Well, hello there again!  It’s Carmel from Our Fifth House, and I’m back today to share a true trash to treasure story.

As in I literally turned a trash can……..

into something I truly treasure!

I’ve been wanting a door bucket that could hold water for fresh clippings and flowers for a really long time.   While I was shopping at Target one day (isn’t that always how a project starts?), this trash can caught my eye because it had the perfect side handles that would allow me to loop a piece of rope through in order to hang it on the door.

I figured for about $7 even if my idea didn’t work out it was at least worth the try.

I really didn’t want my neighbors to think I had lost my mind and hung a trash can on the front door, so I wrapped it in a piece of scrap fabric I already had on hand.  I also wanted to wrap it in fabric so that it wouldn’t slide and clank around when we opened and closed the door.  (The fabric worked like a charm!)

This literally took me all of maybe 20 minutes.  I used the hot glue gun to adhere the fabric which worked perfectly.  I kept a good pull on the fabric as I wrapped so that the fabric would lay really nice and smooth.  Since the inside will never be seen it doesn’t have to be pretty.  I wrapped a piece of burlap ribbon around the bottom (again with hot glue) for no other reason than just because.

Once I was done, I hung it on the door with a wide burlap ribbon I picked up at Michael’s a couple of weeks ago.  This trash can is super light weight when empty, so adding a little water to it doesn’t make it too heavy.  It is working out perfectly and it’s such a nice change from the typical wreath I usually have on the door.

And no one has any idea that it’s a trash can!

I’m going for an equestrian chic thing with my fall decor this year.  I live in horse country so I’m totally inspired by the horse farms I’m surrounded by.  Come see how I decorated my fall mantel this year! 

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  1. This is AWESOME! I really, really, LOVE it! I love the classy fabric and the idea of the trash can into hanging basket–so brilliant. This is one of the best I have seen….eeevvver! Any chance the trash can is still available? I would wait and use it in the Spring/Summer and would have never done this craft but yours is to awesome! Wait! Fall/Winter with evergreens, sticks, berries???

  2. I see a lot of really stupid, ridiculous and just plain crappy craft projects on “craft” blogs these days. I Literally spend most of my blog surfing time discovering ridiculous crap that is posted by made by well-read bloggers. I have begun to think that all the good ideas have been used up because I am seeing things made over-and-over or just plain ridiculous ideas. This…this is freaking AMAZING. By title alone I thought, here we go again…another STUPID project…but you pulled it off big time. The shape is perfect, the proportion is lovely and the cover design looks great. My only possible question would be if it holds up outside but other than that….Great job.

  3. My front door isn’t covered – we have no porch or anything, so it’s totally exposed to the elements and I’ve not had any problems at all. I thought at first that I might regret not having used an outdoor fabric but it really doesn’t get too wet even when it’s raining. I think having it stuffed with greenery keeps the bucket/trash can covered – if that makes sense?

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