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I love using wood shims or paint stir sticks to create projects.  You can get great strips of wood for cheap or free.  Then they can be stained or painted to your liking.  Today Carmel tackles a wood shim project to make a planter box for her kitchen table.
Hey all, it’s Carmel from Our Fifth House here, and today I’m sharing a quick, simple and easy project  – a.k.a my favorite type of diy project!  Do you ever see projects in blogland or on Pinterest and think to yourself……..That’s awesome, but I just don’t have time to make that………...I wish I had the diy skills necessary to tackle something like this……….If only this was something I could make while watching Duck Dynasty…….do you ever have those kinds of thoughts when you’re perusing blogs?  Well, there’s no shame in your game – I have those same thoughts all the time!  Today’s project will take you less than an hour to make, requires practically zero diy skills and can be easily completed while sitting in front of the tv!  Now that’s what I’m talking about!
I had this idea for a wood shim planter box that I could use as a table centerpiece swirling around in my head for months.  I wanted something that I could either fill with water for fresh cut flowers or fill with dirt for plants.  One day while shopping at Target an idea came to me, and my plan was set in motion.  I picked up three small itso bins (which can be found in the aisle with all the fabric bins and plastic organizers) and got to work.
 wood shim planter box

Because I wanted to have the option of filling my planter box with water for fresh cut flowers I knew I wanted a hard plastic liner instead of a box made completely out of wood.  Also since I wanted this to sit on my breakfast room table I didn’t want to have to worry about drainage for plants.  With the plastic bins on the inside my table stays protected and I have lots of different options for filling this centerpiece. I chose the small itso bins because I liked the size, the price (they were on sale when I bought them), and the sturdiness of the plastic; but you could probably make this with any plastic bin you like.

Here’s the short supply list:
3 small plastic bins
1 package of wood shims
E6000 glue (it’s super strong once dry and is paintable)
miter box and hand saw
And I wasn’t lying, you can totally make this while watching television.  I sure did  -that would be How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on the big screen.  😉
making a wood shim planter box
The basic construction is pretty simple.  Glue the tops of the bins together where they meet.  Then start by gluing the wood shims in the center of where the bins meet to give your 3 separate bins enough support for them to become one unit.  You’ll want to do that both at the top and the bottom on both sides. 
wood planter box diy
As for a pattern of how to lay the shims, I just staggered them in a way that would allow me to make the least number of cuts, but you can use any pattern you want.  I laid an old beach towel down and cut the pieces  – no need to pause my movie.  😉   I covered every bit of plastic with wood shims except for the bottom. I even glued a piece on the top where the plastic bins meet, so the whole thing looks like it’s completely made of wood – you don’t see any of the plastic.
tabletop planter box
You will want to use painters tape or masking tape ( I used washi because it was all I had on hand) to hold the pieces in place until the glue is totally dry. 
To finish I spray painted it white, then sanded, then used a little bit of a walnut stain, then very lightly spray painted it white again to create a slightly distressed look.
wood shim project
Once it was dry I filled it with a layer of sand, then a little pea gravel for good drainage.  I added some potting soil and filled it up with mums and pansies.  This centerpiece is totally putting me in the mood for fall! 
wood shim tabletop box
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  1. Love the idea of using wood shims. I bought a packet at the Home Depot a few months ago just because they look cool, but had no idea what to use them for. Great tip on the type of glue to use. This has the craft side of my brain ticking over now 🙂

  2. So funny! I absolutely LOVE that movie!!! Can’t wait to make me a planter just like yours. My poor succulents will thank you! LOL

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