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Hi Infarrantly Creative readers, It’s Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs! Did you catch my tutorial on Infarrantly Creative last month for a massive pin board made from cork placemats? It was super easy, inexpensive and makes a huge impact! My kind of project! DIY striped corkboard

Today, I’m sharing how to add a simple stripe pattern to make a big impact. Created with 1″ painters tape and spray paint, this project is super easy and done in just a few hours. You will need: Cork pin board (tutorial here) 1″ painters tape Spray paint (I used 1.25 cans of matte spray paint)

striped bag

Inspired by my new Kate Spade tote (#maxxinista find for $40!)  I created a similar pattern using 1″ painters tape.

taping off striped pinboard
The whole process was pretty easy and somewhat random. The nice thing about this pattern is that there is no right or wrong, just lay the tape out in a pattern that looks good to you!
I laid out strips of tape (using small pieces of the tape between as spacers) some connect and some don’t.
Tip: to tear the tape at a clean edge, firmly hold a metal ruler down and tear the tape
striped corkboard

Once all of the tape was firmly pressed down (make sure to remove the spacers), I applied two light coats of white matte spray paint. I wanted some of the cork to show through, so two light coats was perfect for that! (I used 1.25 cans of spray paint)

making a striped corkboard
Immediately, I removed the tape. Once dry, that was it!
I let the paint off gas outside for a while, and then I brought it into my office.
large striped pinboard
I’m using it above my desk.. later, I’ll add, to do lists, and a few inspiration images and a small calendar. I plan to keep it pretty simple so the pattern is still visible.
large striped corkboard
Laying out the tape took a few hours and painting took about 15 minutes, so not too much time invested!
corkboard tutorial

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