Colors To Attract Money And Abundance

Colors carry certain energy as everything else in this world we live in. Using them correctly, there are plenty of things you can manifest and achieve in your life. What are the colors that attract money and abundance?

Colors to attract money and abundance include red, green, yellow, orange, brown, and gold. Using one of these colors or a combination will attract money and abundance in your everyday life. Each color represents a different situation and depending on your goal, you need to choose wisely.

Colors That Attract Money And Abundance

Colors affect our energy levels significantly, and you can use the applicable colors to your advantage. The same principle applies to crystals. Continue reading as we share the colors you can use to attract abundance and money!

How Can You Use Colors To Attract Money And Abundance?

If you are trying to manifest money and abundance, colors can significantly help you in your search. Choosing the correct colors with care can ensure you won’t miss out on huge opportunities to make money

In Feng Shui, colors play a significant role in attracting the kind of life you want to live. This includes small things, like the color of your car, the color a particular room in your house, or even the color of your favorite dress. 

Note that the best colors for attracting abundance and money may not be the same for attracting love or happiness. 

Finding the right color to manifest your desire to attract money and abundance may not be easy. It is important to be very specific and have a clear intention associated to the color.

Here’s a guide to help you.

What are the 6 Colors To Attract Money And Abundance

It is important that you know the right colors to attract what you want. You’ll be surprised at how much these colors will start to represent themselves to you. 

Let’s take a closer look at these colors, as well as how you can utilize them to attract the life you want and deserve:


In China, there is a strong belief that red is the color of wealth and abundance. China uses this color to decorate, precisely because of this! Red symbolizes power and confidence; once you manifest these things, the abundance and wealth you seek will present themselves to you. 

A good idea to bring subtle hints of red into your life to attract abundance and money would be to decorate your room with red-colored bedsheets, pillows, or curtains. 

A good tip for a woman manifesting money and abundance would be to wear red lipstick or paint her next set of nails bright red.

Red in Chinatown


Green has always been closely associated with money, wealth, healing, personal growth, and health. But it by sheer coincidence. 

During the late 19th century, after the federal government started to print paper bills, these bills were printed with green-black ink on the obverse. This was done to avoid counterfeiting, where the term greenbacks originated. 

Green is known to be one of the best and most accurate colors to attract abundance and money, and no matter how subtlety you use green, you are sure to reach success in your financial status.

Green attracts money


Yellow is the ultimate color to bring out the creativity in us as human beings. It has a direct and distinct positive energy that can boost anyone’s mood and creativity. 

This color is known to attract a lot of positive opportunities, which will be an amazing way to see your manifestations present themselves and come to life. 

By working harder and grasping each opportunity, you can use yellow to attract the money and abundance you desperately seek. 

Yellow is a beautiful color and can be incorporated into your life by a beautiful flower in your garden, buying a yellow summer dress, or small yellow decorations throughout your home.

Yellow attracts money


Orange may be similar to yellow, but it helps create a well-balanced and healthy relationship between good energy and strength. 

It will give you enough confidence and resilience to take on some of the most difficult challenges in your life and allow you to reap the benefits that come from it.

Orange attracts money


Different from the other colors on this list, brown isn’t a color that stands out and catches the eye. However, this isn’t a factor that comes into play when considering its amazing ability to attract money and abundance. 

Brown will emit energy into your life to help you gain more control over your financial situation. You need to have a clear and calm head when you control your financial matters, and brown is the perfect color to achieve this mental space. 

Having brown leather is considered to be the most suitable way to attract abundance and money. This would be ideal if you purchase a leather wallet or choose a rich chocolate brown for your living room decorations, such as paint color or couches.

Brown attracts money


Gold is one of the best colors to bring into your life if you’re looking to attract some extra dollars into your bank account. It is is closely associated with light, life, and all things expensive

Wearing gold, or having a splash of this color inside your home, will attract financial success. Especially if you have debt. Having gold objects to decorate your home and placing your wallet aside or into it will allow it to absorb the gold’s energy. That way the golden energy will turn your goals into reality. 

Lighting a gold candle in your bedroom and asking for guidance from your angels will allow you to manifest your questions and concerns to the universe. The answers may present themselves to you soon enough.

Gold candle


As you can see, attracting money and abundance is as easy as practicing different color schemes in your home. But not only that, including them in your everyday life can be fun too.

You don’t have to practice only one color to attract these things, but consider combining them to increase their strength!

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