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Here’s the reveal! My garage organization project is done.

Now I can finally move indoors and start decorating my house.

First up is the mudroom. I am currently building mudroom lockers. I will show you those next week.

In the meantime behold the beauty of my garage. Bow chicka bow bow!


I spent just under $400 to make this garage organized, practical and functional.

Here is the price breakdown and the links to the posts where I featured the projects.

16″ x 8″ Shelving: $197

Hanging SCHTUFF on the wall: $21

Rockler Lumber Storage: $32

Hanging Pegboard and Pegboard accessories: $46

Workbench: $100

For a grand total of $396! I think the investment was well worth it.

Just having a place that is organized and functional for my needs is worth every penny.


The one thing I didn’t showcase before was the lumber storage.

It isn’t anything too fancy but I got it off Amazon (affiliate link) and I think it will definitely store all my stock lumber boards.

I will most likely need to stack sheets of lumber against the wall somehow. But I will worry about that when the time comes.


This area is where I am GONNA TRY REAL HARD to keep my projects contained.

Already I have projects lined up and I haven’t been too successful but that is my goal.

P.S. While I was editing the pictures I noticed the hanging power strip below.

I have since mounted that to the wall to have more outlet space. Another easy upgrade for little money.



This is the most organized my garage has ever been, and even in the last couple of weeks as I have been working on other projects too, it has been so nice knowing where everything is.


We don’t have too much more room for stuff so that will have to be the motivation to purge when need be.

I am already trying to get rid of some stuff.

Moving really allows you to take a look at everything you own in a different light.

Speaking of light! here is an easy way to store flashlights.

I just put them in a dollar spot tin and then added the Scotch Extreme Fastener Tape on the back.

It is strong enough to hold them and an easy way to attach a cheap tin like this to the wall.

Plus it is right outside the door going into the house so it is easy to grab should the power go out – which happens often in the Midwest.

flashlight organization

While it isn’t a cool garage track system I did hang all this for only $21 and it is very functional.

I am okay with pretty not in my garage “I will save my pretty” money for inside my house.


And there you have it!

My three-car garage turned two-car garage and workshop with enough room to still fit an SUV and my mom van in it too.

I will spend a ton of time out here so I am so glad I made the investment now to make it functional for my needs.




Happy Weekend to ya!


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  1. I love how you have ‘a place for everything and everything in it’s place’. My garage is much like yours but I have the metal shelving. One thing I did notice was that you chose not to paint the ceiling and walls. I would have done that before I started filling the room because that is really the best time to paint. Other than that, you did a fabulous job at organizing all you tools and equipment. There is nothing worse than wanting to work on a project and then can’t find the right tools or have the proper work space to do it.

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