Fabric Book Shelf

I was inspired by a bookshelf I saw in a store that looked like this…

I wanted an area where Isaac could put his books in his room. However, I didn’t want it to house all his books because those are in his playroom. I wanted to be able to put several of his library books that we get weekly in his room for him to read when he wakes up in the mornings or from naptime. So I came up with this…

I already had the dowel rod from when I hung his baby comforter on the wall here. And you already know what happened to his baby comforter. 🙂 I also had two extra finial pieces (you can buy these at Michaels, they are actually candle cups), the fabric, L brackets, screws and the paint. So all I needed to buy was one more 1/2″ dowel rod. It was $2.66 at Ace Hardware. I am sure you can find it cheaper at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

My dowel rods are 36″ in length.

Cut out a piece of fabric 34 1/2″ x 42″. Make sure the stretch is the 34 1/2″ side and not the 42″ side.

Fold it in half right sides together so it is 34 1/2″ x 21″ (this will double the strength of the fabric since it is two-ply now). Pin in place.

Sew around all three sides leaving a little opening to turn the fabric right side out. Turn the fabric right sides out and press the seams and fold under the opening so you can sew it shut. Top stitch around the whole piece of fabric.

Turn under the long side 1 1/2″ (press it in place) and sew a channel for one of the dowels to go in. One the other long side turn under 1 1/2″ also but turn it the opposite of the last channel. That way when you put the dowels both in place the sewn part will face the back. Does that make sense?

Cut two pieces of wood 4″ x 12″. Using a 1/2″ drill bit drill two holes in the wood. One is at the top and the other is below that. My first hole was about 1″ from the top of the wood.

Paint all the pieces the color you want it to be. You do not have to paint the dowel rod since it won’t be shown. But do paint the little finial candle cup thingies.

After the wood is dry drill two L brackets on each piece of wood.

Screw one side in place using mollies and screws for added strength. Put the fabric on the dowel rods and put the dowel rods through the holes on the wood. Then move the fabric out of the way to screw the other side in like this…

Then put the little “finial candle cup holder thingies” on to hold it in place. You can glue them on if you want. I didn’t just in case I want to take it down to wash it or something crazy like that.

Add your books and…

make your little boy or girl happy. His reading nook is coming along quite nicely. I want to get a little end table and a lamp but I am not sure what I am looking for yet.