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I love canning.  I enjoy giving a fresh jar of jam to neighbors, friends and family.  It seems like everyone around me appreciates a little sugared fruit in a jar.  While doing my yearly strawberry jam canning session I realized that the little jelly jars fit perfectly back into the plastic crates that local grocery stores sell the strawberries in.  You know how I love a good recycle project!

strawberry jam label (5)

So I team up with a brilliant printable designer named Louisa from Flipawoo to design a printable to fit perfectly on the top of a strawberry plastic container.


Strawberry Jam Printable

corner rounder punch

scissors or paper cutter

Double sided adhesive


brown craft paper shreds

plastic strawberry container

2 Cans strawberry jam in half-pint jars, one one pint jar

1.  Now you can either choose to put two small half-pint jars back into the container or one pint jar depending on the size you like to can.  I used the half pint jelly jars with gingham lids from Better Homes & Gardens available exclusively at Wal-Mart.

strawberry jam labels (9)

2.  Next I filled around the jars with some brown paper shreds sticking it between the jars and on the top and bottom.

strawberry jam labels (15)

3.  Close the plastic container and add a ribbon tacking it with some double-sided stick tape onto the front of the container lid.  I purchased some red grosgrain ribbon with a white running stitch for $1 at Hobby Lobby (they are 50% off this week).

strawberry jam labels (17)

4.  Print out the Strawberry Jam label from Flipawoo.  Louisa designed it so you can add your name to the label to have it completely personalized.

strawberry jam labels

5. Cut it to fit the top of your strawberry container (they all vary just a little).  I also rounded the corners with a corner punch.  Then use some double sided adhesive to attach it to the container.  What a beautiful presentation to your handmade gift!!!

In case you didn’t notice the gingham printable matches the gingham lids to the Better Homes & Garden lids on my jars….{Squuuuueal! I can’t handle the cuteness!}

strawberry jam label

strawberry jam label (1)

Louisa also has the matching invitation printable that she sells in her store.  If you are having a party or picnic these strawberry jam labels would be great to pair with the invitation as a little take home goodie.

Louisa also has a Flipawoo blog where she offers free printables as well.  She has some adorable free bookplates right now that she is offering.  So go check her out and tell her IC sent you!



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  1. Soooooooo CUTE!! I often give a jar of homemade strawberry jam with a loaf of homemade french bread as a gift for the teachers. This is such adorable presentation!! Love it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. quite possibly the cutest thing i’ve ever seen… like, i’m seriously leaving in 5 minutes to go buy some strawberries.

  3. I thought I was done making strawberry jam, but I guess not. I wish I had been saving those containers all summer long. Darn it! This is adorable. I will have to try to alter it so I can put two different types of jams into the containers. I have also made cherry, raspberry and blueberry jams this summer.

  4. Aww, that is really cute! I can’t wait to get mine… just kidding ; – ) Really, though, that’s a great idea. Have a great Labor Day!


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