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Alright Amy and I have nasty, dirty hands by now from all the tugging and stapling and the paint rubbing off…but we are getting closer to done.

IMG_1571IMG_1544 When we got to the arms it got a little tricky.  We stapled down some single cording on the back of the curved arms so that it would give custom look.IMG_1545 Then we had to add curve-ease ply grip to the arms in order to fold the fabric over.  This curve-ease allows you to have a nice finished edge when there is no frame for you to staple your fabric around. To use curve-ease you staple it down next to the piping.


IMG_1547Next fold the teeth down but not all the way.  You want it opened enough to tuck your fabric in. 


Now grab your fabric and pull it taut and tuck it into the teeth.  Cut away the excess fabric.  Fold it over and pound it shut with a rubber mallet.IMG_4355Look at how nice it looks.  I am touching the curve ease under my finger so you can see what a nice edge it gives.  Curve—ease ROCKS!IMG_1591 Then I stapled single cording at the bottom of the chair even with the front edge of the chair. When I got to a leg I would make a cut in it so it would wrap around the leg nicely. IMG_1550  IMG_1551Here you can see it all stapled in place. IMG_1592 While Amy started on the cushions, I got my “glue on” with my hot glue gun and started gluing the double cording all around the chair covering the staples and giving it a nice finished look.


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  1. That material is gorgeous! I need to find a chair for my living room. I have a corner that is empty and just screaming for something to fill it.

  2. i can't handle it! it's amazing! 🙂 i don't think i have the guts to do this. you're amazing!

  3. Wow!! this chair is fantasic!
    so.. ummm… would you like to ship it to me? 😉

  4. I'm am blown away by this chair! It's looking so fab! Looks like a LOT of work. I'm tired just reading about it. 😉

  5. Oh. my. gawsh. 😉 It looks like a gorgeous boutiquey piece. You all are amazing!

  6. You will love these chairs even more for doing it yourself. Years to come you will be able to tell their story of being rescued. I love how it is turning out.

  7. Beckie,

    That chair is STUNNING! You and Amy are doing a fantastic job. LOVE the material too.

  8. Amazing. You are inspiring me with this to the point that I may actually attempt this.

  9. I am loving this series. I've done elementary re-upholstering, always with good success, but I've never tried anything this big. I'm thinking I could give it a try after seeing what you're doing here! What fun!

  10. Okay, this chair looks fantastic! Question…how many chairs have you done before and is this really as simple as it looks.
    I have two chairs I bought to reupholster but I'm really nervous…and the're straight seams.

  11. These are the most helpful posts B, I am enjoying these very much ! Looking forward to the final product, but I can already tell, it will be mega fabulous ! Way to go girl, I'm so inspired !

  12. Ok seriously that chair is SO gorgeous! I would die if I had it in my house…I would never let anyone touch it for fear of messing it up. lol maybe it shouldn't be in my house then!

  13. ummmm GORGEOUS. hands down…. GORGEOUS! i can't wait to see it all 🙂

  14. I read through all the related posts and you've done a fabulous job of giving step by step directions. I'm feeling more confident about my little project. Thanks for sharing this project. It's going to look fabulous!

  15. Wow–I have been puzzling over what to do about a chair of mine with a ripped out seat–this post just might give me the courage to try fixing it! After all, I have nothing to lose–it's already ripped, right?

  16. Omigosh, I am just shocked at how amazing this is turning out – you are such an inspiration!

  17. WOW I want this chair in my bedroom! This is BEAUTIFUL! I, however, KNOW that there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that I'd ever be able to do that! LOL.

  18. I'm completely jealous, learning how to upholster is on my list of to do's this year, I need to just stop being a chicken and just do it right? Your chair is awesome and the fabric…is awesomer a word? (:

  19. LOVE the chair. i have been searching all over for a more red damask than white with red and because of your tip to interior mall I FOUND IT!!!! Thank you.

  20. Holy crapola, I just found your blog (I linked to your amazing kitchen re-do ) and I'm already in love!!!

    I can not believe how gorgeous this chair is………I'm inspired! Gotta go read all your other posts…..and click on that follow button.

  21. Hi Becky. WOW!!! Totally fabulous you talented talented gal you. This turned out just awesome. Love it, wish I could do it.

    Hugs…Tracy 🙂

  22. Okay, so I cheated and mosied (sp?) over to Amy's blog and saw a finished picture… Sorry, Beckie. They are beautiful though, the chairs and the lovely talented gals sitting in them! : )

  23. wow! I LOVE it! I have a half-done chair in my living room and actually have a giant roll of curve-ease, but haven't had the nerve to try it out. Thanks for showing an easy way to use it. I've done quite a bit of reupholstering…check out the sofa I did on my blog! Thanks again!

  24. Absolutely gorgeous! I am so jealous! I am absolutely amazed at your talents. I need one of those chairs!

  25. He He! This has been fun making people come back each day!! Your doing a great job of explaining it all – – and I am SOOOOOO thankful you gave a closeup of your finger nails and not mine!! 🙂

  26. This is absolutely amazing. It looks flawless! I have so many things that need to be re-upholstered and this gave me the urge to try one of the smaller pieces. Thank you for posting this

  27. omigosh that looks absolutely beautiful and completely complicated! I wish I had your 'mad' skills (jealous)! 😉 -Shelley {HowDoesShe}

  28. Wow! That chair is going to look so good when you are done! What a professional job. Wish I had the guts and the know how.

  29. I'm speechless with admiration. Can't believe you're tackling this yourself!! Beautiful, so far!

  30. I have a question…how do you trim off the excess of the double cording that you hotglued with out cutting into the seam? Thanks!

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