Today I am doing something a little different on IC and doing a mood board.  I will be honest and tell you I really have no style…or at least no style I can define.  I mean I obviously like the way I decorate but I really don’t know how to decorate.  I just wing it as I go. I love traditional, modern, romantic, vintage, and eclectic.  Anyone else a winger? I hope so. So to try and come up with my style was kind of difficult.  However, it was fun trying to discover what I would like if I were to create my dream master bedroom.


I love bright and airy. The high ceilings with the white wood beams opens the room up and gives it a cozy feel.  I love lots of white woodwork and texture on the wall and adore this paneled wall by Emily from Décor Chick.  I think it provides a great backdrop for the master bed.OB-Master BedroomI tend to always paint my walls.  I love neutral tones but love the bold pop of color on the wall.  I chose this light teal color because it is bright and beautiful.  I love this gorgeous dresser revamp from Twice Lovely.  The graphic chevron with the wood top just does it for me.  I really dig mixes of wood tones with painted furniture.

I love that bay window for reading and relaxing.  I have a couch in my bedroom but to have a window like that or this area down below would be divine don’t you think?


So what does your dream master bedroom look like?  Is it anything like mine?  What crucial elements do you think you need to make your space serene and comfortable.

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  1. Your dream master bedroom is gorgeous! I love it. For me and my husband, we love color and pattern way too much to have that spa-like bedroom. I saw an episode of Color Splash where David did a bedroom with bright magenta and green. Both the hubby and I were drooling. 🙂

  2. I’m the same with my style… so many things appeal to me… the rooms in my house all have their own style… and I love that.

    I just redid my bedroom earlier this year, and I love the end result. I was relaxing and serene, and I think I pulled it off. One of my favorite parts is the beadboard headboard I created… along with my gorgeous (and super comfy) bedding! You can see it all here: http://733blog.blogspot.com/search/label/master%20bedroom

    I LOVE the colors you chose for your dream bedroom… So pretty and calming!

  3. My husband is pretty much no help at all when it comes to decorating. He doesn’t know really if he’ll like what I want to do until I do it. Pressure! My bedroom really needs some help but it really isn’t high on our priority because there are other things on the want list that needs to come first. We need a bed frame (those box springs are directly on the floor) and I want a bench or some chairs to go at the foot of the bed. Oh, and a floor length mirror by my closet. Those are the three things that would make a huge difference in our space.

  4. Winger! Yes, I love that!! I always have a hard time when people ask me what my style is because I love so many different things. Wingers of the world, unite!!

    PS- I would kill for a lovely window area like that in my bedroom!

  5. Sorry i wasn’t here sooner, I don’t’ have a babysitter today, which means no time for the computer!

    I LOVE how your rooms looks, and what you said about your style. I feel the same way. I think that is what is fun about just playing around.

    I love what you put together, I love the colors, AND that window seat is to die for. Justin and I are just finishing building in a window seat right now… I have wanted one all my life!

    I think you can be really happy and proud of what you did! I LOVE it!

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