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Working on manifesting can bring about positive changes. If you feel the pull of wanting to make changes in your life, whether you need more money, better health, a new love interest, or help in the career department, using the 55X5 technique can help you achieve your goals in record time.

Enjoy this 55X5 technique generic affirmations for older women that we have curated specifically for you in this exciting and sometimes tender time of your life.

55X5 is a manifestation tool used by many women to reach their goals in record time. Create an affirmation and write it 55 times for 5 days. Keep your vibration high. Your affirmations should be clear and concise. Do not let the fear of failure creep into your thoughts or emotions. 


If you have dreams, goals, and needs you desire to see reach fruition, using the 55X5 manifesting technique could be for you. Be sure to align yourself with a receiving mindset and be thankful, knowing that the Universe is ready to bless you with whatever is for your highest good.

Use our information and tips, select from our affirmations, or create your own. We are rooting for you and know that you are receiving abundantly.  

55X5 Technique Generic Affirmations For Older Women

The 55X5 technique is a tool used to manifest your goals. You can manifest small dreams like a penny or a phone call or significant pursuits like business deals, large sums of money, new jobs, or even love!.

When using this technique, the only limit is your own belief. If you believe you will receive it, it is already yours. For that reason, when deciding what to manifest and working on your affirmation, you must select only things you genuinely believe you deserve and will get.

If you are an older woman goddess, we have crafted a few beautiful affirmations specifically for you.

Before we share them with you, let us look at the 55X5 technique in a little more detail so that you may fully understand and appreciate how to use the affirmation you select.

How Does The 55X5 Manifestation Technique Work?

It works by using affirmations and repetition.

  • Decide what goals you would like to manifest.
  • You create or select an appropriate affirmation.
  • You write or type it 55 times every day for 5 days running. (If your hands do not enjoy writing anymore, typing works just as well!)

Affirmations are a powerful tool for change within ourselves. Self-help experts, life coaches, and therapists regularly recommend using affirmations to remind ourselves of our power, positive traits, and the changes we wish to see within ourselves.

When we use one affirmation in the 55X5 method, we select one powerful, highly vibrating message we wish to send to ourselves and the Universe on repeat for 5 days in a row. This is where the true power of repetition comes to play.

By repeating the affirmation you have selected or written 55 times every day of the 5-day cycle, you are, in essence, cramming it into your brain. You are creating a new pathway in your mind and teaching yourself that this is a truth to be remembered.

Repetition is Key

Have you ever listened to a beginner musician practicing their instrument? They repeat the same studies over and over again. They almost repeat it 55 times for about 5 days. By the 6th day, the notes have become one with the musician, and they no longer need to look at the sheet music or think so hard about how to produce the note.

Just like musicians can move their musical studies from conscious to subconscious thought, we can also move our wants and desires in this way. When we write our affirmation 55 times in 5 days, our belief that what we are trying to manifest is already ours moves into our subconscious, and we genuinely believe it is done.

When working with the 55X5 technique, there is another aspect you must remember. Your energy plays a vital role in manifesting, which is just as crucial in this technique as in others.

Number 5 manifesting number

Be sure to keep your energy positive when working with this technique. If you try to manifest a love interest, but deep down, you harbor resentment for your ex-husband and his new girlfriend, you may subconsciously manifest those negative emotions instead of the partner you desire and deserve.

Do your shadow work before you begin your journey with the 55X5 method to avoid having negative manifestation results from your efforts.

How To Write 55X5 Affirmations

Writing affirmations for use in the 55X5 technique slightly differs from writing regular affirmations. These follow a sort of template that can guide you if you wish to write your own.

To write your own affirmations, start by deciding on one clear goal you want to manifest. When you have that goal clearly imprinted in your mind, visualize as many details of it as you can. The clearer the picture you can create, the better.

Now you can set to work writing your affirmation.

Begin by writing a strong, positive emotion you associate with achieving your goal.

Here are a few positive emotions to get you started:

  • happy
  • elated
  • blessed
  • thrilled
  • excited
  • overjoyed
  • in awe

Write a sentence using positive emotion. It should look like this:

“I am so (insert positive emotion here) ….”

Next, you write what you have received. Be sure to write it in the present tense to show the Universe and yourself that you are already vibrating on the energy of receiving. You can be precise in this part if you wish.

Our disclaimer here is that if you are a beginner at this method, you may wish to be a little vaguer, especially with timelines when you start out. You might find that stressing about when you will receive the penny you asked for as a test of your manifesting abilities puts a halt on receiving at all. 

Instead, be ready to receive whenever, and you are more likely to keep it light and positive.

When writing your affirmation, keep it as short and concise as possible. Remember that you will write it 55 times a day for 5 days, so you do not want a long paragraph. Also, as you write it each time, you must pour emotion and willpower into believing it. The shorter, the easier to manifest and believe.

If you feel confident and want to have a go at writing your own affirmation, there is no time like the present. If you would like a little help, we have created a few beautiful, high-vibrational affirmations just for you.

20 Affirmations For You

Enjoy these affirmations created specifically for you.

Feel free to use them just as they are by simply inserting the words you need, or take pieces of a few and tailor-make your very own.

  1. I am so blessed to have a new home to enjoy.
  2. I am excited about my new job.
  3. I am overjoyed about the new career opportunity I have received.
  4. I am confident that I can achieve so much in my new role at work.
  5. I feel sexy with my new love interest.
  6. I feel respected and valued by my new love interest.
  7. I love that my children appreciate my input.
  8. I am excited to have lost (insert number) pounds this week/month.
  9. I am overjoyed to have signed a contract with my dream clients.
  10. I am proud of the new car that I have bought.
  11. I feel fulfilled in my new position at work.
  12. Thank you, Universe, for providing the $(insert amount here) I needed.
  13. I am thrilled to be able to provide for my family.
  14. I feel blessed to have received the (insert items here) that I needed.
  15. I am so thankful for the (insert items here) I have received.
  16. I am confident in my abilities and feel fulfilled in my new work.
  17. I trust the Universe with all my heart and know it provides everything for my highest good.
  18. I am so excited! I am receiving good news!
  19. I am so excited! I am accepting new job offers!
  20. I am so excited! I am receiving more money!


The 55X5 technique is a beautiful way for older women to manifest what you need when you need it. Be sure to deal with any fears or negative emotions you may have lurking in your subconscious before beginning the exercise, though.

Keep your vibration high by staying positive and in an abundance mindset. The Universe wants to provide for you and has your best interests in mind. May all you desire be yours, today and always.

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