Nautical Rope Planter

I am kind of loving the nautical look lately. I have always abhorred navy blue even though it is probably my mother and mother-in-law’s favorite color. But lately, I have been drawn to navy blue and white which is a classic nautical look and I love this simple way to add a little nautical feel to your porch or deck. Here to show us her project is Amy from Dig. Drop. Done.


Terra cots pots are affordable and attractive containers for growing plants, but sometimes they can look a little blah. After years of wear, pots can chip or accumulate algae and mineral stains. Give them a new lease on floral life with this creative idea.


Terracotta pot

White rope

2-inch metal ring


Permanent adhesive glue


1. Measure and cut 1 piece of rope 23’ long for the top rim.

2. Measure and cut 2 pieces of 26” each for the center ring.

3. Wrap ends temporarily with tape to deter fraying.

4. Add glue to one end of the rope, and place on outside rim of the planter.


5. Continue to add glue onto the planter, then gently press the rope into it.


6. Continue to glue and wrap the rope around the planter 8 times (or the height of your rim).  Make sure to keep everything as evenly as possible.


7. Loop each end of the rope through the ring.


8. Center ring and rope onto planter.

9. Add glue to the back of loops and press onto planter. Hold in place for one minute.


10. Continue to glue and wrap remaining rope around the planter.

For more floral inspiration visit the Dig. Drop. Done family fun gallery. If you like nautical check out the shell planter!




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  1. I love the nautical look for the planter — it turned out great! I just included it in a round-up of terra cotta planter pot makeovers over at Match Made on Hudson 🙂

    Charlie @ Match Made On Hudson

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