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The law of attraction work on a vibrational level. What you vibrate, you attract. For that reason, you may wonder if you can manifest your fears. Your fears hold strong emotions and stay in your consciousness for a long time. They may be simple thoughts, but they have terrible power over us. Let us journey into the world of manifestation and learn what we can about manifesting fears.

You can manifest your fears. Fear is a strong negative emotion that settles in the consciousness and lingers longer than positive ones. When you work on manifesting positive outcomes, fears may accidentally manifest instead since they often lie beneath the surface of your desires. 

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If you work on manifesting good things in your life, there may come a time you wonder if you can manifest your fears. This is a natural concern, given that the human race is riddled with anxieties. From minor worries about the temperature of our coffee to more significant fears like taxes and death, fear often forms part of our daily lives. Often, we are not even aware. Join us as we understand if you can manifest your concerns and how it all works.

Can You Attract Your Fears?

When we consider whether or not you can manifest your fears, the simple answer is yes. While this may not be the answer you were hoping for, it is true. But the reasons are intriguing, and if you wish to stop manifesting your fears, you may be interested to learn more about the topic.

Manifestation works through attraction. Basically, what we vibrate, we attract. For that reason, it is recommended that we vibrate at a high level. When we are positive, healthy, and strong, we attract positive things and abundance into our lives.

When we vibrate at a low level, we attract negative things into our lives. Have you ever been working on visualizing something as part of a manifestation ritual when you have been overcome with fear, anxiety, stress, or guilt about the very thing you were trying to manifest?

Vibrating High or Low

How is Fear Manifested?

Perhaps you were attempting to manifest wealth, but your fear of poverty brought negative emotions to the surface when you imagined your life without the money you desperately needed?

If left unchecked, the negative emotions associated with fear will overcome your positive intentions. Your heart and mind will be focused on the fear, and it is easy to guess what will manifest. Not wealth, but a season of poverty.

Kelly Fothergill, an old friend, told us of when her dad was teaching her to ride a bicycle. He explained that if she focused on a rock or obstacle in the path, she would ride into it and likely fall. If she focused on the road instead, she could swerve around it.

Being a defiant child and unable to trust him fully, she looked with all her might at a rock in her path. She rode straight into it, even though she tried to swerve to miss it. When her dad reminded her of the lesson, she tried it his way, and, to her surprise, it worked.


Manifesting works in much the same way. When we have fears, it is enough to acknowledge them and know they are there. They needn’t cloud our emotions and take over our vibrations.

When negative thoughts and fears come up to block a positive goal, you are working on manifesting, and acknowledging them, then focus your energy on the positive emotions and end goal you are working toward. It may take practice, but once you have trained your mind in this way, you will learn to stop manifesting your fears and start manifesting only the positive, the path ahead.

Manifesting explained by a professional expert

Kim Larangeira from SOUL Life Coaching explained manifesting work to us in this way:

Manifesting is the conscious creation of your vision, driven by your values and beliefs. If you’re aware of any imbalance in your energy, you will notice the dissatisfaction in a particular area in your life, and this makes manifesting more challenging as it is fuelled by fear and a scarcity mindset.

However, if you own your power and flow from a state of high vibration, you can create and sustain a positive outcome. Vision plus a growth mindset and consistent action lead to progress, which will achieve your desired goal.”

What Kim explains regarding working within a high vibration fits well with what we mentioned above. Find your balance and consciously work to replace negative emotions and thoughts within yourself.

How To Stop Manifesting Your Fears

It is a common issue among those working with manifestation. So often, your fears lie beneath the goals you had in mind.

If you have found yourself in the position of manifesting your fears, know that you are not alone and there are ways to stop this from happening.

In simple terms, what you constantly think about tends to happen. Let us break the cycle by looking at simple ways to stop manifesting your fears.

How to release your Fears

1. Recognize And Acknowledge Your Fears

Dr. Carl Jung termed the phrase “shadow work.” It means understanding the darkest parts of yourself so that they will not impact you in unexpected or unwanted ways. Doing extensive shadow work on yourself is valuable if you are working on manifesting anything.

When you recognize and acknowledge your fears and any other negative thoughts and emotions, they no longer have the power to latch onto your positive goals. Like a rock on the path, know that they are there, acknowledge their presence and reason for being, and then set your eyes on your goals again.

Often, fears are the result of past mistakes or negative experiences. When you think about and understand why they are there, you may gain valuable insight into how your mind works and how to avoid having fear manifest in negative ways in your future.

The simple act of calmly assessing your fear and learning to understand it from a new perspective will help to raise your vibration. The activity takes the worry from an unknown “monster” to something you have handled.

2. Replace The Fear With Your Positive Goal

Although fear may reveal itself at any time, once you have assessed it and understood it, you can replace it.

During a manifestation practice, your best option is to replace fear or negative thoughts with a reminder of your positive goal. Take time to thoroughly visualize your dream in as much detail as you can.

Imagine all the positive emotions you will experience when you manifest your positive goal. Fear has no place in this visualization because you have dealt with it.

3. Raise Your Vibration With Your Vocabulary

Words can indeed hurt. But did you know that they can hurt you, too? When you find yourself in loops of negative self-talk, take a step back and assess how you can alter your vocabulary into a more positive narrative.

In her book “The Power of Holy Language” Caroline Myss explain this really well.

Some examples might include the following:

  • Delete “I’m so tired.” from your vocabulary, and replace it with “I am looking forward to a rest.”
  • Delete “I’m sick.” From your narrative, replace it with “I am healing.”
  • Delete “I’m always late.” From your vocabulary and replace it with “I’m working on my time management.”

A few simple changes can alter the way your brain registers your self-talk. As you speak to yourself more positively, your vibration is raised, and you begin to attract more positive and exciting things into your experience.

Watch your vocabulary


It is possible to manifest your fears. It is more common than you think since worries are often left unattended. Negative emotions are typically strong and overshadow positive ones.

Take the time to address your fears and replace them with the positive goals you want to achieve. Work on raising your vibration and keeping yourself in a solid mental position to attract positive manifestations of your goals.

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