I posted the crazy deal on Instagram and Facebook last week about my pineapple corer slicer that I love. Since I think everyone in the world needs one of these I decided to post about it.  My family loves pineapple, however, I would never buy it until I learned about this gadget. We go through a few pineapples a week now – especially in the summer.  The only way to cut pineapple, if you ask me, is with the Pineapple Corer Slicer.  It takes me all of about 45 seconds to cut it.  Plus it is on deep discount today for $3.82 on Amazon. I mentioned my love for it during a kitchen gadget link up party back in 2012 and I have had mine for three years and it works just as well as the day I bought it. I think I paid $14 for mine back then.  Right now it is on Amazon for $3.82 plus free shipping.  Now it is coming from Hong Kong so it isn’t going to be at your house tomorrow.  But for that price it is worth the wait.


All you do to use it is chop off the top of the pineapple and then spin it into the pineapple until you feel it tighten.  That is when you know to stop and twist the gadget out.  Then I take a knife slide it down the length of the corer four times and I have perfectly quartered pineapple slices.  After my kids drink the juice out of it I often cut the pineapple carcass down (removing the core) and use it as a bowl for fruit dip.  Yum!

This isn’t the exact one below but it shows the steps.

pineapplecorerslicer Photo Cred

Disclaimer: Attached is my Amazon affiliate code.  If you decide to purchase one I will make $.27.  #Thankyouverymuch!

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