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Glidden just launched a new site called My Colortopia.  Some of my favorite bloggers are also contributing their two cents about decorating, color, design and style.  And let me tell you…it is worth way more than two cents.  They bring YEARS of experience with great design to the table!


And that’s not all of them. Check out the rest of the My Colortopia contributors, along with their bios, at the My Colortopia site.

If you are redecorating or decorating a room for the first time My Colortopia is a great place to start to figure out your style and the colors that best represent YOU!

On the widget below you answer a few questions about your style and personality and they will recommend a color that will best suit your personality.

So of course I had to test it out myself and this is what colors best suited me. Interesting!!!  One of the color combos that it came up with was Orange Sherbet, Smooth Stone and Wood colors

Hmmm….does that look familiar?  It kind of freaked me out!


If that didn’t freak me out enough check out this combo handpicked for me…purple

You can’t really tell by the picture because it is brighter but that purple is like the exact color of our bathroom and I accented with that khaki color.  WEIRDNESS!


So try it out by taking the quiz below and then let me know if you think it describes your style. 

I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.





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  2. It’s funny it matched you so well, I have tried it 3 times before (changing up my answers every time) but each time it gave me a pallette of purples and I don’t care for purple. I just tried it again, twice, giving completely different answers and it still gave me purples. haha I do really enjoy some of these ladies blogs and their inspiring styles. Perhaps purple is just really popular these days.

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