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There are many ways that you can use crystals to enhance your life. But what are the most powerful crystals to create abundance?

Using them as a part of a lifestyle to attract or create abundance and money can prove fruitful for some, especially those who remain dedicated to the cause and keep a positive mindset.

If you would like to use crystals to bring about wealth, you may wonder what are the most powerful crystals to create abundance and money. Let us find out.

Crystals like pyrite, citrine, green jade, peridot, clear quartz, and green aventurine are among the best stones for attracting abundance. But crystals alone cannot create money. They can assist you in attracting abundance into your life using manifestation. 

What Are The Most Powerful Crystals To Create Abundance

If you are ready to receive wealth and abundance, you may be looking into vision boards and crystals to help manifest your dreams into reality.

Using crystals can be an excellent tool as you cancan tap into their energy and allow their vibrations to assist you in achieving your goals. Read on as we uncover a few of our favorite crystals to create abundance and money.

The Most Powerful Crystals To Create Abundance And Money

Crystals cannot create abundance and money on their own. To make anything, they need you. It is through working with your intentions that crystals can help create whatever you desire. 

We have selected a few of our favorite and most potent crystals for manifesting money, wealth, and abundance. All of the crystals we mention below harbor unique strengths. See which resonates with you and work with them in ways that feel right to you.

Our selection of powerful crystals to create abundance and money include:

  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Green jade
  • Peridot
  • Clear Quartz
  • Green Aventurine

Let us look at each of these in some more detail.

What Are The Most Powerful Crystals To Create Abundance

1. Pyrite

Pyrite occurs naturally in perfectly square, shiny, gold shapes. It is often referred to as “fool’s gold”. However, it is anything but a fool’s crystal when you use it right to attract wealth.

Pyrite is a lead-based mineral, and its work mimics that heaviness. You receive true strength and confidence when you use pyrite to attract wealth. This crystal opens you up to the prospect of prosperity.

Pyrite helps you clear out previous associations with money or business and assists you in tuning into your valid, current desires, both professionally and personally.


That sparkle in pyrite is significant, too. It symbolizes how pyrite helps to ignite passion within you to follow your dreams. This is helpful in pursuing money since the path to wealth is not always easy.

Pyrite has also been known to help users gain wisdom for the path ahead. This is particularly helpful for those in business wondering which approach will be more lucrative.

To use pyrite, hold it in front of you and, with a clear mind, ask, “What have I been holding back?” Wait for the answer to surface in your mind. You may be surprised.

You can also meditate using pyrite, holding it on your lap, in your hands, or having it nearby. It is beneficial to keep pyrite where you can see it and where money is typically found. Many business owners keep a little on their cash register or inside it. They may keep some in their wallet or purse or in any other places money is kept. 

If you keep pyrite where you can see it, you will often be reminded of your goals, which is a powerful way to manifest them into reality.

2. Citrine

Citrine is an all-time favorite of many who work with crystals. This transparent, amber-colored crystal is almost the opposite of pyrite and works in an incredibly different way to it.

This crystal is a type of quartz with a warm, light, sparkly, sunshiny feel. Everything about citrine calls out prosperity, apple pie, and warm, sunny days. 


Known as the merchant’s stone, citrine is a powerful crystal for those needing a confidence boost. It gives clarity and allows users to run with their dreams as it shares its sparks with a can-do attitude. 

Citrine is yellow, linking it to the solar plexus chakra. It can be used to unblock this chakra and can be used in meditation along with the chakra as a powerful manifesting tool.

One of the most astounding benefits of using citrine is that it seems to speed things up. Those who use citrine for manifesting seem to see results in a speedy time.

To use citrine, wear it as jewelry. You can also place it in areas where money is typically kept. Many users keep a small citrine stone in their wallet, purse, or cash register. To charge a citrine stone, rub it between your hands while concentrating on your intention with all your energy. 


You can also leave your citrine out in the moonlight to gather energy in that way. As you place your citrine outside, release your intentions into the crystal and leave it until the morning.

You can use citrine in meditation. For visualization, place it on your navel and visualize one item on your to-do list in front of you.

Imagine the citrine spreading light toward the item and surrounding it until it is completed. 

3. Green Jade

This Chinese crystal has been central to many folk tales and recent films like “Over the Moon. It is a gentle crystal with a vibration that works better at night.  

Using green jade can help you manifest wealth because it helps you create a sense of calm, confident balance within yourself. Being in this state allows you to make decisions based on good practice and knowledge instead of spur-of-the-moment whims.

green jade

It can also help you to stay calm amid stressful business situations.

Green jade is best used at night. Keep it next to your bed, under your mattress or pillow, and allow it to make your money dreams into reality.

4. Peridot

Peridot can help you achieve your monetary goals as it works on your insecurities and emotional blocks. This crystal assists the user in feeling worthy of wealth. It helps you clear your heart chakra and channels energy in the correct direction for the flow of abundance.


Use peridot in meditation or keep a crystal in places you will be able to see it often. Be aware that you are worthy of money and as much wealth as you desire. Know that you are more than capable and can achieve anything you put your energy into.

5. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a beautiful crystal to use for almost any need. It has the power to magnify any intention set near it. You can use it in conjunction with other crystals or alone to manifest wealth and abundance in your life.

This crystal is known for giving the user a clear head. Likewise, be sure to have clear intentions when using it since it will work with direct force. Clear quartz can make room for true wealth and help you get intensely clear about your true intentions.

Clear quartz

Use clear quartz by holding it in your left hand, which is your feminine hand. State your financial goals and intentions and ask for guidance in achieving them. You can also use clear quartz in a grid with other money crystals, like the ones we mention in this article.

6. Green Aventurine

Glorious green is often associated with money. Green aventurine does not disappoint in this department. This stunning stone is terrific at giving confidence to the user. It is rich in abundance energy and can bring you more of anything you truly desire, as long as you set your intentions clearly.

green aventurine

Green aventurine helps to heal the heart chakra. It has a more volatile vibration than green jade, so you can expect sudden luck and quick bursts of wealth when using it.

To use green aventurine, place it in areas where you want to see money appear. Consider your store’s checkout, till, your wallet or purse, or even your pocket.

If you place it somewhere you can see, the stone can be a wonderful reminder to keep your goal of wealth and abundance in mind.


Although crystals cannot create money or wealth for you, it is possible to use crystals to help motivate and manifest abundance in your life.

Many crystals are powerful at creating abundance and money; we have listed six for you.

Crystals have their own vibration and can be used to manifest our own power and strength.

It is as well a very nice gift idea for a loved one or friend. You could include a nice description and some tips to learn how to use the crystal.

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