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I love play dough.  At times, I am one of those moms that gets into play dough way more than my kids do.  There is something so enjoyable about sculpting and twisting dough into shapes.  It must be the creativity in me.  There are tons of recipes online for play dough but I love the one that uses Kool-Aid the most because it smells so good and naturally colors the dough without needing to add food coloring.  There is something awesome about smelling like a grape popsicle when you are done playing with it.

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I have tweaked this recipe over the years to suit my liking

  • 1 1/2 cups flour

  • 1/4 cup salt

  • 2 packages unsweetened Kool-Aid mix (you can use one but I like the darker color and sweeter smell of using 2 packages)

  • 1 cup boiling water

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons oil

  • 1. Mix flour, salt and Kool-Aid well in a large bowl.

    2. Add boiling water and oil and then mix with a wooden spoon until it sticks together. 

    3.  When cooled and you can handle the dough mix the rest by hand blending all the color in so it is a nice even color


    I store it in air tight ziploc containers. It usually keeps for about 3 months before becoming funky.

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    Note:  This recipe does not stain your hands like Kool-Aid normally stains your lips Winking smile

    Check out my friend Laurie from Tip Junkie’s Play dough Roundup for more recipes to try.

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    1. Do you add the kool-aid to the dry ingredients or to the water and oil.. can you add directions please, my grandbaby would love this!

    2. So sorry Kristy. Thanks for saying something. Sometimes I assume people can read my mind. I updated the post for you!

    3. So much fun! I LOVED our homemade playdough as a kid! I notice you said that it naturally colours the playdough… is the dye in the koolaid different from the dye in food colouring?


    4. Sounds great! Can’t wait to try it. Would be a great activity during my five senses unit with my pre-k kiddos! Thanks for sharing!

    5. I’ve made play dough about a bajillion times but never with this recipe with the Kool-Aid. That is such a great idea!

    6. Great idea! I wonder if Gluten Free flour would work…Some kids (and adults) are highly allergic to flour (wheat, rye, barley, etc) Super cute idea!

      Xo Meme

      BWT, i am having a $100.000 giveaway…ok $100…;) If you get a chance stop by and sign up!!! 😀

    7. I haven’t made kool aid playdough in a while. I think it’s time! Thanks for the reminder!

    8. You are right about the gluten free allergy. I hadn’t thought of that. I would assume it would work but you’d have to try.

    9. My daughter was just asking about making play dough this weekend. Of course, I made up some excuse as not knowing a recipe. I guess that’s out the window now. Maybe something they could do with the babysitter on Friday. Interesting.

      Thanks for the recipe!

    10. Hey Beckie
      We are going to do this next week. My kids will have so much fun doing it.
      Also as I was scrolling down Hannah came down and saw the picture.. she said hey thats Issac. Too cute. Thanks for your ideas. Saw you on Indystyle and thought you did great!

      Have a great day!
      Beth Bennett
      (from Emmanuel)

    11. I loved this recipe! The only thing I couldn’t fix was that it was a little sticky, no matter how much flour I added while kneading it. The kids still had a ton of fun with it, and I loved the smells!

    12. Some flavors are stickier than others I just add more flour. Usually the next time you pull it out it will be the perfect consistency.

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