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The doTERRA brand makes exceptional quality natural products for health and wellness that are widely available online. However, customers often ask if doTERRA products are sold in stores.  

doTERRA products are sold in a select number of small, local retail stores that stock groceries, health foods, nutritional supplements, and related goods. These stores obtain the products through Wellness Advocates who are affiliated with the company and act as its distributors.

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Sometimes it might be convenient or preferable to buy your precious doTERRA health and wellness products from a brick-and-mortar shop where you can see and touch the products. Like the Veggie caps to see the size for example.. Let us look more closely at whether these products are available in stores and, if so, which stores to visit. 

  1. Buying doTERRA Products From Stores: An Overview

The doTERRA brand has a diverse range of premium health and wellness products, from essential oils and diffusers to nutritional supplements and items for personal care and sun protection. 

It is possible to purchase doTERRA’s products from retail stores. However, you will only find the company’s products in certain shops.

  1. Which Types Of Stores Sell it?

You can find doTERRA at small and micro-retail stores that sell natural foods and health and wellness products to local markets. The types of retail outlets that typically stock doTERRA include:

  • health food shops,
  • grocery stores,
  • fitness and exercise stores.

You usually won’t be able to purchase the company’s products at large retail chain stores. 

If you want to buy doTERRA from a store, you must ascertain whether the brand’s products are locally available. Check the local business directory and make inquiries with small grocery stores, health food shops, and related outlets in your neighborhood, town, or city.

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The probability of finding doTERRA in the store depends on your location. For logistical reasons, you might locate the products more easily in retail outlets if you are in an urban center. If you live in a sparsely-populated rural region you may have to search a little harder to locate doTERRA in local stores.

  1. Why Is Only Available From These Stores?

The doTERRA brand strives to support entrepreneurs and local businesses. To advance this vision, they use a unique direct-selling system to distribute its products. 

The company has a global team of affiliate distributors called Wellness Advocates. These distributors purchase doTERRA products at discounted prices and sell them directly to customers in their local areas. 

These distributing agents sell the company’s products to private individuals. Wellness Advocates also sell the doTERRA brand to small and local retail stores like those mentioned earlier.  

Wellness Advocates must adhere to specific terms and conditions that restrict them from selling doTERRA products through mass retail chains that operate at a national, regional, or state level. 

The terms and conditions also require Wellness Advocates to obtain approval in writing from doTERRA before distributing products to grocery stores, health food shops, and related brick-and-mortar retailers.

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  1. Where Else Is it Sold?

Fortunately, if you cannot find doTERRA in your local store, there are alternative ways to purchase the company’s products. 

Wellness Advocates distribute doTERRA via multiple marketing channels, so you can don’t have to find a store that stocks items from the company’s high-quality product catalog. 

You can buy doTERRA from multiple places other than the types of retail stores mentioned earlier.  For example, doTERRA products are available from:

  • Wellness Advocates
  • Online retail websites
  • Physical establishments providing health-related services
  • Commercial events such as trade shows.
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  1. Wellness Advocates

One of the primary channels to obtain doTERRA is by contacting a Wellness Advocate and purchasing the brand’s products through direct, face-to-face interactions. Buying doTERRA directly from Wellness Advocates allows you to learn about the products while also benefiting from favorable price arrangements.

Visit the doTERRA company website to locate a Wellness Advocate near you

  1. Online Retail Websites

Perhaps the most convenient way to buy doTERRA is from an online website. Wellness Advocates distribute the company’s products on dozens of small and boutique websites dedicated to helping consumers enhance their natural health and wellness. 

doTERRA is also available online from larger retail websites like eBay, Ten Cent,, and Amazon. Wellness Advocates must seek authorization from doTERRA to distribute and sell through these mass-market sites.

  1. Establishments That Provide Health-Related Services 

In addition to the internet, you can find also purchase doTERRA by visiting an establishment that provides healthcare, fitness, and wellness services. 

Service establishments that stock these products include:

  • Gyms
  • Medical and healthcare practitioners’ offices
  • Wellness spas.
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You can also buy doTERRA from specific hospitals that have distribution agreements with Wellness Advocates. However, there are strict regulatory requirements involved in selling health and wellness products through hospitals, so you need to confirm the availability of the company’s products in your local hospitals.

  1. Trade Shows

A less well-known route to purchasing doTERRA is to visit a trade show.

Wellness Advocates often promote and sell the company’s products at trade shows that focus on health, fitness, wellness, and other life-enhancing goods and services. 

If you are aware that this type of event is taking place near you, you are likely to find the specific doTERRA products you desire at a reasonable price!

  1. Become A Wholesale Customer 

Probably the most advantageous way to buy doTERRA is to become a Wholesale Customer. 

Wholesale Customers purchase the brand’s products for personal rather than commercial purposes. 

To become a Wholesale Customer, one pays an annual membership fee of $25. Once you’ve joined doTERRA as a Wholesale Customer, you are eligible for numerous benefits, such as:

  • A 25% reduction on the retail price of all doTERRA products
  • Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Shipping Rewards Program
  • Peppermint essential oil with every renewal of membership.

Wholesale customers get 10% to 30% of their purchases back in Loyalty Rewards points, which are redeemable for free doTERRA products. As a Wholesale Customer, you also earn points equivalent to the cost of shipping the products to your home and can redeem these for free products.

Each year when Wholesale Customers renew their annual membership and pay their fees, they are gifted a bottle of doTERRA peppermint essential oil worth $27.33. This gift is particularly generous when one considers the $25 membership fee!

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There are many places to purchase doTERRA, including small, local stores that sell health foods and wellness products. The brand is not available from mass-market retail outlets.

If stores near you do not stock doTERRA, you can find the brand’s products at establishments that offer healthcare and wellness services. Alternatively you can also buy from online retail websites, trade shows, and directly from the company’s affiliated distributors (called Wellness Advocates). 

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