick out of organization that works.  And this works for me in my children’s closets.

Double Hang Closet Rod

It is a double hang closet rod.  I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond for under $15 but I saw quite a few options at Amazon.com too.  It is particularly wonderful for children’s closets because their clothes are so much smaller so there is all this wasted space under the clothes.

I hang nearly all of their clothes.  I just find it easier to see what they have available rather than putting everything in drawers. 

IMG_1381 IMG_1386I have not started this in Kayla’s closets yet but with Isaac I also have a hanging sweater organizer that I got at Kmart.  I put underwear, a pair of socks, a T-shirt, pants and jeans in it.  There are six slots.  I end up refilling it weekly.  I never seem to need that 7th day.  I guess it is because we have at least two maybe three one “stay in jammies all day†a week.

The white basket is his laundry basket (it was empty because it is laundry day) and it is usually full.  The grey tote under that is where all his clothes that he does not fit into yet but will soon.

IMG_1389What works for storing your kids clothes?  Do you hang everything or put clothes in drawers?  Do you have any secrets?  I love a good organization tip.

P.S.  I have not bought one stitch of those clothes pictured above.  I am on the ULTIMATE hand-me-down train ever for both of my kids.  I am lucky indeed.

P.S.S. My Old Navy gives their hangars away.  That is where I get all my pants hangars for my kids.  Every time I go in there to shop I see if they have any lying around and usually collect 5-10 every time I am at  the mall.

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  1. This is Fabulous! My girls share a very small closet with the top for hanging clothes and a few shelves below. On the top shelf I keep jammies, undies and socks (all in their own small baskets). Each girl has a shelf ~ with folded stacks of pants & shirts. They know right where to go to find their things!

  2. That's awesome! I so needed to see that today! 🙂 We moved in the fall and downsized considerably. Our boys' closet is erupting! This might be just the thing to solve the issue! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this idea!! I did something similar for both of my boys with the wire shelving and hangers underneath. Now to figure out how to adjust it for a 14 yr old who's clothes are too long for the double rods!

  4. I can honestly say that closets are the one thing in my house that's always under control! I hang everything but socks, not to be organized, or have everything in sight, but because I sincerely HATE to fold laundry!

  5. so nice, and so organized. My problem is keeping it that way. I feel like I can get it organized.. then one week later, I have failed at keeping it that way. Maybe you can come to my house and organize my closet? Just kidding.. 🙂

  6. I use the same type of idea, only with a shower curtain rod! Since my sons' closet is deep I have the second rod behind the first and it holds clothes my son will soon fit into (I shop 1 or 2 seasons ahead for the best deals)

  7. I'm on the same hand-me-down train you are. Isn't it a gift? I feel so guilty having a closet full of clothes. It's a bit ridiculous, but such a gift!

  8. I do the folded outfits in a sweater sorter for my girls too. That way they can pick their outfits in the morning, but I can assure that they match and don't go to school looking like their mom is a dork. I mean looking like they are a dork. Yeah, that's what I meant.

  9. I did the double rod thing when my older girls shared a closet. They each have their own now and plenty of room. My youngest has a great closet with four long shelves and I hang her dresses, skirts and long sleeve tops from the bottom shelf. My teenager doesn't even need a closet now and she has a huge one, she just stores her things on the floor! I did see on someones blog about rolling the things you put in drawers (I think it was Wilkenson quints) and I did that and it works great!

  10. Love the old navy pant hangars!
    My son has a small closet, with one regular-type door. On the back, I hung one of those clear shoe organizers, and I filled the pockets with all of his toiletry/diapering items (desitin, tylenol, saline nose spray, thermometer, etc.) and the bottom two rows are for his clothes for the week. He's still little though, and the clothes fit in those pockets for now. I think, as he (and his clothes) get bigger, I'll have to graduate to the sweater thing. Having the outfits picked out really simplifies our mornings! And if he's grumpy, I pull out two and let him choose!

    I will try to take a picture of this organizer and post it on my blog someday!

  11. hmmmm… This post came at a good time! I've been thinking about putting my older kids in the same bedroom, and looking for a second dresser or one HUGE dresser on Craig's list to accomdate both sets of clothes. But using some of your ideas, I could probably make due with one dresser and an organized closet. I love those sweater organizers! I have a bunch of them in various closets.

  12. LOVE this bed, bath & beyond bar! I'm going to have to purchase one of these!
    The only idea I have (And found on a blog-probably YOUR blog) is to buy a shoe organizer and hang on the inside of the closet door. This holds hat, mittens, scarfs, etc. WONDERFUL! And you don't have to dig for anything!

  13. I've also used the plastic garage shelves… I've found that there is just enough space for two shelves under their clothes, I use them for their laundry basket and usually to put their bigger toys on to get them out of sight when not being played with. 🙂

  14. My girls share a room with a standard size double closet. Each girl has a rubbermaid 3 drawer bin on the floor. Then there is a 2ft deep wire shelf just above that. I have one of those cardboard drawer sets on top of that shelf in the middle so they have separate hanging clothes room. As they, and their clothes, get bigger, I'm finding I have to change what goes where, but the basic components still work. It's one of the few places in my house that is organized HAHA! {whah}

  15. Your kids' closets look just like my kids' closets! I love the double hung closet bar! I too have the tote of clothes to grow into and clothes grown out of!

  16. I have the double rods too and the sweater organizers for three boys in one closet. Both my boys and and I love knowing what to wear each day. Kuddos to you for your tips.
    A very new blogger

  17. Oh, I need one of those double hang rods. Definitely going to have to go get those. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Using the sweater organizer for each day of the week is a great idea! I will definitely have to remember that. Or maybe I should do it for myself too. (wink)

  19. I found in a clearance rack the days of the week organizers for both boys and a pink one for Hadley. I cannot wait to put them up and start using them.
    I have shelves and double rods in the kids closets and love them. What did our parents do without these great new ideas they have out for closets?
    Love the basket for to small clothes idea!!!

  20. Um, can I BE you? The clothes set out a week in advance? The next size up ready to go? I thought I was pretty organized until I saw your boy's closet, girl!

    (So, question: what about the clothes the outgrow? How do you handle that mess?)

  21. i like reading all of your comments, and i really appreciate the blog tute. I am always ALWAYS! looking for organizing tips, growing up with just a father, he never taught me ! so with two growing, creative, need-to-touch-everything kids, I am always arranging and re-arranging. But i thought we were do it ourselve mommas, I am SURE! there is a way to make them bars from bath and body works !!!! I think i am going to pursuade hubby right now to help me create one 🙂

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