I have been looking for a magazine rack to hold all the free (Yes...I SAID FREEE!!! ) magazines I get…Family Fun, Better Homes & Gardens, Parenting, Martha Stewart Living, Ready Made and now thanks to Lindsay –House Beautiful!

I haven’t seen any magazine racks at yard sales or Craigslist that were in my price range.

Last week there was an add for a magazine holder at Value City for $6.99. I thought it was cute so I went and got it.

And then I find this…

isn’t that how it always happens?!?!

and I could resist it with a price tag that said this…

I bargained and got it for $.10. TOTALLY KIDDING PEOPLE!!! I am cheap but not that bad…hee hee!

I saw that he had potential. Yes… I decided my magazine rack would be male this time.

Guess what I got out???? Yep, you guessed it…American Accent’s Canyon Black Spray Paint! I had some in my garage from a different project.

Side note: Mattress Firm was selling body pillows a while back for $2. I snagged three of them. However they were major weak sauce when it came to how plush it was. So I opened them all up and put all the stuffing into one and sewed it back up. And then I thought….hmmm…I kinda like the fabric that these body pillows were encased in. I think I will save it.

It was a turqouise faux suede with a square pattern. I deconstructed the fabric sides and remade new ones with the fabric.

Beckie likey.

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  1. You are too cute! Beckie likey?! Oh my gosh, for some reason that’s cracking me up. I can’t believe that was .25 cents. I never come across good deals like that. Even at garage sales!

  2. Oh yes, and you know, you ARE the MacGyver of crafts right? What are you gonna do with the one you bought for 6.99? I know! I bet you will re-purpose it into a….helicopter? I bet you could!
    Macey : )

  3. That is really funny and it turned out cute. I take it you returned the other one then?

  4. twenty five cents, NO WAY!! oh my gosh and it looks amazing with your makeover. I get a real kick out of how you tell your stories..lol the first one you bought is really neat too.

  5. Very cute, I need one of those too. I’m too cheap to pay for a new one lol.

  6. $.25 that is such a BARGAIN!!! Only you.

    Looks good but that doesn’t surprise me.



  7. Eryn Likey. You ARE the REFAB QUEEN.

    You totally inspire me to refab, refab, refab. 🙂

  8. Brandy likey lots. Could you find one for me? I have been looking for nearly a year. I am so glad garage sale season is starting. I guess I should have one at my house too.
    Love ya girl,
    Brandy 🙂

  9. spray paint. must get spray paint. the wonders that you work with it!!! wow!

  10. I swear woman — is there no end to the fabulous re-makes you do? This is definitely one of my favorites!!!

  11. So happy you are back with new ideas for me! My creativity was getting low and now your post are making me thirsty for a good yard sale!

  12. So everyone keeps talking about the refab (which is beautiful!) but I want to know how you get FREE magazines!!

  13. I also thought of you when I bought a toilet at a rummage sale today for $2.50!! It is practically brand new, and it was then end of the sale and 75% off!

  14. These modern magazine racks feature innovative designs while having enough space to hold plenty of literature.

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