After last week’s State Pride Tour (have you checked out the state pride linky, yet?) I bet you can guess why this picture from a home featured at House of Turquoise caught my eye. That’s right, it was the map!

I noticed the map first, and then I saw how beautifully the touches of Autumn in this space looked against a backdrop of brighter colors.  It’s a layering of colors and textures that is very pleasing to the eye, don’t you think?

House of Turquoise Fall Vignette Inspiration Photo

Of course, I loved the map, but I also appreciated the work that went into refinishing that pretty, turquoise sideboard, and how the space managed to feel fresh, with decor that didn’t scream “It’s FALL, Ya’ll!”

House of Turquoise Fall Vignette Inspiration Photo Numbered

I’ve had fun finding five projects that you can do yourself, at home–with some basic supplies–to get the look of this Fall sideboard vignette.

Scroll down to view, and make sure to click on the links provided to learn more about these projects.

5 ways to get a fall sideboard vignette

 1. Faux Vintage Schoolhouse Map

Simply Living faux pull down map

To get the look of a vintage pull-down classroom map, Simply Living added wood dowel rods to the top and bottom of a map purchased new.

2.  Decorating With Globes

Hydrangea Hippo embellished globe

Displaying vintage globes is on trend, but their popularity is making them expensive.

Damaged ones are much less expensive, so Hydrangea Hippo came up with a fun way to hide imperfections.

3.  DIY Animal Figurines

Folk painted plastic animals

Painted plastic animals are definitely a kid-friendly way to enjoy the current animal figurine craze.

And by kid-friendly, I do mean less expensive and more durable!

Check out an easy tutorial for painting them at Folk Blog.

4.  Painted Vintage Sideboard

Petticoat Junktion painted sideboard

The turquoise sideboard in my inspiration photo is definitely a focal point of this vignette.

It’s got great lines and a stunning color.

Get some painting tips learned on a similar piece of furniture at Petticoat Junktion.

5.  Blue Glass Lamp

Rain on a Tin Roof bottle lamp

While I couldn’t find a DIY example of a lamp just like this one, Rain on a Tin Roof shares a tutorial for this wine bottle lamp.

The coloring of this makes it just as much as the shape!

What’s your approach to fall decorating?

Do you add in a few seasonal items to the things you already have out, or do you clear everything away and go for the quantity approach?

What’s your favorite natural item to decorate with for fall?

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  1. I’ve been searching for the post with the featured picture from house of turquoise, does anyone have the link?

  2. I am sorry, Jennifer. I do not have the link to that specific post on House of Turquoise. You could try emailing directly at the site. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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