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Always so fulfilling for us crazy crafters to create delightful crafts out of Dollar Store cheap items, right? Taryn from Design, Dining + Diapers is here to share with you a simple Christmas décor gift.

She took dollar store vases and made an adorable Christmas centerpiece or vignette.  You can change the look simply by changing out the filler. This may be inexpensive to make but sure gives high-end results.

Hello Infarrantly Creative Fans! I’m Taryn from Design, Dining + Diapers and I feel so honored to be here sharing a cheap yet chic Holiday Craft with all of you!

I have been following the series over the past month and I am loving all of the amazing ideas so far. But how could you not!?

The Holidays are such a wonderful time of year to make handmade gifts for friends a family. It is such a special time to tell the ones you love how much you care and what better way to show them than with something you made with your own hands.

I am a huge fan of the Dollar Tree and all of the amazing things I can find there for a buck, not to mention their holiday section is awesome.

One of my ‘go-to’ items at the Dollar Tree are these cylinder glass vases. There are so many projects you can do with them, but today I’m showing you how you can make Winter Vases With DIY Snow Texture.

DIY Christmas Centerpiece vase

This is the perfect gift to give to just about anyone because they are so versatile!

The white snow effect against the clear vase allows you to pair them with just about any accent color, making them easy to customize for different people and easy for the recipient to change down the road.

cheap centerpiece

If red isn’t your color, try adding pine cones and silver leaves for a winter wonderland theme….

centerpiece vases cheap

….or try golds and silvers for a more elegant look!

snowtex applied to vases

To achieve the snow texture, I used Snow-Tex by DecoArt and applied it with a stencil brush.

I dipped the brush into the paint and applied a generous amount on the glass then dabbed the brush across the surface.

Careful not to use actual brush strokes, this will thin the paint. You want to just dab the brush to spread out the texture.

If it gets too thin, apply more paint. Just keep dabbing until the entire surface is covered ūüôā

painting stripes on vases

I purchase a lot of my glass vases at the dollar store, but sometimes you can only find the medium size there.

To keep it under $10 you could use three medium size vases or purchase these three at Amazon which work out just under $9 each.

To create perfect stripes on my vase I covered the entire vase in blue painter’s tape, stacking each line perfectly on top of one another.

This helps to create a perfectly straight line. Then I removed the tape from the sections I wanted to paint.

winter vases

Once you remove the tape, you are left with perfect lines and beautiful Winter Vases!

ALL of the fillers I used in all three displays were purchased at the Dollar Tree!

That includes the ornaments, pine cones and foliage. So depending on which vase theme you choose, you will only be spending about $2-5 on fillers. Great deal!

Christmas winter centerpiece

So which style screams YOU?! Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for letting me be part of your day ūüôā

And if you are interested, you can view more of my holiday projects here!

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  1. Thanks for your blog. I have several MS paints, but I’m not sure how to get the most
    bang for my buck. Your ideas and referrals to other bloggers is most appreciated.

  2. Those are super cute and I can’t believe the difference in the look between filling them with red ornaments and filling them with pine cones. Really change the feel altogether.

  3. That’s funny that I ran across this blog because I just posted this morning about my Dollar Tree Christmas decor scores! I saw the vases while I was there but decided to pass on them until I had an actual plan for them… I guess I will be going back today! Thanks for the idea!! =]

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