5 ways to organize using dollar store finds

Organization makes me happy.  Opening a drawer and knowing exactly where something in brings such a feeling of calm to me.  The organizational aisle at stores always have me drooling.   And what could be better than getting those products for a buck??  Your local dollar store has tons of great ways to tackle the mess and mayhem in your home.  So c’mon peeps, there’s no reason not to get organized.  Check out these great ideas for $1.


1. Cutting Board Storage

How to store cutting boards in a small kitchen at thatswhatchesaid.com
Cheryl from That’s What {Che} Said has a clever way to store bulky cutting boards using zip ties and a wire organizer.  Cheryl came up with this idea to combat limited storage space, but I love how it makes a frequently used item easily accessible.

2. Toothbrush Organizer

This is a great idea for families who share a bathroom.  Heather from The Creative Homemaker shared how a simple dollar store utensil tray keeps toothbrushes neat and tidy….and no cootie sharing!

3. K-Cup Coffee Storage

Another great idea using utensil trays that you can get from the dollar store to organize your K-cups and coffee accessories from Jenn at Peas and Crayons. 

4. Shower Caddies

I love this idea now that our basement is finished and my son has his friends over. Now I can send him and his friends downstairs for movies or video games with a shower caddy of snacks. Hopefully, that will prompt them to corral all the garbage and bring it upstairs with them! Donella over at One Crazy House shares all kinds of ideas for a variety of shower caddies.  

5. Plastic Lids

It happens slowly, but one day you open a cabinet door and suddenly the plastic lids have taken over!  Ask Anna has a simple, yet effective idea on how to tame the plastic lid beast.  Dollar store plastic bins don’t take up much room and will corral all those plastic container lids in one spot.

Do you have a favorite dollar store organization tips?  I’d love to hear what you use to get organized.

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