IMG_6128 Welcome to Day 7 of Pennywise Presents   Today we have my extremely talented friend Amy from Design Intervention showing us how to make vintage inspired holiday pillows.



Saved pennies spilling out of a Santa stocking.  


Hi!   I’m Amy from Design Intervention and I am super excited to be presenting today!di When I give Christmas gifts, I love to give homemade and something seasonal, so this series is perfect for me!   I have gotten so many gift ideas already!!!

Today I am going to show you how to make some quick and easy vintage print pillows.   Of course, you could use this technique to make pillows for any season or decor.


First off, you need to choose your graphic.   I found mine on Graphics Fairy.   In my opinion, this is the hardest part – – just choosing which one picture you are going to go with – -there are so many options!!!   Once you have chosen your graphic, it is time to print it onto your fabric.


To print onto your fabric, you will need full sheet labels.


Take the protective paper off the back of the entire label sheet and place the sticky side on the BACK of your fabric.   I like to use a natural weave fabric, or a nice ivory linen.


Trim your fabric so it aligns perfectly with your 8 1/2 x 11 paper.


Now, you can run this “paper” through your printer as if it were cardstock.   A little warning/disclaimer here:   I cannot guarantee that this is good for your printer.   I have done this probably 30 times in my printer with no ill effects, but again, I can’t guarantee that nothing bad could happen to your printer 🙂


Now you have a great color graphic on your fabric.   Peel the label off the back of your fabric and fray about a 1/4” border around the outside of your fabric.


Next, you are going to take your pillow fabric (your background fabric) and cut out   your front and back pieces:

1- 22” square (if you are making a 20” pillow)

2- 14”x22” rectangles for the back

Pin your graphic in the center of your   22” square.


With your sewing machine,   sew around the outside of your graphic, about 1/2” from the outside edge.


Next we are going to make our envelope back closure.   Fold over (wrong sides together) a 1” flap along the 22” edge.   Iron this flap.


Fold this over one more time and iron.   Sew this flap down.


Repeat this for the second flap.

OK – – now all we have to do is assemble the pillow!

Lay your 22” square down right side up.

Next, lay one of your back flaps on top (right sides together) with the finished edge in the middle of the pillow.

Lay your other piece on the bottom (again right sides together) overlapping the finished seams to form the envelope closure.


Sew around the entire pillow with a 1” seam allowance and then clip the corners.

Turn the pillow right side out.   Ta Dah!!!


Such a quick, easy and personalized gift!   The possibilities are endless.   I have also made pillows using a round image or even by piecing letters together which allows you to make word pillows!


Amy is super talented and one of the best kept secrets on the web. She is the one I have to thank for teaching me how to reupholster.   You have to go over to “her house” and see all her upholstery projects. If you are ever thinking about reupholstering she has two great series.  

Reupholstery 101


Reupholstery 201IMG_4838

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  1. These are great! I love the santa pillow! I tried to do this once, print on a light linen fabric after putting it on adhesive paper. It got stuck in my printer. I got it out, thought it was no big deal, but the printer never printed right after that. I was so bummed! What are the chances that it's working for people all over blogland and it ruins my printer on my first try!? Oh well, I figured out that using Citrasolv to transfer an image works GREAT and it makes a nice vintage look. It also washed perfectly. There's a tutorial on instructables. She says that colors don't transfer as well as the black inks, but I found colors to transfer beautifully.

    Great job on the pillows! Thank you for sharing!

  2. These pillows are fabulous! How cute on the bed in a guest bedroom? I'm fabric-challenged but sharing this with my friend who makes things for me :o) And Amy your paisley chair is to die for! Thanks Beckie!!!

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